Why does a microwave sparkle?

The microwave oven( simply “microwave” in everyday life), according to a popular legend, was invented by chance, thanks to the US military, who forgot to remove the hamburger that was in the radar's direction. After some time, he drew attention to the smell of roasted meat - and the idea of ​​creating special equipment appeared, which eventually gained worldwide popularity, and, like everything created by man, tends to break, for example, many people complain that the microwave is sparkling.

The microwave has firmly entered our life and today it is difficult to imagine the life of modern people without it. Thanks to this useful thing, various dishes are prepared, but more often it is used as a “warmer” of food. Enough minutes to reheat foods.

However, besides their benefits, sometimes such devices create problems - fail, forcing owners to waste time and money on repair activities. One of the most common problems is the appearance of sparks and characteristic cracks inside the device. Why is this happening and what to do to solve the trouble?

How to find the cause of an

problem. This phenomenon can be caused by several factors. Let's look at each of them separately.

The first and most common reason is the overheating of mica( mica plate).

Fat when heated food can drip onto the plate, which causes it to overheat. You should not turn a blind eye to the sparks that appear and think that nothing is scary and this is only temporary - such a line of conduct can lead to the fact that a magnetron burns out after mica, and this is a very expensive element of microwave ovens. Its cost is about $ 100, so replacing it will cost you a pretty penny.

Do not exacerbate the situation - you need to do everything on time, as soon as you notice that the device is sparkling inside.

Next, we will describe how this problem is fixed, but for now we present to you the second reason for the appearance of sparks.

The second reason that can cause arcing is damage to the enamel of the device chamber. It is the result of the lack of regular cleaning - on the walls of the chamber accumulates fat and cooking stains. As a result, strong pollution contribute to the occurrence of sparks.

A less common, but still also not uncommon reason that the microwave is sparking, is considered to be the presence of metal products inside the equipment. For example, it may be a plate with dust, a spoon or a fork.

Eliminate the malfunction of the

If it is the fault of all the mica breakage, then it needs to be replaced with a new one, and then you will get a microwave oven that works without sparks and cod. It is not difficult to get a new mica plate - look in city stores, if you cannot find it there - take advantage of the possibilities of the world wide web, ordering it on one of the sites. The dimensions of mica purchased are often slightly larger than those installed in a microwave oven.

Next, you need to remove the failed plate. It is fixed, as a rule, with self-tapping screws or plastic latches. After that, you need to impose the old mica on a new one, and using it as a stencil, mark and cut the part of suitable dimensions.

Now you need to install a new plate and check the functionality of the furnace.

When performing the second paragraph, do not forget that you can turn on the microwave only when there is a product in it. If the chamber is empty, the furnace cannot be brought to a working state, since this is fraught with the appearance of certain malfunctions. To test the device with a new mica can take a glass of water.

Many people decide not to engage in self-repair, but simply take the equipment to the workshop - professional experts will do their work quickly and efficiently. But if you still decide to implement all the manipulations on your own, use the recommendations of experts:

  • In order to conveniently cut mica of the required size, use a sharp cutter( for example, wallpaper knife) and a metal ruler;
  • For making holes for fasteners, use tools such as a drill or punch;
  • After cutting the plate, the sharp edges of the resulting product must be processed with fine-grained sandpaper;
  • It is important to remove all contamination on the ground that was “bare” when dismantling the old mica, and only then proceed to install the new one.

With a broken mica figured out, but what to do if it is not in it, but in the damaged device enamel? To get rid of this bothering moment, you need to buy a special enamel and apply it on the walls of the inner chamber. The key word here is special enamel. If, however, perform staining with other non-specialized liquids, then there is a risk of facing negative consequences. Therefore, it is strongly not recommended to do this.

As mentioned above, sparking is in some cases triggered by the presence of metal products inside. Everything is quite simple here - just remove these items from the microwave and you will be happy.

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