We build a fence out of corrugated board with your own hands: step by step instructions from A to Z

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report, the Fence is the main structure used to mark the perimeter of a private household and the protectionproperty from intruders. Among the mass of structures and varieties of materials used, the fence of corrugated board is considered the most simple and cost-effective solution. The design of this fence is relatively simple and does not differ in special labor costs. Nevertheless, the cost of services for its construction significantly "hits the pocket" of any homeowner. This publication will tell you how to make a fence out of corrugated flooring with your own hands, eliminating this cost item from the amount allocated by the developer for landscaping a private house.

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Advantages and disadvantages of a fence made of profiled sheet

Profiled sheeting is a profiled steel sheet with a corrosion-resistant surface. Depending on the destination, manufacturers offer several dozen varieties of professional sheet, differing in thickness, type of protective coating, shape and profile height, size. The main advantages of the fencing of this material are:

  • affordable cost;
  • high corrosion resistance;
  • durability;
  • ease of installation;
  • does not require maintenance( painting, rust treatment).

In addition, the fence from a professional sheet has a quite presentable appearance. According to reviews, a solid fence of this material perfectly protects the area from the wind and the penetration of street noise.

The sharp edge of the sheet greatly complicates the unauthorized entry into the territory of the household.

The disadvantage of such barriers can be considered: low resistance to wind loads and mechanical damage.

Nevertheless, the abundance of forms, textures and colors of the professional sheet, presented today in the domestic construction market, allow you to create beautiful fences of corrugated board, using a relatively small set of tools and materials.

Preparatory work

If you decide to engage in the independent construction of reliable fencing from the profiled sheet, then you should not immediately run to the nearest building supermarket to purchase materials. Initially, preparatory work should be carried out on the site. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Perform the necessary calculations for the number of professional sheets.
  2. Determine the type of fence( solid, sectional).
  3. Consider the support structure and the type of installation of the material.
  4. Create a drawing( sketch) of the fence.
  5. Prepare materials, tools, fasteners.

Only after performing these works, you can proceed to the direct installation of the fence of corrugated board. Next in order.

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Calculation of the number of profiled sheet

In order to correctly calculate how many sheets you need, the first thing to do is to determine the location of the fence. In the corners, you should install the pegs, and between them pull the cord, the length of which will be an indicator of the length of the fence. Next, we determine the height of the fence.

Experts do not recommend making a fence height of more than 2 m due to high wind loads.

The size of the profiled sheet for the fence varies depending on the type of material and its purpose, but the average is as follows:

  • width 100-130 cm;
  • height 180-200 cm.

The required length of the sheet, which determines the height of the fence, will be cut by the manufacturer or trading company. Knowing the length of the fence and the standard width of the sheet, it is easy to make calculations of the required amount of material: the total footage of the perimeter of the future fence is divided by the working width and we get the required amount of material plus two sheets of stock.

Choosing the type of fencing

To date, two types of corrugated fencing are practiced: solid and sectional. The first is easier to manufacture and requires fewer materials. The second, reputedly more presentable, but also more costly. In the first embodiment, all elements of the supporting structure are sewn up.

In the second - the material is placed between the support pillars of the fence:

The type of fence determines its design, material and method of installation of all elements of this structure.

Design and installation methods of fencing

One of the easiest ways to build a fence from a profiled sheet is the option of making a fence with metal pillars installed directly into the ground. For supports the steel hollow pipe of round or square section is applied. Diameter of a round pipe from 60 mm. The cross section of the square profile - 60x60 mm.

For fixing the profiled sheet to the supports, lags are needed, which use a square steel tube or a wooden block. The recommended section of a steel profile is 30х20 mm;wooden timber 70x40 mm.

There are three options for installing the material:

  • with fasteners;
  • through welding;
  • between brick pillars.

For the first option, an X-bracket is used, which is a special fastening element that is attached to the post with self-tapping screws.

The main advantages of this method are: low cost of the fastener, high speed of fence erection without using a welding machine.

In the second version, there are three ways of fastening the lag: butt-to-butt, from the side, using a holder.

It is rather difficult to build a sectional fence of corrugated flooring with brick pillars. Practical skills of laying bricks, creating a foundation, knowledge of the basics of reinforcement are requiredWhen choosing such a fence construction, it is recommended to turn to professionals, the cost of which services can be quite significant. Such a fence is chosen by the owners of households, which is important for good wind resistance and respectable appearance of the fence.

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Material selection

The first thing you need to do before buying a material is to make a complete calculation of the fence of corrugated flooring.

  1. The length of the posts is calculated using the following formula: fence height + 1 m for burial in the ground. If the fence is installed on heaving soil, the pillars dig in below the depth of soil freezing. In this case, when calculating the height of the supports, the height of the fence + the depth of laying the pillars is taken into account.
  2. The distance between the supports can vary from 2 to 3 meters. Among the specialists, the distance between the posts is most often practiced - 2.5 m.
  3. To calculate the logs, the total length of the perimeter of the fence should be multiplied by two, and the required footage for the manufacture of gates and wickets should be added to the resulting figure.

Above was given the calculation of the required amount of professional sheet for fencing. Choosing this material you need to pay attention to its thickness, wave height, characteristics, anti-corrosion coating, color and texture. For the construction of the fence most often choose a durable and inexpensive profiled, series "C" or "MP".

Professional sheets "C" are designed for wall cladding. They are distinguished by a small profile height and sheet thickness. The material of the “MP” series is widely used for roofing, erecting light constructions for industrial purposes.

Create an

drawing. Building a fence made of corrugated flooring begins with a sketch( drawing) to be entered:

  • location of the fence on the site;
  • support layout;
  • landscape features;
  • fencing dimensions;
  • material specification.

To compensate for differences in the level of the landscape, a strip foundation is used with which all irregularities are closed.

. Selection of the

tool. Before you make a fence of corrugated flooring, you need to prepare the necessary tools that you need to install the pillars and fix all the structural elements.

  • if it is planned to use a welding machine, then the use of a household inverter, powered by 230V household power, is recommended;
  • for cutting and grinding metal profiles will require an angle grinder( Bulgarian) with a set of discs;
  • scissors for metal needed to cut a professional sheet with a small wave;
  • drill - to create grooves for the rack;
  • drill and( or) screwdriver with a set of drills, bits and heads for drilling holes and screwing screws.

In addition, you must have: a tape measure, a marker( chalk), metal hardware and roofing screws, a building level( plummet), and necessary fasteners. From building materials you will need crushed stone, sand, cement. For concreting the pillars, a shovel and a container for mixing the sand-cement mortar are needed.

Read also: Quartz Heaters for Gardening: Advantages and DisadvantagesInstalling the fence of corrugated flooring begins with the installation of support pillars. To do this:
  1. Perform a perimeter markup. Install the pegs in the installation of support posts with a pitch of 2.5 m.
  2. Using a drill, make holes of the required depth in the ground. The diameter of the drill should be 1.5 times the diameter( cross section) of the pillars.
  3. Pour a sand cushion at the bottom of each pit, a layer of 10-20 cm. This is a necessary measure to prevent subsidence in the process of concreting.
  4. Install support legs to the required depth, taking into account the height of the ground part.
  5. Fill the gap between the column and the pit with a layer of rubble. The height of the layer is not more than 2/3 of the depth of the hole.
  6. Carry out tamping, checking the position of the rack using a building level.
  7. Fill the hole with concrete and compact it well. The proportions of cement, sand and rubble are as follows: 1: 3: 5.

After recruiting concrete of primary strength( no earlier than after 7 days), continue building a fence made of corrugated flooring.

At the height of the mounting of the lower and upper lags, pull the cord around the perimeter of all racks. Check its level relative to the horizon. After that, at the intersection of the cord with the supports to install X-brackets. This is done as follows: in the first support with a drill, make holes in the mounting brackets of the bracket and attach this element to the corner stand with screws for metal. On the next pillar impose mount. The correctness of the situation to check the construction level. Perform an attachment process. In a similar way to install the brackets along the entire length of the fence. Logs to fix from the back side of the bracket.

The next step is to fix the profiled sheet to the fence frame.

Fix material can be roofing screws or rivets. The installation step is through the wave. To begin to align and attach the first sheet. Each subsequent comes on the previous one wave.

It is important to know how to properly tighten roofing screws. When screwing in, align with the rubber seal. The figure shows the correct and incorrect installation options.

You can find out more about the rules for attaching a professional sheet from the video:

As a conclusion

In this publication, the process of how to make a fence from corrugated flooring with your own hands was described in as much detail as possible. As you can see, everything is extremely simple. The main thing is to strictly follow the instructions, do not neglect the calculations and do not save on materials.

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