Where to put the old fridge

See the fridge is really old - is required to dispose of in a special way. Freon destroys the ozone layer, is explosive. Affected old refrigerators, modern refrigerants nature powerless cause damage, the concentration is too small to pose a risk of contact with the flame. Where to put the old fridge, to begin the process of recycling?

Innovative ways to get rid of the old fridge

Avoiding bore readers boring descriptions, we propose to consider a couple of the people, legal ways to get rid of by throwing unnecessary thing:

  • Firstly, the ads in the newspaper. Interested in two types, "buy unnecessary appliances", "export of old refrigerators for free." Announcements organization, disassemble the equipment for scrap, used spare parts for the repair, mend on the basis of a semi. Help people make, will help get rid of the old fridge. And for free! The process of recycling old - problems exporting.

Removal of old refrigerators

  • An old refrigerator can be altered by placing a dehumidifier for the cellar. As for freezers. It turns NoFrost system: blowing fan drives air, the moisture settles in a cool place. As a result, time left out of the compartment to remove excess ice. It is made airtight lid on freezer provided with two holes cut in the door or pair of apertures, the input / output. Input decorate retractable cooler personal computer system unit, get a dehumidifier to the cellar with their hands.
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  • Old refrigerator will glacier, even a non-working. We equip the pit wall protects waterproofing resin in the simplest case, roofing felt. It is better to perform drainage: sand, gravel. Put the refrigerator door up, top covered with a lid. The warehouse is equipped in the shade, cellar. The method allows to keep the temperature. However, it is recommended to store cans in only elementary hygiene reasons. Throw puzzle where to take old refrigerators. Attention! It is recommended to invite the master, ask pumped Freon.
  • In some stores, buying a new refrigerator, hand over the old one and pay n-th sum of money. About how there was a program of recycling of old car when buying a car of domestic brands. The result is a savings to throw trash. Of course, does not fit any brand, manufacturer maintains its own products. Marketing ploy aimed at increasing sales. There is an exchange of the old for the new refrigerator.

Sales of refrigerators

  • From an old refrigerator is permissible to throw plastic. Then put into the stove with a vessel packed with alder chips, simple smokehouse ready. The method is suitable to cook meat, fish with the correct performance of technological operations. Similarly, the drying is made for the products. Mushrooms, apples, apricots, parsley dill. Particularly pleasing in summer conditions.
  • Fishermen are made from the shell of the freezer compartment drawers for accessories. In winter, sit, fish for big-small. The remainder of the gardeners use small closet storage equipment. Thing will rot n-Noe number of years in the meantime - is the belief and benefit.
  • Newspapers publish ads "give / device make / take a helpful gift of an old refrigerator."
  • Offer pick technique neighbors embodiment. America is doing well: put the old fridge near the road who need a suitable, take. After some time, the equipment will sweep a special service utilization.
  • You can poryt forums, advise the good people of the region.

Of course, it looks attractive idea to exchange an old refrigerator with a new. In the cities of the sea supermarkets, sober idea. Such action was carried out in Eldorado during November-December 2010. The exchange of old refrigerators for new, entitled to receive a discount for the purchase of certain types of goods.

Upon delivery of the purchase of your old home appliances climbed without charge recycling. In 2011 the company Biryusa gave a 20% discount on a new refrigerator own production brings to exchange old. By what means?

Officials considered that in Russia power consumption exceeds the indicators of developed countries in the 2 - 3 times. According to some aspect inhibits the growth of the economy. It was decided to 2020 to exchange the population about 39 million. refrigeration units older than 15 years. The program has found support from the government in 2010. It is expected to exceed the net effect of the step costs. Pass the old refrigerator, get a new one? The answer is simple - some sellers periodically shares. You need to carefully track your ads.

old-for-new refrigerator

Law, causing a pair of resonant publications in 2010, stalled. It is believed, it was because the execution put into place. You need to select 1 - 2 thousand. rubles per unit of production budget, refuses to make provinces, big cities pass. It came to fraud. There is evidence, Kazan, carries out the action, the workers left the old refrigerator on the floor area below. The usual Russian situation of impunity. Pass the old refrigerator difficult. Speaking in Russian, Krylov noticed some peculiarities of Russian fable concerning the cat Vaska ...

As it should do with the old refrigerator on the rules

When free, money-making methods have been exhausted, it is necessary - to obey the rules. According to the rumor, it must be present in the county container bulky waste. There need to demolish the old refrigerator. Many put in courtyard. There are management companies to enter into contracts of garbage collection.

So the first piece of advice:

  • The management company knows how recyclable bulky waste. Call and ask.
Disposal of your old refrigerator

Solar collector of refrigerator

According to the definition of bulky waste are considered to be waste that can not be compressed, transported usual garbage truck. Obviously, refrigerators fall within the description. Goals disposal container is placed 5 - 34 cubic meter capacity. Practically there is a special machine, exporting trash. However, not all parts of the provided graph. Housing has not concluded an agreement - recycling old refrigerators rests entirely on the shoulders of the tenants.

Foreign businessmen have decided to issue simple. For the unauthorized removal of household appliances is easy to get a good penalty but weekly given the day when you need to leave the large trash at the entrance of an apartment, private house. Information communicated to residents, just missing the question, what to do with an old refrigerator. In Russia, too, assumed a similar order of magnitude, no one knows about it. Introducing bulky waste put on the form: our girls are unable to carry heavy things, removal machine for yourself!

  • After utilities call the company, evacuation transport of waste which has concluded an agreement. We should explain the procedures for disposal of your old refrigerator.

If a negative response is received, refer to the private company. In Moscow costs about 2,000 rubles, plus 500 rubles for the refining process. Equipment ground by taking special precautions. Created a special landfill in charge of the destruction of household appliances. In the villages there are none, the technique dumped on the nearest available landfill area. If done in the mind, will, quickly out of the unit is a useful device to create, rather than disposed of.

In light of the above can be considered as the most fortunate case when the eccentric wants to buy an old refrigerator by self. In the light of compliance with the law the government's draft 2010 looks civilized way, taking account of the place of performance of the law, I want to say, like the best, it turns out as usual.

In the final, it recommended that (in the absence of money) using the familiar masters simply sawn pieces of equipment, to throw out, like ordinary garbage. Experienced person knows how to remove freon from an old refrigerator.

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