The best varieties of strawberries for the Moscow region

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Tasty and fragrant strawberries become a favorite delicacy of early summer and turns every day into a small holiday at the cottage. But in order for the harvest to become the joy and pride of the gardener who lives on the territory of the Moscow region, it is necessary to choose the best variety of berries during planting.

Variety of strawberry varieties

There are a great many species and varieties of strawberries in our country. Some are ready to give berries, the size of a walnut, others have a special taste and aroma. Certainly the yields in the plant are influenced by plant breeders, cultivation technology and careful care are important, but the main criterion for selection should be climatic conditions favorable for the growth and maturation of the plant. If you approach this issue correctly and responsibly, then the harvest will surely please the gardener with scale and quality.

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Which varieties are suitable for the suburbs of

Breeders spent quite a bit of effort to adapt the capricious berry to the climatic conditions of the middle zone of the Russian Federation, and hence the entire territory of the Moscow region. Their main feature is winter hardiness and ability to withstand all kinds of weather changes. The best strawberry varieties for the Moscow region are notable for their particularly strong immunity, and their ability to withstand late frosts on soil or excessive moisture. At the same time, they are not only not inferior to the southern members of the family, but surpass them in growth and yields.

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Strawberries for an average strip

The number of names from the general list of varieties is small, but the gardeners have a choice. Among the several varieties that are ideally suited for the central belt and the territory of the Moscow region, such names as:

  • Festival, which gives a stable large yield and multiplies rapidly, should be distinguished. Berry tolerates climate change, resistant to pests and diseases;
  • Queen Elizabeth is famous for its sweet, large and fragrant fruits with increased density;
  • Gigantella, which has rightly been recognized as the most stable and best variety, characterized by very large and sweet berries, with the possibility of preserving for a long period of taste and quality;
  • Elvira is ideal for growing in a greenhouse, it is distinguished by bright red, beautiful fruit.
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Such varieties as Zenga-Zenga, Lord and Moscow Jubilee are no less popular with gardeners.

Varieties and varieties of strawberries - video

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