How to repair a vacuum cleaner with your own hands

  • Diagnostics of malfunctions
  • Disassembly instructions
  • Frequently encountered malfunctions

Repair of vacuum cleaners, like other household appliances, is common practice, since all appliances tend to break. The cause of breakage often become wear parts and the destruction of mechanisms. However, the breakdown of the vacuum cleaner does not always mean that you need to buy a new one, since it is quite possible to repair such equipment with your own hands.

Vacuum Cleaner is considered to be the most popular household appliances. Most housewives today no longer represent their lives without a vacuum cleaner, because it saves a lot of time and helps to keep the house clean and tidy.

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Fault Diagnostics

In most cases, the cause of the fact that the vacuum cleaner is out of order, becomes the engine. Such a failure occurs with almost all brands and models of the device, regardless of the manufacturer. You can diagnose a malfunction by the characteristic features and characteristics of the device and try to repair the vacuum cleaner yourself.

  • The first sign of engine malfunction is the hum and the appearance of a dusty cloud during operation of the device.
  • Insufficient suction or lack of it indicates that the hose is out of order. Another sign that the tightness of the hose is broken is the quiet operation of the device. In addition to breakdown in the corrugation, the receiving brush may be damaged.
  • A low suction rate and a drop in the speed of work can be the result of bearing failure. Proof of failure of these components is the periodic restoration of work in normal mode.
  • Excessive rumble during proper operation indicates that the engine has failed. In most cases, faults in the motor directly affect the power of air suction power.

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Disassembly instructions

No matter what the cause of the problem, you need to know how to disassemble the vacuum cleaner in order to repair it yourself.

  1. It is necessary to remove the sealing grille, which is located under the dust compartment cover. The cover is fastened with two screws or other threaded connections. Unscrew the screws with a screwdriver with a suitable cross-section, clockwise.
  2. After removing the sealing grid, the control unit and the dustbag cover must be disconnected.
  3. Depending on the configuration and model of the vacuum cleaner, the dust collector is either simply removed or unscrewed. Under the dust collector is a garbage collection system, under which the housing is connected to the engine.
  4. In order to get to the motor of the vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to separate the instrument case from the base. In some models, this becomes possible after unscrewing the countersunk screw hidden in the handle.
  5. The engine is protected by a special fabric gasket that is attached to the inlet of the suction hose. The gasket is removed and cleaned, in case of need the gasket is changed to a new one.
  6. Power wires are removed from the engine. In order to remove the wires you need to unscrew the screw clips.
  7. Regardless of the manufacturer of the device( Bosch, LG, Electrolux, Rainbow and others), the first thing that an experienced master will take is to check the bearing pairs( upper, lower).Bearings are responsible for the operation of the motor. The slightest signs of wear: irregularities, cracks - are a guide to the replacement of components. In addition to bearings, it is important to check the integrity of the brush and motor armature.
  8. Disassembling the engine at home requires experience in conducting such work. If there is no experience of such actions, it would be more correct to ask for help at the service center.
  9. At the first stage of engine disassembly, the cover is removed. You can remove it using a straight screwdriver, ruler or strap. The casing is adjacent to the engine for a fee, so you can knock it lightly to disconnect it. It is important to moderately apply force, since it is extremely easy to damage the integrity of the casing.
  10. After the cover is removed, access to the impeller, which is held on the built-in nuts, opens. The nuts are additionally secured with glue, so at this stage a solvent is useful.
  11. Under the impeller are four screws that secure the engine. They are alternately unscrewed.
  12. When the motor has free access, check its performance. If any violations or malfunctions are detected, the malfunctions are eliminated, the failed parts are replaced, and the assembly is performed in the reverse order.

Repairing a vacuum cleaner with the function of wet cleaning will be a little more difficult, since you have to work with a water pump. The main task of the pump is to supply water to the dust collector, for this reason the pump is installed at its entrance. When repairing a washing vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to pay attention and disconnect the pump.

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Frequently encountered malfunctions

When repairing a vacuum cleaner from: Hoover, Vitek, Samsung, Rowenta - it is recommended to check the health of the power cord. Check the integrity of the cord, you can use a multimeter. The reason for cable failure is most often in the active use of a vacuum cleaner, in which the cable is ground, twisted and broken. If such a breakdown is confirmed, it is enough just to shorten the cable to the desired length or replace it.

Vacuum cleaners of the brand Dyson, Miele have a distinctive feature, which manifests itself in frequent failure of the filter. A sign of contaminated filters is a low suction power.

It is very important to periodically clean and rinse not only the dust collector, but also the filter. Timely care of the filtration system of the vacuum cleaner is the key to its long and high-quality work, which primarily depends on the health of the engine.

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