Choosing a good twin screw home juicer

  • Design and principle of operation
  • Pros and cons
  • Functions
  • Review of the best twin-screw juicers

In today's world, it has become fashionable to play sports and watch your diet. To do this, people go to gyms and spend quite a lot of time on various simulators. Nutrition also plays an important role, so even begin to open various restaurants and cafes that specialize only in proper and healthy eating. One of the components of this regime is freshly squeezed juice, which can be made from various healthy products. At the moment there are various types of juicers, allowing to make such a drink at home.

For example, the screw type of this device is popular. We will talk more about this juicer in this review, so that consumers can understand what kind of device it is, how it works and what functions are performed and, perhaps, the choice will be made in its favor.

The device and principle of operationIf the augers rotate without interruption, the pressure rises, the grooves become not so deep.

A large amount of juice is produced from the resulting gruel. The resulting dry cake is sent to waste, and the juice is drained into a special container. Screw aggregates are very similar to meat grinders in their design. They are of two types:

  • Electrical - work at the expense of the engine.
  • Mechanical - work is carried out manually.

In addition, these devices are divided into single-screw and twin-screw, horizontal and vertical.

Pros and cons

Each unit has its own advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages can be identified:

  1. Juice does not oxidize, so it retains all the useful substances. This is achieved due to the low speed of rotation of the shaft.
  2. The fruit can not fall back due to the wide neck.
  3. The operation of the juicer is silent and with minimal vibration.
  4. You can use different products for juice - grass, leaves, vegetables, fruits. This is achieved by the method of slow pressure.
  5. Can be used for a long time without stopping.
  6. There is a self-cleaning function.
  7. The volume of juice obtained from vegetables and fruits is 85–95%.
  8. The kit includes a cleaning brush and a scraper, and the horizontal screw juicers are completed with various nozzles, among which there is a nozzle for making mashed potatoes;
  9. Easy wash.


  • High cost due to the presence of a large number of functions.
  • In horizontal devices, extraction of juice from soft and fibrous products is less effective than in vertical ones.
  • Fine juicing is necessary for horizontal juicers, because the loading neck is narrow.

Functions Twin-screw juicers can process almost all products, including wheat germ, pomegranate seeds, ginger, celery, any herbs, and even pine, grapes, and all vegetables and fruits, using the cold press-pressing technique. If we talk about the functionality of this type of juicers, then it is as follows:

  1. The ability to stir desserts.
  2. Making pasta and noodles.
  3. Production of cereals and mixes for children.
  4. Grinding of nuts, spices and cereals.
  5. You can make tofu.
  6. It is possible to form candies.
  7. Perhaps the production of fruit ice and ice cream;
  8. Mixing dough.

Review of the best twin-screw juicers

Buyers from Russia purchase the following types of juicer models.

Tribest Green Star Pro GS-P502

Horizontal juicers from the manufacturer Tribest are mainly sold in online stores. They are quite large, and their weight is 8 kilograms. Components made of metal serve for a long time, but the interaction with such details impairs the taste of the juice. The waste is dry and the juice is thick and with pulp. The devices of this brand can function without interruption for an hour, so they can be used in different establishments where there is a bar, because these units allow you to make juice in large quantities.
The cost of this model varies between 65–70 thousand rubles, which depends on the modification of the model.

Green Power Fito Juice Extractor

Juicer from the American company Green power Kempo is much smaller and lighter than the previous model. The screws of this unit are made of copper steel, which is covered with bioceramics. She can work for 12 years. The core of each screw is equipped with neodymium magnets, which are turned by different poles. These magnets produce active ions that preserve vitamins and beneficial substances and at the same time extract from the finished product about 90% of the toxins found in the products used. Such juice can be stored for 48–72 hours.

In operation, the Green power Kempo does not touch the augers, which helps to avoid excessive pressure on the grid. Through it juice is passed, the circulation rate of which is 160 revolutions per minute. This model is not necessary to clean in the middle of the work. Juicer can work without stopping for 30 minutes, during which you can make more than three liters of juice. The device has large tanks for the cake and the finished liquid, you can use any kind of vegetables and fruits. Green power Kempo works almost silently, and warranty service is provided for a period of 10 years. The package includes:

  • Spout for foam - designed to remove the foam.
  • The cap of a mouth - is protection against dust hit.
  • The rewind button - with its help it becomes much easier to wash the juicer.
  • Pusher Pestles.

Green Power Kempo can be purchased for almost 40 thousand rubles.

Omega TWN32

The most environmentally friendly manufacturer of twin screw juicers is Omega TWN32.Models of this company can be bought for 38-42 thousand rubles. This juicer makes juice with low speed, but with excellent efficiency. The resulting herbal cake comes out so dry that it will even catch fire if it is set on fire. Note that this model is not suitable for the use of products with stones( pomegranate, grapes).Among the features can be called a power of 150 watts, a long power cord, overload protection and protection against accidental switching on.

The most cost-effective solution is a manual juicer, in which the screws are tapered, not spiral-shaped. The price of such a device varies within 13 thousand rubles.

In this article we talked about auger juicers, their structure, functions, advantages and disadvantages, and also listed good models. We hope that this information will be useful for you, and you will choose the best option that is suitable for your purposes.

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