How to independently replace the refrigerator seal

One of the most common problems in the home is the replacement of the refrigerator seal. Nothing lasts forever, and unremarkable rubber around the perimeter of the door can also let you down at any time. This is especially true of the old apparatus of the Soviet and perestroika times, which are still used today. Before starting to replace the sealing rubber, you need to conduct a full inspection of the refrigerator. It is possible that the problem is quite different.

Determining the failure of a rubber seal is fairly easy. The consequences of a worn sealer are:

  • Increased energy expenditure( the refrigerator constantly buzzes, and poorly maintains a stable temperature - this is the reason for excessive energy consumption);
  • Constant frost on the inner walls of the refrigerator;
  • Moisture inside and outside the refrigerator due to depressurization and thawing of ice.

The compressor of the refrigerator, which creates a lower temperature in the chamber, is automatically turned on only as needed. Even if during the day repeatedly open and close the door, the mode will remain. But if the seal is damaged, the temperature in the refrigerator will rapidly increase, hence all the above symptoms.

There are two ways to solve the problem - replacement and repair. All this can be done by hand, without the involvement of specialists.

Repair of old sealing rubber is unprofitable and will give only temporary effect, therefore replacement is most common.


  • 1 Replacement seal
    • 1.1 Buying a new seal
    • 1.2 Give seal "lie»
    • 1.3 Removing the old seal
    • 1.4 Surface preparation
    • 1.5 Installation own hands
    • 1.6 Video: change the seal gum on the fridge yourself
  • 2 Repair

Replacing the

Sealer For those who have decided to independently carry out work on the replacement of the gum seal, we offer step-by-step instructions, it will help you easilysya this task.

Buying a new seal

You must purchase a new seal that fits your refrigerator. If you could not find the product of your model, you can buy a similar option. The main thing is that it is a little more than old rubber. You can buy rubber in the service center or a specialized store in your city.

Give the compactor "lie down"

The same principle applies here as with laying linoleum. New sealing rubber must lie in your kitchen for at least a day to straighten up and gain the appropriate temperature and humidity. Then you can hold it a little in heated water.

Dismantling the old seal

The most sensitive part of the process, especially when you have to do everything with your own hands. The compactor must be removed carefully so that the new one lays down as smoothly as possible. Usually it is attached to the refrigerator door in the following ways:

  • Screws;
  • Fixation in a special groove;
  • Fixation clamps;
  • Glue.

In the case of grooves and glue fixing, carefully remove the seal with a spatula. With screws even easier - you only need to unscrew them and remove the rubber. If you followed the instructions correctly, the seal can be pulled out completely, in one motion.

Surface Preparation

For the subsequent replacement of sealing rubber, remove all residual glue and clean the surface from debris and dust. You will need a rag and a medium solvent. Acetone is useful for removing glue, but for finishing cleaning it is too strong. The solvent for oil paints is too greasy and will not give the desired effect.

An excellent option would be a solvent for acrylic paints based on alcohol or white spirit. If you choose not a replacement, but a repair, you will also need a good solvent.

Do-it-yourself installation

Before you change the gum, make sure that your purchase is in good condition, free from damage, stretching and lumps. You can then proceed with the installation. The method of fixation is desirable to use the same as that of the previous rubber sealing. In the case of screws, everything is extremely simple - after you have tried on the seal and made sure that it is tight, you just have to tighten the fasteners.

When glue fixing also problems will not arise. After preparing the surface and fitting the seal, you need to cover the perimeter of the door with a thin layer of glue and glue the rubber. Pay attention to the composition of the adhesive - look for a quality option, otherwise soon you will need to be replaced again.

When the screws are tightened and the glue is completely dry, you can turn on the refrigerator.

Video: change the sealing gum on the refrigerator by yourself


Repair can be done in various ways. Some people simply heat the refrigerator cooler in moderate mode, and manually repair the defects found. But such repairs are not effective enough.

In order to make the best possible repair, you will have to remove the rubber and hold it for a while in hot water.

After it returns to its former form, you can proceed to the installation as described above. As you can see, after the laborious process of removing the seal, it is more expedient to install a new one, rather than rely on the old seal that failed. Do as

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