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video Every day, going outside, people notice a lot of brilliant pictures of nature. A charming landscape of the majestic trees of the city park, vivid pictures of flowers under their feet, green panorama of the country forest. All this is created by the Creator and for centuries serves for all mankind.

Many people, imitating the Great Artist, equip their homes and land in a unique way. Recently for this fresh ideas of gardening are used. Creative summer residents create a green decor to cover them with unattractive walls of economic buildings or a fence. Moreover, they decorate living quarters with compositions from green plants. Unique living pictures are made from indoor plants that are placed in special frames. They effectively fit into any interior of the house or apartment.

With the help of phyto-pictures you can exotic decorate an apartment, give it a special comfort and revive with greenery.

Original live panorama on the wall.

Creative designers, creating living paintings, sought to turn them into an original element of an art object. In this case, instead of paints and canvas to use indoor flowers and soil. As practice has shown, the green mini-landscape, in contrast to the painted picture, is constantly changing its appearance. It grows in size, plays with shades, cleans the air and relieves stress.

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To create a living picture on the wall, materials are needed:

  • wooden frame;
  • plywood;
  • metal mesh.

These elements are held together in a single frame that will hold live plants. First, take a thick wooden frame with planks( the bottom should be at least 4 cm) and pick up the same size plywood. Prepare a film for insulation and a grid with small cells. Then the film is applied to the plywood so that the soil does not damage the wall.

Even food wrap is suitable for waterproofing, if you wrap it in several layers of plywood.

A mesh is attached with nails or staples between the frame slats. Plywood is nailed to the back of the frame. The main thing is that the insulated part is inside the structure. After that, you need to make at least 2 mounts, for reliable installation of paintings on the wall. Ready to paint the device and varnish.

Fill the dried construction with primer through the mesh cells. You can tamp with a pencil or wooden stick. When the soil reaches the level of the grid, it must be sprinkled with water and covered with a small layer of dry soil. So that it does not spill out of the structure, you can use moss. Next, start planting indoor plants.

At the same time, it is important to know the basic rules of how to make a living picture in order to make a true work of art. So, plant indoor flowers should be in this order to get the planned pattern. In order to save time, a drip irrigation system is carried out under the frame.

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Some designers instead of a grid use hanging containers that can be firmly fixed on the wall. In each of them planted a suitable plant for the planned composition.

Using containers of various shapes and colors, you can freely change the pattern, periodically updating the design of the room.

Creating an exotic picture of real flowers is quite realistic and without the use of frames. The landscape is placed on a part of the wall, having previously covered it with a waterproofing material. It will protect the structure from the destructive action of moisture emanating from fresh flowers.

Suitable flowers for living masterpieces

Often green flowers-succulents are used as a suitable material for paintings. They feel great on any soil. Normally react to different humidity and unforeseen droughts, if irrigation is performed irregularly.

To get a beautiful living picture of plants, make it in a horizontal position. Flowers are planted according to the planned composition, starting with large cuttings.

Since succulents grow very slowly, it is desirable to arrange them quite tightly in a frame.

After landing, the finished picture is left in a warm room away from sunlight for 1 month. During this time, the flowers will take root and grow. Now you can hang them in a permanent place in the house or in the apartment.

Original live compositions are created from different colors. Particularly spectacular:

  1. Dracaena. The flower is suitable for creating an exotic landscape. Its leaves are reminiscent of lush tropical undergrowth and full of freshness and charm.
  2. Delosperm. If the picture depicts a winter pattern, then with the help of a flower one gets the impression of snowing.
  3. Haworthy. Its fleshy, dark green leaves with white lines resemble the desert landscapes of the wild West.
  4. Ripsalis. For the image of the virgin forests of the Amazon, the plant is best suited. Its juicy greens harmoniously fit into such a picture.
  5. Euphorbia. Creating a southern landscape, spurge is used as a small palm tree or a spreading tree.
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Designers add colored pebbles, seashells or pebbles to some phyto-paintings. Because of this, they gain a more elegant look.

Benefits of living paintings in the interior of

Unlike ordinary paintings, live compositions fill the room with freshness and originality. As the greenery grows, the panorama changes, which brings emotional satisfaction to the household. In addition, periodically you can change the set of plants to create new landscapes.

The live picture presented in the photo harmoniously fits into the simple interior of the apartment. Here you can clearly see that such a masterpiece always looks volumetric and rich in a residential area. Therefore, you can contemplate it from any angle and see its indescribable beauty. Finally, the living picture is the fruit of your work, which you can enjoy for many years.

Living Picture Ideas - Video

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