The best narrow washing machines with drying according to users

  • Pros and cons of narrow washing machines with drying
  • Overview of the best models with drying

In today's world, the life of a woman is greatly simplified by household appliances: multicookers, toasters, refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, etc., which are equipped with the most diverse functionality. For example, a washing machine can be equipped with options for easy ironing, different modes of washing and even drying clothes. By means of the last opportunity to dry things, you can directly in the machine, after which it will be left just to iron them. If you buy a tumble dryer for some reason does not work, then you can become the owner of a washing machine with the option of drying, which is also good. In this review, we will look at the rating of narrow washer-dryers.

Pros and cons of narrow washing machines with dryer

The depth of this type of household appliances does not exceed 45 centimeters, the width is 60 centimeters, and its height is up to 85 centimeters. The maximum drum load for a narrow washer-dryer is 8 kilograms, which is related to its design. A dry it can be a maximum of 4 kilograms of linen. According to experts, this is quite enough for a family that consists of five people.


  1. Due to the small size of the machine, it can be installed in the bathroom.
  2. If you dry clothes in this machine, space is saved and there is no excessive humidity in the apartment, which has a good effect on the health of all family members.
  3. Drying is much faster, which will be appreciated by young mothers.
  4. Underwear dried in this way does not absorb extraneous odors and therefore smells good.


  • Large electricity consumption.
  • If the machine is loaded as much as possible, then it will be necessary to extract some of the things for drying.
  • Before drying it is necessary to distribute things among the fabrics.
  • The price for models of washing machines is a machine with a drying function that is significantly higher than units without this option.
  • Repair is much more difficult than an automatic machine without drying.

Review of the best models with dryer

One of the washing machines with dryer, which is in demand from buyers, is the LG F-12U2HDM1N.This unit belongs to the budget class and the maximum load of the drum for washing is 7 kilograms, and for drying - 4 kilograms. To control the machine uses a touch screen. There are 14 washing programs and 5 for drying. During spinning the drum makes 1200 revolutions per minute. In favor of this device and the noiselessness of his work. You can buy this model for about $ 629.

With the Samsung WD806U2GAGD washing machine, you can wash 8 kilograms of laundry, but only dry it. This unit has 10 washing modes and a breakdown diagnosis using a mobile device. The energy efficiency class of this model is A +.Buy Samsung WD806U2GAGD can be for $ 905.

The Candy GVW 264 Washer / Dryer belongs to the economy class and allows you to wash 6 kilograms of laundry and dry 4 kilograms. This type of equipment is equipped with a removable top cover, so the machine can be embedded under the tabletop. The cost of this model is $ 454.

The LG FH-2A8HDM2N is capable of helping to wash 7 kilograms of laundry and dry a maximum of 4. For $ 571, you can purchase 12 washing modes and 5 drying modes. The depth of the unit is 48 centimeters.

The Ariston ARMXXD 1097 narrow washer / dryer model can wash 7 kilograms of laundry and dry 5 kilograms. With the help of special programs you can wash children's, woolen and even silk things. Of course, the unit is not able to iron, but things are not rumpled, which is achieved by rotating the drum in different directions after the washing is over.

This model has 3 drying modes. Spin class C( low) allows you to dry clothes without rotating the drum, which saves energy. The maximum drum rotation speed is 1 thousand revolutions per minute.

The Ariston CAWD 129 is built in and its depth is 55 centimeters and its height is 82. This device has received a drying class B, the maximum number of revolutions is 1200 per minute. You can buy this model for 20 thousand rubles.

Narrow washer dryer AEG L61470WDBI is analogous to the previous unit, but it costs 45 thousand rubles. The maximum load of the apparatus for drying is 3 kilograms; when spinning, the number of drum revolutions is 1,400 per minute. The depth of this model is 63 centimeters.

If we talk about washing machines with dryer and top-loading, they are very rare, so you shouldn’t even waste your time looking for them. It is better to buy a unit with front loading, especially since their range is very large.

In this article, we described the best narrow washing machines with dryer. We hope that you liked it, and will help you make the right choice.

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