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video If poisonous mushroom use "lies" on conscience and health thenHowever, it is criminalized for the mass gathering, cultivation and distribution of some species in most European countries. We are talking about hallucinogenic mushrooms. According to the scientific classification, they are divided into two categories:

  • mushrooms from the amanita family;
  • psilocybin mushrooms, having in their basic composition such hazardous substances as psilocybin and psilocin( psilocybe, fibrilla, hymnopyls and panolous).

How do these fungi affect the human body?

It is noteworthy that the “degree of danger” is different for each species: some mushrooms retain their properties after storage in a dried form, while others keep completely disappearing, and there are also such specimens that cause hallucinations when fresh in a closed room.even without using them, by inhaling the aroma.

After the use of representatives of the fly agaric, after 30 minutes a sleepy state occurs, which is accompanied by vivid visions( sometimes the symptoms are “delayed” by 3-4 hours).It is replaced by strong arousal with hallucinations, and this happens alternately. In addition, there are dizziness, convulsions and speech confusion. Do not forget about the muskarin contained in the fly agaric species: it causes abundant salivation, tearing, vomiting and diarrhea, in general, there are all signs of poisoning.

Psilocybin mushrooms act even faster and sharper:

  • is enough 15 minutes to feel the touch of needles, waves rolling over the whole body;
  • sharpens the perception of the external world, both sounds and lights, and taste sensations;
  • appears anxious anxiety, turning into panic;
  • rolls strong rage and aggression, not only to others, but also to himself personally, often ending in murder and suicide;
  • in other cases, there are positive emotions - the feeling of flight, euphoria.

This continues until the effect of the hallucinogen is complete.

It is impossible to foresee what effect the use of mushrooms, rage or euphoric freedom will have.

The simultaneous intake of mushrooms from both categories has extremely serious consequences, leading to severe disorders of the nervous system and reduced blood clotting. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the known types of hallucinogenic mushrooms in more detail, so that during quiet hunting dangerous specimens are not in your basket, and they do not spoil the dinner undesirable, and sometimes even dangerous, effect.

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The sacred mushroom of the ancient Maya - the red fly agaric

One of the most famous hallucinogenic mushrooms is the red fly agaric due to the high content of ibotenic acid, muscimol and bufotenin in the pulp. His bright red hat with white warts is clearly visible among the grass, but the white flakes are easily washed off after heavy rain. Tuberiform in the ground leg empty inside, like a cylinder and ringed. After eating poisonous white flesh, the first signs of nausea occur within 20 minutes.

Among African tribes, the fly agaric is nicknamed "eat and hear the voice from heaven."The ancients often used red amanita during rituals and prepared on its basis a “divine drink” that causes hallucinations.


Among the lamellar mushrooms of the stropharium family there are miniature and slender mushrooms called psilocybe, semi-lunacetate. They grow mainly in grass, among abandoned farms, where the soil is fertilized with manure after animals. The diameter of the conical cap does not exceed 25 mm, but in height it is one and a half times larger. The peel is mucous and easily separated, painted in beige color, in old mushrooms it is brown. Wet growing environment contributes to the appearance of darker stripes on the cap. The leg is rather tall and thin, but very flexible, a little lighter than the hat. The yellowish flesh on the rift turns blue( and when dried, also).

Psilocybe semi-lanceolate is also called cheerleader for its hallucinogenic properties. Other names of the fungus: sharp conic bald spot, cap of freedom.

Psychoactive substances contained in mushrooms have almost irreparable effects on the nervous system and psyche. After 10-20 minutes after eating broth with mushrooms, consciousness begins to change, there comes peace, turning into depression and possible loss of mind. The action of mushrooms lasts up to 7 hours, but the enhanced perception of the world around persists for several more days.

Weakly hallucinogenic moth paneolus

Slightly like a merry fellow and another herbal dung, moth panelorus. Most often it can be found on overgrown grass areas with cow or horse manure. Young mushrooms have gray-brown caps, tapered, slightly curved inside, with scaly remnants of the bedspread. With age, they take the form of a bell, brighten, and the scales almost all fall off. The leg length can reach 12 cm, it is very fragile, hollow, dirty brown in color, which becomes darker when pressed. In small mushrooms, the leg is covered with white bloom, in adults it is not. Grayish flesh is thin, odorless.

According to some sources, psilocybin in the pulp of this fungus is contained in a small concentration, but it still causes hallucinations, even if it is an order of magnitude weaker.

Fungus causing schizophrenia syndrome - sulfur head

One of the highly active types of hallucinogenic mushrooms is the sulfur head - small mushrooms that grow on logs and in raw grass. In young specimens, the cap has the shape of a cone, but then completely straightened, and the edges bend to the top. Its diameter does not exceed 5 cm, and the color can be both yellow and chestnut depending on the weather( it darkens during rains).The length of the yellowish legs on average 10 cm, slightly thickened at the bottom.

When the cap is damaged, dark blue spots of irregular shape appear on its surface in these places.

A quarter of an hour after eating a sulfur head, a person falls into a delusional state, all feelings are exacerbated, and the sense of reality is lost. The fungus causes psychological dependence with frequent use, and also disrupts the activity of the heart system and causes renal failure.

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A fungus that grows in poo - kakashkina baldness

falls on Central America and Mexico), but knowing it does not hurt. The name of the kakashkina bald patch was given for the love of animal excrement, in which it grows, and also for a small( no more than 2.5 mm) brown semicircular hat with reflections and longitudinal strokes, decorated with a bright border around the edges. Her leg is fragile, slightly lighter, thickened at the bottom.

Less than half an hour after dinner with shitty stanza:

  • is confused;
  • begin to tremble limbs;
  • there are hallucinations and a feeling of endless joy, or, conversely, anxiety.

Prolonged use of kakashkina baldness leads to severe mental disorders.

Bright beauty strobariya blue-green

A small beautiful mushroom with a bright color, a blue green stroparia, grows in small groups among the rotted spruce wood. In young specimens, the conical cap is dark blue in color with a green tint and is all covered with thick mucus. A darker elevation can be seen in the center, and white flakes hang from the edges - the remains of a veil. Older mushrooms are no longer so slimy and less bright. The leg is of the same color with a cap, scaly at the bottom, and ringed from above. In the section, the cap is bluish, and the leg is yellow, the flesh smells pleasantly. The total height of the fungus does not exceed 10 cm.

Stropharia blue-green in most countries is considered an edible mushroom and is eaten after removing the skin and boiling well. However, its pulp contains meconic acid, which is part of opium, and in its raw or undercooked form, the mushrooms cause mild hallucinations, however, after two hours, the effect disappears.

Inedible and even poisonous mycene pure

Mycene pure contains such a dangerous substance as muscarin, and can not only cause hallucinations, but even be fatal if you eat a lot of mushrooms. First, a person loses a sense of reality and sensitivity increases, then changes occur at the level of the organism, namely:

  • decreases pupils;
  • begins to saliva and bile;
  • pulse becomes frequent;
  • decreases body temperature;
  • appear convulsions.

In some countries, the Mitsa net is protected from destruction and is listed in the Red Book.

Externally, the mushroom looks very modest: a slightly convex, thin cap is painted in a delicate lilac color, with villi hanging down the edges. The hollow leg at the top is slightly lighter. The pulp is watery, smells like alkali.

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Juno's photogenic hymnopilus

In the middle of summer, under families there are whole families of fairly large mushrooms with orange fleshy caps on dense legs in a brown belt. It is Juno's hymnopilus and its yellowish, very bitter and almond-smelling pulp contains psilocybin. After dinner, you can admire visual hallucinations with such mushrooms for several hours.

The amount of psychedelics in the pulp of the hymnopilus depends on the area of ​​growth: the most hallucinogenic are mushrooms growing in the countries of the Far East, but European species can be completely harmless.

Ergot purpurea - parasitic fungus

One of the dangerous fungi that can kill a person is the purple spory - a marsupial parasite fungus that settled on cereals. For its appearance it is also called the fallopian horns, since it has no caps and legs as such. It grows inside the ears, looks like dark elongated and curved formations in the form of horns.

Infected ergot grass crops can provoke a whole epidemic, because even after heat treatment( for example, baking bread), the mushrooms retain their dangerous properties.

A small amount of eaten mushrooms stupefies the mind, causing joyful euphoria or causeless rage, but large doses of alkaloids kill. However, on the basis of this fungus, many medicines have been created that help in the treatment of female, nervous and mental diseases.

There are still many varieties of hallucinogenic fungi that have a negative impact not only on health, but also on the human psyche. It is not recommended to collect them even for good purposes, such as making home medicinal drugs, because it is very difficult to calculate the dosage. Self-healing is more expensive, and certainly do not use such mushrooms for "raising the mood."Take care of yourself and collect only edible mushrooms!

How do hallucinogenic mushrooms work -

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