Herbicides for potatoes: what drugs are used for processing allotments after germination

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Potatoes are a wide-row crop. From the time of planting the tubers to the first shoots, it usually takes from 10 to 25 days, depending on the variety. It is this factor that influences the fact that potatoes are very low resistant to weed aggression. If the herbicide for potatoes, after germination, has not been used - then the yield can be reduced by 75-80%.In addition, weeds are carriers of diseases that can destroy the entire potato plantation.

What effect does the herbicide treatment give?

The idea of ​​using weed control products has a rational grain. Mechanical treatment does not exclude the possibility of infection by injuring the green parts of the potato bush. In addition, cutting off the upper part of the weed, you do not get a full guarantee of its destruction. Many weeds begin to grow with even greater force.

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It is important to choose the appropriate herbicide correctly, familiarize yourself with the terms of its use and think over which mixture for spraying it can enter as an integral component.

Before applying the herbicide in practice, it is necessary to ensure that the following conditions for successful treatment are fulfilled:

  • The earth mound, which remains in the form of a heap after weeding, should definitely settle down;
  • When seeding the tubers into the ground, they must be at a depth of at least ten centimeters. Otherwise, the active substance can get into the zone of potato parostkov;
  • The structure of the cultivated soil should be finely boiled, which will help the herbicides to be evenly distributed along its thickness;
  • Soil moisture should be within 80%, only in this case the substance will manifest itself with all efficiency.
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The way in which the herbicide will be applied, as well as its choice, depends on the growing season of the potato and on the assortment of trash agents that need to be eradicated. From the weeds on the potatoes are excellent help drugs that can be processed plantations in the early post-emergence period. They are designed to combat weed grasses and dicotyledonous plants.

On the agricultural market, herbicides of a new generation are widely represented, these are soil-effect preparations, in which the main active substance is pro-sulfocarb. It is part of the early run-off treatment and inhibits the growth of many annual weeds. How to get rid of birch in potato gardens? How to remove grass from the beds of pursing tenacious and black nightshade? Everything is very simple - it is enough to use a herbicide at the moment when the weeds form their first shoots.

Benefits of

herbicidal treatment Each gardener knows that regular use of herbicides on potato plantations gives good results, and is effective against a huge range of weeds. But in this case could not do without exceptions. It is most difficult to fight with the bindweed, which not only interferes with the full growth of tubers, but also inhibits the above-ground part of the bush, weaving it with its vines. In our region, this problem is particularly relevant, and many plantings of potatoes require regular weeding because of this.

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"Titus" is a high-quality herbicide, the main purpose of which is annual and perennial cereal plants. But besides them, he successfully eliminates the problem of climbing perennials, namely, thickets of field birch. This drug can be used both solo and in combination with substances from the group of metribuzin. When spraying cultivated plants, the chemical does not cause them any harm, acting exclusively on weeds. Getting into the soil layer - quickly decomposes and loses its properties. Plots can be treated even under cloudy conditions; activity does not decrease even if it rained 30 minutes after application.

Herbicide "Titus" on potato beds is very effective due to its active substance - rimsulfuron. Delivered to the market in the form of water-soluble granules. In addition to potatoes, it is also used for processing allotments with tomatoes and corn fields. It is classified as a post-harvest leaflet herbicide with selective effects.

Absorption takes place using the leaf surface, after which the plant's ability to divide cells is blocked in the plant. Practical weed growth stops immediately, and the death itself can be observed within five days from the time of spraying. It does not harm the environment, so it is absolutely safe.

Before you take a bindweed on the potato field, you should carefully read the instructions attached to the herbicide.

Among the advantages of the drug can be noted the fact that its use fully replaces the treatment with pre-emergence and presowing means. Weeds are destroyed after one spraying, repeated use is often not necessary. The half-life for which the drug is biodegradable in the soil is ten days.

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"Lazurite" is used for potato fields as often as other preparations of this spectrum of action. Its action can be described as a system, the so-called - insurance composition. It is a soil herbicide of selective action, in other words, a selective soil preparation. It is used both as pre-emergence and post-emergence products. Patented and manufactured in Russia, produced in the form of a wettable powder, packaged in a plastic container for small packaging. Indisputable advantage of "Lazurite" - the term of its active influence on weeds.

After a one-time treatment, bored plants no longer appear on the treated area during a given season. It spurs both the death of adult weeds and the dying of sprouted parostki. The required dose is determined based on the degree of weed distribution, the condition of the cultivated soil and the size of the land plot. The main active ingredient is metribuzin, which is able to eliminate cereals, dicotyledonous annuals for two weeks. In severe cases, you may need to re-treatment, which is carried out a month after the first in dry and hot weather, and after two weeks - with high humidity and rain.

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