Samsung washing machine shows h1 error - what to do?

  • Error code H1 - a problem with water heating
  • Causes of an error H1
  • Short circuit or breakage of the heater
  • Breaking the sensor
  • Overheating protection against overheating

Modern washing machines only remotely resemble their ancestors from the past century. If in the past they were mostly analog and could perform only mechanical functions, now every such electrical device is equipped with a minicomputer that controls the process, akin to how the on-board computer of the car monitors everything that happens.

Due to this, a washing machine with a malfunction simply displays an error code on the LED or LCD panel or display on the front of the machine, which allows us to understand what is wrong with it.
As a rule, each manufacturer has different codes and ways to identify errors. Samsung washing machines use alphanumeric characters. These are probably the most common error codes or error codes used for Samsung washing machines. After all, most of them use the same methods to demonstrate that the washing machine has a problem or needs replacing a spare part. Such codes are used on later models, starting around 2006 and beyond.

Error code H1 - a problem with water heating

For example, if the display gives an error H1, then there are problems with water heating and you need to fix it to continue the normal operation of the device.
Depending on the region and the year of issue of the “washer”, this code may be designated as H1 or BUT, which, in essence, is the same - problems with the heating element.

Before you begin any fault study or even remove the cover of the Samsung washing machine, please read and understand this article thoughtfully, paying particular attention to the safety instructions and information on this page, as this is extremely important.

So, as mentioned above, according to the error classifier of Samsung washing machines, the H1 code indicates a malfunction or malfunction of the water heating system by the heating element. What to do in this case?

Causes of the H1

  • error; short circuit or break of the heating element;
  • temperature sensor breakdown;
  • triggered overheating protection.

Closure or breakage of the heating element

The first thing to check in the Samsung washing machine, which gives an error H1 - the work of the heating element itself. It is possible that the wires simply oxidized and the contact disappeared, it could also burn due to a voltage surge or some other factors.

To gain access to the heating element for Samsung washing products, you need to remove the front cover, since, unlike the rest of the washing machines, they are ahead of Koreans, also remove the protective cover from the heating element.

Visually inspect the element for damage and oxidation of the contacts. Make sure they hold tight and not loose. Then use a multimeter to diagnose:

  • disconnect the wires from the heating element;
  • measure resistance. If the display of the multimeter is highlighted 1, further searches can be stopped, as it burned out. The indication at the level of 28-30 Ohm indicates the health of the heater;
  • also measure the level of resistance on the wires that come out of the washing machine, the readings should be approximately the same if everything is OK with the power supply. Significant deviations will be a signal that the wire is broken. Also on our site you can read the article on how to check the washing machine heater with a multimeter.

It is obvious that in case of problems with wires or heating elements, it is necessary to carry out repairs. Replacing the wire is quite simple, so it makes no sense to describe the list of actions in detail.

Replacing the heating element also does not require special skills:

  • unscrew the nuts that press it to the tank of the washing machine;
  • from side to side with translational movements carefully remove the heating element from the seat;
  • we clean the contacts on the tank and the landing site of scale and other contaminants. Best for this purpose, suitable means for cleaning contacts;
  • carefully unpack the new part and place it on the seat. At the same time make sure that the installation does not dislodge or tear the gum;
  • tighten the fastening nuts and connect the power wires.

After all these manipulations, assemble the washing machine and turn on the test washing mode to make sure that the appliance is in good condition.

The breakdown of the

temperature sensor The appearance of the H1 error in the Samsung washing machine, as a rule, is associated with problems with the heating element, its failure or contact closure. However, there are situations when the heating and its power are normal, but the error, nevertheless, still does not disappear.

In this case, you should check the temperature sensor, or rather its type, used for Samsung washing machines, a thermistor. It is located directly on the heating element.

  • remove the front cover and the protective cover, as described above;
  • in front of us will be a black or gray plastic element located directly on the heating element;
  • need to check the resistance of a multimeter, if the readings deviated from the norm, need a replacement. The working resistance is about 35 kΩ;
  • disconnect the contacts from it and carefully pull it out of the slot, then install the new thermistor in the reverse order.

Overheating protection

The final cause of the H1 error on the Samsung washing machine is the overheating protection operation. Such a nuisance may occur due to the fact that the sensor does not see the water level or is mistaken according to the readings of the water temperature, considering that it is above 100 degrees Celsius. As a result, the built-in overheating protection function is triggered.

In general, such problems may arise due to a blown fuse on the heating element. To solve, you must install a new fuse. Not very good news - as a rule, they are inseparable from the heating element itself, so you have to change the entire part in the assembly. The replacement mechanics are described above, so there should be no difficulties with this.

So, the reasons for the appearance and the ways to eliminate the error H1 are clear. It should be noted that its appearance is caused, first of all, by poor-quality tap water with a lot of impurities that settle on the heating element, forming a scum. From this it follows that as a preventive measure you can simply install a filter on the water entering the house and forget about this problem for a long time.

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