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How to choose an electric coffee grinder so that every morning would be really good. How many people in the world do not drink coffee? UnitsAnd how many true gourmets of this drink, ready for anything for the bitter grains of vigor and energy? Alas, not too much. Most prefer to drink "something" that is proudly called "coffee", but it is not. Do you really love it. .. coffee? Then this article is for you. From it you will learn how to choose an electric coffee grinder in 2018, which will preserve not only the flavor, but also the entire biochemical composition of coffee beans. Go!

The secrets of choosing the perfect coffee grinder

Choosing a coffee grinder is not an easy thing. After all, you want every day to enjoy the taste of the best coffee, and participate in the process of its preparation. But you will not install professional equipment at home, but alas, not everyone is destined to work as a barista.

drum roll. MeetNew innovations are emerging in the arena, ignoring which the hand does not rise. It is thanks to them that everyone can grind and cook( and this is another story) delicious coffee, without going beyond the limits of their homes. How to choose the perfect coffee grinder for your home?

What kinds of coffee grinders are there?

To begin with, what are electric grinders. And there are only two types: knife and millstone.

  • The knife or rotary coffee grinder is equipped with a stainless steel knife chopper( usually) with a high rotation speed. The peculiarity of this coffee grinder is the grinding of grains to particles of different sizes. If you are a fan of “quick brewing”( pour coffee in a cup and pour boiling water), then you should definitely choose this type of device.
  • Coffee grinder with millstones is a unit that smoked coffee so that you can cook it in a cup, and cook it in a Turk, and send it to a coffee machine. In general, pieces of the product are obtained in perfect size. But it is worth the unit, respectively.

Which electric coffee grinder is better? Before you start spending money, figure out how many people in your family use coffee. If only you use it and do it exclusively in the mornings, it is enough to buy an inexpensive rotary machine. Well, if you drink a lot of coffee regularly, enjoying every drop, then you shouldn’t save on your “hobby”.Buy a grinder grinder. This will be the best choice, which will save your budget, and provide a sufficient amount of ground coffee.

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customer reviews How to choose a rotor coffee grinder

So you have decided. Your choice( for example) fell on a coffee grinder with a motor and knives. Here we talk about it in more detail. What features does this unit hide in itself? The principle of operation of the device is incredibly simple. When enabled knives are activated. They rotate at high speed literally "cutting" the coffee blades and turning it into dust. The best coffee grinder is the coffee grinder that meets your requirements. Therefore, when choosing your ideal device, you should pay attention to:

  • power of an electric grinder;
  • container volume.

In order to prepare one cup of strong and aromatic coffee you will need up to 7 grams.melen ingredient. Modern coffee grinders can accommodate in themselves from 40 to 130 gr.coffee, and that's about 15 cups.


Do not make coffee in advance. In a coffee grinder, you should handle the amount of grains that you plan to drink right now. Understand, the more coffee you dare, the longer it will be stored in any capacity, and, therefore, the whole point of buying coffee beans is lost. After all, with the same success you can save money and buy already ground coffee( Arabica, Robusta, etc.).

A good unit is a powerful unit. The higher the power, the better the quality of grinding, the higher the cost of the device. On the market there are coffee grinders from 90 to 250 W( this is not the limit, because technology is improving every day).

But there are some minuses here. This is the price and. .. taste of the drink. At high power, the grains in the coffee grinder heat up, and small particles can simply burn. This significantly affects not only the safety of useful elements, but also the taste of coffee. Is it worth the risk and spend money on a powerful unit? The choice is yours.

Additional functions on a rotary coffee grinder

What kind of "chips" does not come up with the manufacturer to sell you their goods. And this trend has not bypassed coffee grinders. Someone suggests you buy a double-blade unit that will grind coffee twice as fast.

Someone took care of those who are irritated by uneven grinding, providing the device with a sloping bottom. Someone offers a three-tier grinding system. Well, if you are tired of "burnt" grain, "stealing" the true taste of coffee, get a grinder with the function of protection against overheating.

One should not forget about security either. Here, manufacturers are not stingy. Each new coffee machine has a locking system. While the lid is open, even when you press the "Start" button, the knives remain stationary. As you can see, every coffee connoisseur will find something suitable for himself.

But do not forget that each additional function is a plus one zero in the check. Therefore, think carefully about what your ideal coffee grinder should be able to do, and only then make the final choice.

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Even a coffee grinder has cons

Before you say goodbye to money, look carefully at the models you like. Of course, it is also a coffee grinder in Africa, but still it’s not worth neglecting the details. After all, it depends on them how much the taste of ground coffee will be bright and saturated.

Take, for example, a model with a non-removable container. This is inconvenient( for most).And all because the remnants( and they are sweet) to remove from the device will be oh, how inconvenient.

The grinding process is controlled manually. And it brings discomfort. It goes without saying that getting used to the “right coffee dosage” is a matter of time. But we need everything quickly, naturally with minimal physical and temporary investments. But then why do you need a coffee grinder? Buy instant or ground coffee.

And the most significant minus of the rotary unit is “combustion at work”.Such devices break down more often, and it is no longer possible to fix them. Therefore, you need to run to the store for a new coffee grinder. These are the surprises the choice of the knife device prepares for its future owners. So be prepared for anything.


“Advanced” housewives often use a coffee grinder to grind bulk foods( sugar, pepper, cereals, seasonings. ..).So, if you want your device to “live” with you a long( specified in the passport) life, do not repeat after these “advanced housewives”, but use the device only for its intended purpose, that is, for processing coffee.

How to choose a grinder mill

If coffee is an integral part of your life, and perhaps your whole life, then make your choice in favor of buying a mill grinder. The main and unique feature of this unit is that each grain is ground to perfect size. At the same time, the drink retains all the richness of the flavor palette and aroma.

The grinding mechanism of the unit is represented by stainless steel discs, that is, millstones, which allow not only to control, but also to regulate the degree of grain grinding. The power of the device varies from 250 to 300 watts.

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specialists The types of

  • canonical millstone grinders;
  • cylindrical.

For home use it is best to take the first version of the device. The canonical grinder has high power and reliability. At the same time, the work speed of it is lower than that of the cylindrical one, and, therefore, the heating of the grains is much lower. And it will save you forever from the "burnt" coffee.

The main criterion for selecting a grinder is the material from which the device is made. It is best to opt for models made of their sturdy alloys. They are equipped with quality millstones with high wear resistance. That is, such a unit will serve you not only for years, but for at least ten years.

If you want to buy a device easier, remember that their service life is small. Especially if you plan to use it regularly. Another nice advantage is the grinder mill, which is impossible not to mention. The device boasts a removable container for storing freshly ground coffee beans. And all because the ingenious - is simple. You pour coffee in a coffee grinder once, set the number of cups, and. .. get exactly as much ingredient as you ordered.

As you can see, the unit is smart and reliable. Therefore, your intervention in your work requires a minimum. When choosing a burlap device, carefully look at whether the lid fits snugly against the container. Consider, the safety of grain depends on it.

Pros and cons of the

electric grinder, electrics, electrics, but do not forget about the traditional manual grinders, which satisfy not only taste buds, but also make you enjoy the process of grinding. Almost all models of such units have a similar principle of operation. The construction placed millstones( one is installed at the bottom of the console, the second under the handle) with which you can adjust the degree of grinding.

Manual coffee grinders are :

  • European;
  • Oriental.

European coffee grinder is a small wooden box with a handle( either on the side or on top), which is equipped with a small container for collecting coffee.

Oriental coffee grinder is made exclusively from metal and in most cases has a cylindrical shape. Differs in the presence of a capacious removable container. The product is easy to operate. Has modest and comfortable for daily use dimensions.

And now let's talk about the materials from which the millstones for manual coffee grinders are made. It may be porcelain or cast iron.

  • Porcelain has a distinct advantage. It is distinguished by its "dryness."That is, in the process of grinding the grain, the millstones are not wetted, which means that the taste of coffee does not change. But there is a significant disadvantage - fragility. One wrong move and you can say goodbye to a coffee grinder forever.
  • With a cast-iron millstone, everything is exactly and vice versa. They are strong, almost durable. But with prolonged use moisturized, and this affects the taste of coffee.

Let's not forget about the functionality of the unit. Before buying it, it is worthwhile to find out the capacity of the container and, of course, is there an additional option of “phased grinding” of grains in it?

But, anyway, comfort in the process of using a manual model is paramount. Therefore, before ordering a coffee grinder on the Internet, go to the store and "touch" them with your hands. The unit should give you a feeling of comfort and satisfaction not only with the result, but also with the process.

Perhaps this is all that we can tell you about how to choose an electric coffee grinder in 2018.It’s hard to say which grinder is better, manual or electric. It all depends on your individual preferences. But it really doesn't matter what you choose. The main thing that you like it. Enjoy your shopping and. .. See you soon!

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