Geyser or boiler - which is better to choose?

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Due to frequent interruptions in the supply of hot water, especially during the cold season, residents of apartments and private plots are more often thinking about the use of hot water, more often than not, with hot water, there are more heat disruptions than the hot water of the year, residents of apartments and private plots are thinking about other hot spots, and people in apartments and private plots are often thinking about changing their hot water, especially in cold seasonswater heating. The most effective of them are such devices as geysers and electric boilers. Although they perform the same function - they heat water, they still have many differences, such as: different consumption of time for heating water, efficiency in operation, different safety parameters. Before you choose what is best: a gas water heater or a boiler, you need to learn more about their differences, advantages and disadvantages.

What is the difference between them?

The main difference between these devices is in the energy at the expense of which they work. The geyser works from gas which is extracted by connection to the central gas pipeline. Such a device was invented long ago, and during its existence it has evolved from a bulky unit that requires a lot of space into small compact devices.

The electric boiler has the appearance of a spacious tank with a tubular electric heater inside and an external water heating control system. There are two types of such devices:

  • Flowing - a small device that connects to the water supply pipe and heats the water when the faucet is turned on.
  • Accumulative - a tank of different sizes that collects and stores water;heats the water when the tank is turned on.

Unlike a geyser, a boiler can work with large volumes of water, therefore, in its favor, various enterprises often choose.

Advantages and disadvantages of gas columns

The main plus of a gas column is its economy, since gas is currently the most affordable and cheap type of fuel. Other benefits include:

  • Long service life.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compact.
  • Fast water heating.
  • No difficulty in repairing.

Geysers are installed mainly in the kitchen, and most models are equipped with a thermometer and other useful features.

Significant minus of the gas column in the complexity of its mount. It is impossible to do this on your own, and you still need to purchase additional materials necessary for installation, as they are not in the configuration with the device. Other disadvantages include:

  • The device runs on gas, it needs ventilation to remove the combustion products from the room, which also adds complexity to the mount.
  • The installation of the device is required to be coordinated with the gas services.
  • The temperature at which a column can heat water depends on the initial temperature of the water in the pipe, which means that if the water is too cold( for example, in winter), then the column will not bring it to the state of hot water.
  • Medium safety, as gas powered appliances are always at risk from explosive hazards.

Advantages and disadvantages of

electric boilers Electric boilers are more popular with users than geysers, this is due to a number of significant advantages:

  • ease of installation;
  • no need to build a ventilation system;
  • operational safety;
  • independence from the initial temperature and pressure of the water;
  • high efficiency.

The disadvantages primarily include a limited amount of warm water in electric storage boilers. When the hot water in the tank is finished, you need to wait until the water heats up again, depending on the size of the tank — this can take a long time. Among other disadvantages:

  • high price;
  • volume boiler does not fit in every house;
  • energy costs are much higher than those of geysers;
  • non-durable service life.


In order not to make a mistake in choosing a water heater, the main question that needs to be answered is for which room it will be used. Both geysers, and flowing and accumulative boilers will be equally effective for the house. However, if a water heater is needed for an enterprise that is visited by many people every day, then an electrical storage boiler with a large tank volume is best suited.

The article described all the main issues concerning heating devices for water and this information is enough for the buyer to decide which is more profitable: a geyser or a boiler.

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