Amazing acquaintance with the iron tree

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In nature, iron tree is extremely rare, therefore it occupies an honorable place in the Red Book. However, by its properties, each iron tree is not inferior to the density of cast iron. His bark withstands shelling from a firearm, but at the same time hopelessly sinking in the water. It is worth noting that this is not a separate class of trees, but a whole group, collected from different species. It includes several dozen plant species with unusually dense wood. They can be found on each of the continents. Moreover, the raw materials are used both in the industrial industry and in medical practice.

What is special about these trees?

It is rather difficult to recognize the “stone” rock of a perennial plant with the naked eye. Especially if they are on the verge of extinction. Nevertheless, they are characterized by the following features:

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  • the age of such long-livers for at least 2 hundred years;
  • wood fiber is resistant to corrosive processes and does not deteriorate under the influence of strong acids;
  • in the bark contains a lot of tannins, which protect their "owners" from all sorts of parasites, as well as from fungus rot;
  • the log will necessarily go under water, since the density of the wood is 1 t / m³, taking into account the humidity of 12%, for this reason such breeds grow rather slowly;
  • each has a height of more than 25 meters, and the trunk girth reaches over 200 cm.

All these properties are necessary for the iron tree to survive in the most severe climatic conditions. Sudden temperature fluctuations in Russia, an African drought or a humid European climate will not be able to harm this nature phenomenon. Such species of trees perfectly adapt to any unfavorable environment. To do this, they are equipped with a considerable number of devices, ranging from the unique structure of the trunk / roots and ending with the chemical composition of the bark. In this regard, they are widely used in the production of:

  • furniture;
  • building structures;
  • vehicles;
  • cosmetics;
  • decorative elements;
  • underwater technology.
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Extracts from fruits, bark and leaves of these “stone” varieties are obtained which are successfully used for treatment:

  • gout;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • horrible skin rashes;
  • rheumatism.

These esters also did not bypass the cooking of many ethnic groups. Until now, a small bottle of this oil is fabulous money. To get a couple of grams of the most valuable elixir, you need to recycle a few kilograms of raw materials. All this is done exclusively by hand. Knowing the main features of these varieties of the hardest trees, you can get closer to some of them.

The branches of these plants in ancient times were used for feeding livestock. At the same time for many Moroccan tribes such solid wood served as fuel. Logs burned slowly, and for a long time kept warm.

Birch Schmidt

Russia can boast such a landmark. In the coastal areas of this country there are several dozen copies of this “iron” birch. The oldest of them is about 400 years old. Every such tree grows up to 30 meters in height. Meanwhile, the diameter of the trunk of this “beauty” is 80-90 cm. The distinctive features of birch Schmidt are:

  1. Brownish-gray bark with cream shimmer. The surface of its mighty trunk is abundantly covered with deep cracks. In some places, detached layers of bark or areas that begin to peel are visible.
  2. Perfectly smooth branches. They can be either black or brown, or shade of overripe cherries. Outside observers immediately tarry resinous drips on them. These "lentils" emit a pleasant aroma.
  3. The shape of the leaves resembles an oval, in which one side has a pointed end.

Infusion / decoction of freshly picked leaves or buds can be used as a choleretic agent, as well as for healing wounds. With it, you can overcome lichen, eczema or acne.

This exotic birch tree can be found in North Korea, on one of the islands of the Land of the Rising Sun, as well as in the Celestial Empire( China).

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Argan barbed

On the territory of modern Algeria and Morocco, according to the latest data, over 2 million copies of such a perennial plant grow. This is all that remains of the mighty forests consisting of argan alone. In its homeland, it is a symbol, as well as a source of life for nomadic African tribes. From its wood made different household items. Fruits and leaves were eaten by both animals and people. Wood material was enough for a long time, because the height of the trunk was from 10 m and above, and the circumference - more than 15 m.

Argan has a very powerful root system capable of penetrating deep into the ground by 30 meters. This saves the plant from dehydration and hurricane wind. Many inhabitants of Africa eat its branches and leaves. But to break them is not so easy, because they are covered with sharp spikes.

West Africa( Republic of the Congo) also has a representative of a group of stone / iron trees. People call it “Shi”, but in the world of botanists it is known as “Amazing Vitéllaria”.But in the tropical latitudes of this continent grows the majestic “Lofira winged”.

Temir-agach or Persian parrotia

According to the degree of strength, this deciduous tree has no equal. Its wood is several times harder than iron itself. In addition to Africa, parrot can be found in the Middle East. The forests of Iran and Azerbaijan abound in these amazing specimens. Such trees look especially delightful in spring when they bloom. Although they prefer a warmer climate, they can still survive at -25 ° C.Temir-agach barrel is used for the production of:

  • boards for parquet / floor;
  • frames;
  • automotive parts;
  • ax handle;
  • art elements.
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Since these plants do not have elasticity and flexibility, they make powerful “live” fences. Having grown and strengthened, they form an impassable thicket that protects the backyard plot from uninvited guests.

Other representatives of the

group In addition to such popular species belonging to the “iron tree” group, there are many other “stone” plants. They grow on different continents and are striking in their strength and unique healing properties. These include the following breeds:

  1. Tis. Wood is able to retain moisture, but at the same time it does not rot.
  2. A Christmas tree that is found in New Zealand. On this territory there are whole groves of such trees. They throw out inflorescences only at Christmas.
  3. Hmelegrab. The climate of the subtropical strip is suitable for it, therefore the hoplegrab grows just above the equator. Sadly, only fossilized remains of its wood were found in Russia.
  4. Mezuya. Asian nations use the poisonous resin of this plant as a therapeutic drug.
  5. Pesalpinia. Disappearing species grows on the territory of Brazil in the Amazonian jungle.
  6. Guayacum. It grows on islands located in the Caribbean. The resinous substances of this tree are used as stimulating preparations.

As you can see, there are exceptions to the rules not only in linguistics, but also in nature. Such "iron" trees are an example. They have unusually strong wood that is not able to stay on the water.

Ironwood Forest - Video

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