Malfunctions of the Kaiser dishwashers

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Kaiser is a famous trademark from Germany, which produces reliable and household appliances on the market. Not an exception and dishwashers: they are one of the most durable and combine the ergonomics of lines with a thoughtful design.

Malfunctions of the Kaiser dishwasher are rare, but quite possible. If your dishwasher breaks down, it needs urgent and professional repairs. Next, you will learn about typical breakdowns, their causes and how to solve problems.

Malfunctions of the Kaiser dishwashers

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes of damage to the Kaiser dishwasher
  • 2How to repair a dishwasher
    • 2.1Clogged drain system
    • 2.2What to do in a situation with bad water
    • 2.3What to do if the filter is clogged
    • 2.4Why are clogs dangerous?
    • 2.5Problems with electronics

Causes of damage to the Kaiser dishwasher

Traditional breakages for dishwashers of this brand are malfunctions associated with the connection or violation of the rules of operation. Out of a thousand cases, only a dozen cars are broken due to factory marriages, one hundred faults are caused by power failures, and the reasons for the remaining breakdowns depend on improper operation.

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Important! Above are the statistics of the service centers collected following the results of users' requests for the first year of using dishwashers. Between 2014 and 2015 it was recorded less than 1400 calls (in the Russian Federation and EU countries), when the cars really needed repair.

If the machine breaks and writes Error, it can be caused by the following reasons:

  • clogging in the water discharge system;
  • clogging in the jellied path;
  • problems with electronics;
  • malfunctions on the part of electricians.

On a note! The last two reasons are usually accompanied by power failures.

Having figured out why the Kaiser dishwasher does not work, you can start repairing.

How to repair a dishwasher

Some owners of dishwashers "Kaiser" are sure: if the equipment is expensive and of a high quality, it will withstand any load and careless handling. Such conclusions end in breakdowns, which immediately require repair.

Clogged drain system

Even with regular cleaning of the filters and flushing of the drain hose, the problem of blockages can remain relevant. At the same time, not all Kaiser PMP owners admit that they remember cleaning only when problems arise.

Experts argue that the machines need to be constantly cleaned, otherwise failures occur that disable the pump or heater.

Clogged drain system

Important! If there is a clog in the sink, continue to use the technique is strictly prohibited. It is necessary to cut off the program and completely clean the system with your own hands (detailed instructions for cleaning are enclosed in the user manual for your PMM model). When cleaning, specialized tools can also be used, which are poured into the machine and clean the parts at idle.

Not every locality in our vast country can boast of perfectly clean water in the aqueduct. It's not a matter of rigidity, but in some impurities, harmful to both human and technology. If you care about health and technology, it is worth protecting the dishwasher from the harmful effects of poor quality water, so that the car does not require premature repairs.

Blockages of the flood system

What to do in a situation with bad water

To avoid repair, install at least one additional flow filter on the water intake hose. Remember that he will need regular cleaning.

What to do in a situation with bad water

If you neglect the recommendations of mechanics and save on the filter for running water, the load will lie on the filter installed on the dishwasher body in front of the intake valve. In this barrier is so thin a grid that, in the absence of frequent cleaning, it completely clogged and provoked a capital clog. The machine will stop because it can not collect water.

What to do if the filter is clogged

Proceed in this order:

  1. Remove the filler hose from the equipment body.
  2. Unscrew the regular flow filter.
  3. Clean the strainer.
  4. Remove the hose from the water pipe by unplugging it at the attachment point to the tap-tee.
  5. Clean and rinse the hose.
  6. Collect all the parts in place.
  7. Start the test wash.

Important! Do not wait for clogging. If the machine starts to fill the water too slowly (you will notice an increase in the time of standard programs), start an unscheduled cleaning.

Why are clogs dangerous?

If the water in the dishwasher tank is too small, this creates a huge load on the heater, which can quickly break down. If you "score" on the filter, you have to change the heater, so it's better not to neglect this elementary rule - clean the filters once every 1-2 months.

Problems with electronics

In this case, it's not the electronic component of the device itself that is to blame, but the electrical communications of your housing. Our standard deviations of the voltage from the permissible rate are fatal for a "gentle" German typewriter. Because of jumps or voltage drops, electronic boards, wiring or contacts are burned.

If you have noticed that the PMM breakdown is associated with a voltage surge - after it the technician refuses to turn on - call the master. Professional diagnostics and competent repairs are necessary - it is better not to repair the burned knots yourself.

To protect the Kaiser dishwasher from repeated damage, use stabilizers when connecting. Of course, the stabilizer is not the cheapest household appliance, but this small "box" can save all the equipment in your house: a dishwasher, washing machine, TV or refrigerator. This is one of the most recouped instruments, so do not hesitate with its purchase.

Problems with electronics

It will not hurt, in addition to the stabilizer, the installation of a special outlet with moisture protection, equipped with copper 1-2 mm wire. Connect the line using the machine to further protect yourself and loved ones.

Problems with electronics

Let's sum up: if your dishwasher "Kaiser" failed for the first three years of "life the manufacturer is least likely to blame for this. This is a reliable technique that rarely breaks down, and breakages are possible only through the fault of independent factors and violation of the manufacturer's instructions.

Take care of the dishwashing machine, and it is unlikely to need repair.

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