How to choose an alarm system at the cottage?

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In order to reliably protect your property located in a country house, it is best to use a special security alarm system. Many understand that, despite the high reliability of modern locks, as well as strong and strong steel doors, an experienced thief can still get into the house if not through the door, then through a window, a roof or even a wall. That is why the most reliable and effective option is a properly selected alarm system for giving, which will provide real protection of the whole house.

Correct choice of alarm system

When it comes to the property of a person, it should not be saved here, because, as practice shows, most often all financial resources invested in the system of protecting your house pay off with interest. In this case, it is not only that such an alarm system is guaranteed to prevent unauthorized penetration, but also about the calm of the owners, who may not worry about your possessions. But to be sure that the burglar alarm for the dacha will work at the most crucial moment, its choice should be given enough time.

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So, modern security systems include a light and sound alarm system, which reliably deter intruders. At the same time, for sure, many of our compatriots would like to have information about when the security system worked, because this is important. So the question of how to choose the alarm system for a dacha is quite relevant today. Fortunately, modern digital and satellite technologies are quite capable of quickly transmitting data about the state of the security system on-line. In this case, the system can be configured to send alarm information not only to the owner, but also to the nearest security post or police station.

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A wide range of sensors and controllers for the security system

Having determined that a good system must necessarily be of high quality and reliable, we can add that less than 8-10 thousand. she will not cost. Cheap Chinese models can be purchased, starting from, rubles, but there is no need to count on high reliability here. In addition, there may also be problems with its maintenance, so saving is not recommended. It is best to get a good security system, in which you can be 100% sure.

Really reliable signaling for a summer house with control via a mobile application allows you to check the security status at any time. If you buy a set of protective equipment, including video cameras, motion and opening sensors, temperature, fire and gas alarms, then a person can be completely calm. After launching your mobile application on a tablet, laptop or mobile smartphone, you can immediately get access to the picture, which fixes the security camera. This allows you to immediately assess the situation behind the gate, in the courtyard or inside the house itself.

Advantages of security alarm system using GSM navigation system:

  • Integrated security system, which includes motion sensors, video cameras, gas and water analyzers;
  • Activation of the siren and light indication;
  • The transmission of a signal of danger not only to the owner, but also to the point of protection or mobile response;
  • Possibility of audio and video recording of all incoming information and saving it on a remote server;
  • Good digital protection against unauthorized introduction to the network and reprogramming.
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Analyzing the overview of alarms for dachas presented in the domestic market, it is important to carefully review the feedback on the operation of a particular system. Based on general data, it should be taken into account the fact that the country house in rural areas has its striking differences from the city. There are possible interruptions with electricity, in winter, many cottages are not heated, and therefore the temperature inside the room can drop to -10 ° C. In case of an alarm signal, it takes much more time to get to the place of destination for the guards or the police, rather than in the city.


Proceeding from the foregoing, we can confidently conclude that the acquired GSM signaling for the dacha should have a high resistance to low temperatures, and also have an autonomous power supply. Many modern models allow in the event of an emergency power outage, instantly switch to their own batteries to work from them up to 7 days. This is extremely convenient, and to the maximum extent contributes to the safety of the suburban area.

Features of the alarm system for giving gsm

Of the number of reliable, practical and, not less important, relatively inexpensive domestic security systems should be allocated to the Guardian. This security system is a ready-made complex of high-tech solutions for protecting a country house or a villa of any level.

Modern alarm system for giving GSM Sentinel allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Send remote queries regarding the status and health of the system;
  • Organize listening to the room with the ability to transfer recordings;
  • Notification of the owner in the event of a power outage or in adverse weather conditions;
  • Control motion sensors, door openers, as well as a video surveillance system;
  • Instantly send a danger signal in case of unauthorized entry into the premises.
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Thus, the alarm system for giving GSM Sentinel is quite effective means for complex protection of a private country house in any period of time and season of the year. The great advantage of a modern alarm system is also the lack of wires, which makes it difficult for intruders to neutralize the system.

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Budgetary alarm system Sapsan

A reliable security system is also the Sapsan system, which allows for immediate transfer to the control panel information about the alarm, when entering the territory of the house or giving intruders. Among the significant advantages of this security package is the built-in battery, which automatically turns on when disconnected from the central electricity and works for 12 hours.

It is important to note that the signaling for giving GSM Sapsan also supports all GSM frequencies (900/1800/1900), which allows to guarantee the successful transfer of the necessary data to the host, regardless of where it is located. It is interesting to note that the Peregrine Falcon also allows you to rent and put the dacha on guard using an ordinary smartphone, so that such an alarm system is guaranteed to provide the maximum possible security.

Summarizing all of the above, it should be said that in today's world, where the crime rate is high enough, the modern security alarm system fully justifies itself. That is why so many of our compatriots are striving to establish reliable and high-quality complexes on their dachas as soon as possible. After all, in this case, the owners can sleep quite calmly, knowing that their property is completely safe.

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Video review gsm alarm

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