How much energy does infrared heaters consume

Infrared heaters are increasingly found in homes and apartments. The reason for this is simple: this type of space heating is beneficial and easy to use. This is not just energy savings, but also a new level of comfort.

The principle of operation of an infrared heater is based on the transfer of thermal energy from the point of radiation of the high temperature of the device to bodies with a lower temperature using infrared waves. And the surface of objects heats up very quickly - literally in seconds.

Next comes the most interesting phenomenon that reduces power consumption by 30–80%: warm objects give some of their heat to cold air. It is this approach to heating the surrounding space that allows you to save money on heating and always feel comfortable.

Of course, the power consumption of the device, the area of ​​the building, the coefficient of heat loss, etc. are important. But most importantly, infrared heaters do an excellent job with their tasks, while allowing them to save energy.


  • 1 Varieties of infrared heaters
  • 2 Heaters with shortwave radiation
  • 3 Heaters with longwave radiation
  • 4 Consumption of electricity compared to other heat sources

Variants of infrared heaters

The main difference between the devices between the systems and the appendants –––or material around it. If we talk about accurate performance, then the experts spend the border after reaching 700 ° C.

According to this principle, infrared heaters are divided into two groups:

  • long-wave;
  • shortwave.

You can even determine if a device belongs to one of the varieties with the naked eye. The fact is that in the dark, shortwave infrared heaters emit waves that a person sees. But long-wave radiation can no longer be considered.

Shortwave Radiators

A typical representative of this group are incandescent lamps or gas emitters. During their work, there is a heating of closely spaced objects, such as a lampshade lamp. Just because of the absorption of most of the emitted infrared waves by the surrounding environment, a person can see something.

Tungsten wire is used as a heating element in such heaters. This material melts at about 3350 ° C, so the operating temperature range ranges from 2000 to 700 ° C.

With such parameters, infrared radiation is characterized as hard, intended mainly for heating high rooms or buildings of a large area. Efficiency in this case will be 65–70%, and power consumption and power consumption are at a high level.

Longwave Radiation Heaters

The most obvious example of such a device would be a radiator, which is a more practical solution than the one described in the example above. The principle of operation of long-wave infrared heaters is based on the heating of the material located around the tungsten filament.

In this case, the temperature reaches 700–400 ° C, and the efficiency ranges around 90%.This significantly reduces power consumption and power consumption compared with the examples above.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency in industrial premises, it is recommended to work to minimize heat loss. Together with the optimal placement of devices on the area, this will significantly reduce power consumption and reduce energy consumption by 50-80%.

Electricity consumption compared to other heat sources

For example, take the most common device: a long-wave infrared heater with a power of around 1.5 kW.Calculations will be given for a room of 15 square meters.m, provided that outside the window minus 20, and we want to maintain the temperature at +20 ° C.

As an outsider fan heaters. They "wind" about 2.5 kW / h and have a relatively low efficiency.

The next ones are oil radiators, which heat up slowly, and their power consumption is about 1-2 kW / h.

Then there are convection appliances( convectors), which already have a relatively low power consumption, but still take 1–1.5 kW per hour.

Infrared heaters spend about half a kilowatt per hour, which is the highest efficiency of all existing traditional household heat sources. Simple calculations show that with daily work of 10 hours per month, about 150 kW / h are released, which can be considered an excellent indicator.

When selecting a store, pay attention to the power consumption and power consumption of an infrared heater. Here you need to find a middle ground in order not to overpay money, and everyone was warm.

Remember the main advantages of the considered devices:

  • speed when heating surrounding objects;
  • heat accumulation is not air, and surrounding materials;
  • automatic on and off thanks to the built-in thermostat;
  • more comfortable heating conditions than using traditional methods.

And take care of reducing the heat loss of an apartment or private house to a minimum. Remember that this factor seriously affects your monthly heating expenses.

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