Water pressure: norms as to increase the pressure

For smooth operation of plumbing fixtures essential that the water pressure in the water line with a certain characteristic, which usually is calculated individually.

But true calculation does not guarantee, in practice, the water pressure is optimal. The owners of country houses often face the problem of low water pressure in the pipes. It is possible to solve through the implementation of the equipment.

We offer to find out what are the norms of pressure in the water of a private house and the reasons why there is pressure drop. Offer effective methods to improve the efficiency of water supply. The material we have added detailed instructions photos and videos.

The content of the article:

  • Standards pressure in the conduit
  • Causes of low pressure in the water supply
  • Methods of increasing the pressure in the system
    • # 1: Implementation of the pump to pressurize
    • # 2: The main types of positive displacement pumps
    • # 3: Increased pressure storage tank
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Standards pressure in the conduit

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The water pressure is measured in bar. The value is an alternative name - the atmospheric one. Under the pressure of 1 bar in water may rise to a height of 10 m.

AT urban networks Typically, the pressure is 4-4.5 bar, which is enough to serve the high-rise buildings.

According to regulations, in particular instructions SNP collection 2.0401-85 allowable pressure of the cold water varies ranging from 0.3 to 6 bar, hot - from 0.3 to 4.5. But this does not mean that the pressure in the atmosphere of 0.3 is optimal. Here are only permissible pressure boundary.

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Low pressure affects the operation

Low pressure in the water creates a lot of inconvenience when using the system, reduces the level of comfort in the house / apartment

Difficulties with a set of water

Due to the lack of pressure in the system of complicated food harvesting and preparation processes, oddly enough, the water flow increases

The complexity of admission procedures

Weak pressure will not allow to take a shower and to spend favorite hygienic procedures to the extent necessary

Turn off the washing machine

Due to the lack of pressure in the water supply network will be more likely to turn off washing machines and dishwashers that have a negative impact on the timing of their operation

The threat of burnout instantaneous water heater

If the water system does not require pleases pressure parameters is not recommended to use instantaneous heater

The consequences of overpressurization

Excess pressure also adversely affects instruments and equipment

Excess pressure at the points of intake

Excessive pressure at the points of abstraction similar to the low pressure will create discomfort while taking hygiene, cooking, cleaning

Failure of the electronic control

Due to the overpressure quickly wears appliances, electronic control which is designed to limit values ​​in the network pressure

Low pressure affects the operation

Low pressure affects the operation

Difficulties with a set of water

Difficulties with a set of water

The complexity of admission procedures

The complexity of admission procedures

Turn off the washing machine

Turn off the washing machine

The threat of burnout instantaneous water heater

The threat of burnout instantaneous water heater

The consequences of overpressurization

The consequences of overpressurization

Excess pressure at the points of intake

Excess pressure at the points of intake

Failure of the electronic control

Failure of the electronic control

Residents of private houses have to expect pressure in the water alone. If a standalone system, the pressure may exceed the permissible by regulatory documents of the border. It can fluctuate around 2.5-7.5 bar, and sometimes as high as 10 bar.

Standard values ​​for the system to normal operation pumping station It considered a range of 1.4 - 2.8 bar, corresponding to the factory setting, pressure switch performance.

If you provide an excessively high pressure in the system, some of sensitive devices can fail or not work properly. Therefore, the line pressure should not exceed 6.5 bar.

pipe leak

High pressure in the water can cause the flow tube, so it is important to pre-calculate the optimal pressure level independently

Gushing artesian wells can issue a pressure of 10 bar. Such pressure can withstand only welded connections, the majority of the fittings, shut-off and regulating units under the action of its collapse, resulting in leakage occur in areas.

To determine what is necessary water pressure for the normal functionality of a country house water supply, it is necessary taking into account the use of household appliances. Some kinds of sanitary devices do not operate at low pressure.

For example, for whirlpool necessary pressure of 4 bar, for showers, fire extinguishing systems - 1.5 bar, for a washing machine - 2 bar. If you include the possibility of lawn watering, there should be strong pressure to 4 times - 6 bar.

How much pressure should be working in the autonomous running water

Household sanitary appliances connected to the water supply, able to work correctly only by a certain pressure, which is usually not less than 1.5 bar

The optimum pressure indicator for a country house is a mark of 4 bar. Such pressure will be enough for the correct operation of all plumbing devices. The majority of the fittings, assemblies of valves capable of withstanding it.

Pressure 4 bar can provide not every system. Typically, town houses in the water pressure is 1-1.5 bar, which corresponds to the gravity.

Causes of low pressure in the water supply

In country houses in the tap water comes from the network wells or wells.

If the system is fully autonomous, then to create the desired pressure is necessary to consider two things:

  • the need for lifting water;
  • it is important to produce the right hydraulic calculation and correctly implement it in practice - to provide the necessary pressure in remote catchment points and points, which are located at different heights.

This implies two major problems of individual water supply systems:

  1. Not enough resources well - discharge openings does not allow to maintain a normal pressure, and, consequently, to increase pressure.
  2. Water in well enoughTherefore the pumps can inject high pressure (6 bar), which can lead to tearing compounds leakage, rapid deterioration of the equipment.

In the first case, the pump is pumping liquid, creating its circulation before the emergence of a certain pressure, but it weakens with time. In the second case, you need to pick up the pump with a capacity that is equal to the daily rate of water consumption.

well production

From the well production rate depends water pressure in the pipeline and its displacement volume, supplied per pumping

Nevertheless, the majority of owners of private homes is concerned about how competently to increase the pressure in your own plumbing, rather than reduce it, because the necessary flow rate to generate high pressure have only a few artesian wells.

The majority of the holes generate weak water pressure, if not able to produce any pressure.

If the house uses standard household appliances, it is sufficient to raise the pressure to 2.3-2.5 bar - this wave is enough for their smooth functioning simultaneously with good pressure. If you allow the Jacuzzi or irrigation system, there must be a higher pressure.

To measure the pressure gauge device is used. Buy it separately and inserted at the point of entry of water into the house. Also, there is a water meter installed. Some equipment comes complete with a pressure gauge. For example, the heating boiler, if provided for FGP.

Tap a network of several private houses

water supply of private homes Networks pressure control principle is the same as the autonomous system, different network sizes only

Simple pressure gauge has a scale from 0 to 7, which allows to install it in an apartment, private house.

Methods of increasing the pressure in the system

If the pressure in the water is low, the reason may be as follows:

  1. The water in the pipe is, but there is no pressure.
  2. The water in the pipe is not available on the upper floors.

To solve the first problem to be implemented in increases the pressure pumpFor solving the second - to install a storage station.

Before implementing the technical means in the water system, you should first check your network for clogging:

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Checking coarse filter

A common cause of head losses are clogged strainer. Their condition should be checked, cleaned, if necessary,

Cleaning the faucet aerator

It does not interfere to check the status of aerators, harvesting of which is able to significantly reduce the pressure. It is possible that the reason only clogged devices

Monitor the status of shut-off valves

Significantly reduce the pressure may precipitate clogged valves. The narrowed lumen greatly affects the amount of water supply

A common cause - tubes

The most common causes include insoluble deposits on the inner surface of the pipes. Sediment clogged the pipeline sections will have to change if it does not help, then, in the cause of the error with a network installation

Checking coarse filter

Checking coarse filter

Cleaning the faucet aerator

Cleaning the faucet aerator

Monitor the status of shut-off valves

Monitor the status of shut-off valves

A common cause - tubes

A common cause - tubes

# 1: Implementation of the pump to pressurize

If water is present in the pipeline, but there is no pressure, the set pressure pump. Also, the device can be implemented if there is no pressure in an apartment with central heating.

The reason for the lack of pressure may be as follows:

  • well located remotely at home;
  • the pump power of the base is not enough to ensure the supply of water to the upper floors.

The pump is usually mounted on the inlet pipeline network homepage before the header or the first tee.

There is one drawback central pumps - they create a vacuum, i.e. can pump air-saturated water. Normal discharge centrifugal pump is sensitive to the content of the air in the liquid, so you should give preference to the vibration modifications.


The water pump is powered by an electric motor. The inner member is rotated, thereby increasing the pressure within the tubes. The housing is typically made of durable plastic

To install the unit in an apartment building it is important to choose the correct modification of the power, or the owner of the "pumped" water supply will reduce the pressure in the neighboring apartments. It is recommended to put the pump on a pipe leading to a specific household appliances.

In general, the pump cut into the common pipe, which is responsible for the supply of water in an apartment or house. The device itself is quite compact and is inexpensive.

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Device for pressure support

only increase the pressure enough for the normal functioning of the system. It must be maintained by pressure regulators e.g.

Design and function

A simple mechanical device with a spring and valve within reacts to decrease / increase in pressure, whereby the opening is completely or partially overlaps the water channel

Adjusting the pressure reducer

Produced for use in domestic pressure reducers fitted with adjustment devices. In the photo device is provided with a screw, the rotation of which allows you to set required pressure

Pressure reducer with a handle and a scale

More convenient to use gearboxes fitted handle and swivel mechanism with a scale to facilitate device configuration process

Device for pressure support

Device for pressure support

Design and function

Design and function

Adjusting the pressure reducer

Adjusting the pressure reducer

Pressure reducer with a handle and a scale

Pressure reducer with a handle and a scale

# 2: The main types of positive displacement pumps

There are models with dry and wet rotor (flow-through). pump elements glandless lubricates the passing liquid. this class of devices do not require additional maintenance, if one is to connect them properly.

electric pump apparatus

Electric pump, unlike vibration is installed between the water supply and the water source

It has a good capacity pump with a dry rotor, but it needs regular maintenance, produces soft sounds during operation resembling squeak mosquito. The details of his protected waterproof flap, so you have to once a month to clean the device.

By type pumps are divided into the following types:

  • pump that increases the pressure in the manual mode and having a manual control. The model is continuously working automatic switch has not. In the device simple understandable for ordinary citizens design; often the device is used in the "warm floor" systems;
  • automatic pump - starts only when you turn on the tap or appliances. After closure is disabled.

Automatic pump costs more hand, consumes little power, quick to respond to changes in pressure, and is now the most popular.

Select pressure pump is quite simple.

It is important to determine the following:

  • for hot or cold water is installed device;
  • the required level of pressure - the higher the score, the greater will be the pressure in the system.

Accordingly, the higher the pressure, the greater the need to power the equipment and bandwidth capacity.

It is equally important to choose the pressure pump based on the brand, because in case of breakage, not every repair service will undertake to put in order production model unknown firm. The most well-known and recognized by all manufacturers - Grundfos, Wilo, Sprut. Each company specializes in the production of various modifications of the device.

A pump for increasing the pressure in the water Wilo PB-401SEA

Wilo PB-401SEA pump is designed to increase the pressure in water supply systems of housing. It can be installed on the suction and the feed portion

For example, Grundfos It produces circulation pumps a small amount, Wilo developing models with built-in accumulator.

To connect the circulating pressure pump is needed:

  1. Shut off the water at the site.
  2. Drain water from the pipeline and of the whole system.
  3. Cut portion of the pipe in which the installation is carried out.
  4. Attach fittings and nozzles on the joints.
  5. Embedding the equipment in water.

It is also permissible to use polypropylene or rubber hose for ease of installation. In modern circulation pumps such pipes are bundled.

# 3: Increased pressure storage tank

When the pipes are in the house without water or if on the ground floor, water is present, and up to the top does not reach, it is necessary to acquire a storage pumping station. Also, it is introduced into the system when the network pressure is less than 0.2 bar, and the flow rate is less than 2 l / m.

Pump station with storage tank

Any pumping station operates on the same principle. Mount it to the junction point outside or inside the home branch pipeline network

Its principle of operation is as follows. The pump pumps the liquid in the station (tank or accumulator) which operates at a pressure of 1.5-2 bar. Water comes to the moment when the pressure is 1.5 bar or 2 appears in the tank. If the station is equipped with accumulator, The generated pressure can be much higher.

After generating the necessary pressure, the pump station is switched off automatically.

The special design of accumulating station implemented pressure sensors. When the pressure drops to 1.5 bar the main pump is switched on, with an increase up to a certain point is disabled.

Pumping station

System with pump and storage tank has a plurality of nodes, making it difficult to repair, and maintenance. That the equipment is working correctly and smoothly, it is best to contact the experts (+)

The pump in the station may be one of two types - centrifugal or vibration.

By type suction distinguished:

  • constructions with removable ejector - are able to generate pressure of 5 bar. Ejector immersed in the well, and the tank can be placed at home, since when almost no noise. Advantageously station used in cases where the source water is deep, and its drawback is the sensitivity to mechanical elements - sand, mud and others.
  • equipment with integrated ejector - suitable for shallow (up to 8 meters) wells and wells, works effectively in dirty water, is not sensitive to the ingress of air, but has a high noise level, however it is usually placed in special outbuildings.

Models with storage tank are economical (start during emptying of the tank), but have a plurality of disadvantages: generating a small head, have large dimensions, there is a likelihood of rupture, resulting in space can flood.

Station storage tank today is practically not used. To replace them came to the accumulator model. They have small size, no noise at work.

Set the device can be in the basement, utility room, a separate annexe. At the same time it minimizes the risk of leakage. However, the accumulator has a small supply container (about 25 l) and it is not used for boreholes with a small flow rate.

Pumping station as boosting device

Pump stations are often used in hard-water pipes branched and extended as a booster equipment, pumping the water from the storage tank to the taps

Also share stations on the surface (when the pump is located on the ground) and immersion (the device is immersed in the water), the latter are divided into Pit and borehole.

To increase the water pressure level in the housing is not pipeline pumping stations are used by virtue of design features and operating noise.

Despite its impressive cost of pumping station has a number of advantages:

  • possible to establish any desired pressure in the house, which will use any sanitary devices, including those that require for the operation of high pressure;
  • Water supply is smooth even if it is absent in the central line (due to the storage tank).

There are disadvantages in the system - it is cumbersome, it takes a lot of space.

It is important to correctly determine the amount of the storage capacitance. Take this value based on the average daily water consumption rates. If the family consists of 3-4 people, a day is enough for about 500 liters of water.

In the calculations, it is also important to consider that the water from time to time, need to update, to avoid bacteria.

Cumulative station

If the water in the tank is enough (or the pressure in the system drops), then automatically pump, which pumps the necessary pressure in the network is started, and after reaching a certain point is disabled

It is important to promptly and regularly to clean the storage tank, as it accumulates bacteria. Prevent them from breeding small bags with technical silver, placed inside the tank.

It should be remembered that the overflow pipe should be no shut-off valves. If the float valve fails, the drainage will occur through it.

You must also install a bypass, so that in case of breakage station had the opportunity to turn off the system without a complete shutdown of water supply.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Roller №1. How to choose an electric power station. In the video you can find out about the features of the selection power station with accumulator:

№2 clip. Video describes the highlights when you install a pressure pump:

As you can see, raise the pressure in the water is easy. To solve the problem, we use a special injection pump or pumping station. If the pump assembly can be realized on their own, then entrust the installation of the plant should be professionals.

Do you have personal experience to improve the pressure in the water? Want to share effective practices or ask questions on the topic? Please leave your comments - feedback form located below.

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