What spring work in the garden waiting for summer residents?

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When spring fully enters its rights, summer residents, gardeners and gardeners have a lot of trouble. However, not everyone knows what work is carried out in the garden in the spring. To understand this question, it is necessary to study in detail what the soil, bushes, trees, and plants expect from us separately.

Preliminary work in the garden and garden

The first step is to prepare the land for future work on it. First, get rid of the winter garbage. Dry leaves, remnants of supports and shelters, windbreak - we need nothing. It is important to thoroughly approach this issue, since unnecessary rubbish not only spoils the appearance of the dacha, but also creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of pests and insects. In the course of cleaning the area from the soil you need to remove the weeds. As long as they are not strong, they can be easily pulled out of the ground. You can also get rid of the larvae and live insects, which you are sure to meet in your spring garden.

Works with soil

Earthwork in the spring garden requires strength and some skills. We'll have to work with a shovel and a wheelbarrow, which is needed for the distribution of fertilizers. Before you plant the plants, the soil needs to be fed.

Organic fertilizers are the best way to create favorable conditions in the soil for plants, shrubs and trees.

For perennial plants suitable minerals that contain potassium. It can be replaced by ordinary chicken droppings. The soil for garden plants and root crops can be processed using purchased peat, rotted manure, or ready-made compost. Preparing a garden in the spring is a very important event, so you need to take this very seriously. Bait and mulching is possible only when the soil is thoroughly wetted.

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After last winter you need to assess the quality of the soil:

  • If the ground is heavy, add lightness in the form of fine gravel or coarse sand. In this case, you will get rid of stagnant water at the roots.
  • If the soil is too crumbly, you should add a small amount of clay to retain nutrients and moisture on the surface.

The next stage of spring work in the garden is the process of loosening the soil.

Experienced gardeners know that it is impossible to constantly dig up the earth on the site. During digging all the useful and nutrients go deep into the ground, plus the whole structure deteriorates.

Vegetable garden in spring requires a little loosening to a depth of no more than 5-8 cm. Porous and granular soil is a favorable environment for planting plants, in which the root system will quickly gain strength and growth.

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Spring garden work with trees and shrubs

Working in the garden in spring requires not only the preparation and fertilization of the soil. In the warm season, special attention should be paid to perennial plants and garden trees.

What can and should be done with them in the spring?

  • Starting from April, you can start planting shrubs, evergreens, fruit and garden trees. In addition, at this time they can be transplanted.
  • Before the stone fruit trees and some berry bushes - raspberries, gooseberries, currants, etc., begin to grow again, they need to be cut.
  • Pruning of ornamental shrubs and trees is possible only if they bloom in spring and summer, for example roses. However, plants that bloom on the shoots of last year, should be cut only after flowering - that is, in spring or early summer.
  • In the spring, you can plant plants.
  • At the beginning of the season you can begin the process of reproduction - cutting the trees and dividing perennials.

Spring work in the garden

When the soil is already warming up to 6-7 degrees, you can start planting some species of garden plants. Usually, potatoes, bulbous crops, garlic or seedlings are planted at this time. In order to get an early harvest of jealous and asparagus, make a special forcing on open ground and blanching.

In late April - early May, strawberries and other berry crops can be planted. If the roots of plants are bare, then they need to cover the ground and make water drainage from the beds.

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The second half of April is the time for sowing cold-resistant crops - radish, dill, parsley, etc. White and cauliflower plants are planted in the breeding grounds under shelters.

Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and cucumbers are planted in open ground in late spring. Some summer residents use greenhouses for this.

Do not forget that many plants are afraid of frost, so you can only unpack them completely after the final warming.

What to do with a lawn in the spring?

After the snow melted, special attention should be paid to the lawn. Last year's grass needs to be ripped out. Potholes that appeared on the grass need to fall asleep earth, mixed with sand. The surface of the lawn is leveled, sprinkled with sand and seeds are planted in areas where there is no grass. In addition, spring work in the garden involves cutting hedges and repairs if necessary.

Preparing a garden in the spring is a fascinating and interesting activity. On how you carry out these works, depends on the appearance of the suburban area, the quality and quantity of the future harvest. Arranging your own garden, planting vegetables and caring for flowers will be a pleasant event if you give yourself to this process with soul.

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