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Using onuralnyh materials in the design of the house - a fashionable trend in recent years. One of the components of this interior is wooden windows. Modern wood processing technologies allow to improve the performance of a natural material, ensuring durability, reliability and long service life.

Features of wooden windows

For modern wooden windows, most often not solid wood is used, but timber, the strength and rigidity of which is significantly higher. The natural material of window frames is environmentally friendly, does not emit harmful substances. Modern varnishes and paints used for processing are safe for health.

Wood choice

High-quality material and proper installation ensures durability and good thermal protection, not inferior to metal-plastic windows. In addition, the tree benefits in many ways, providing the necessary ductility in combination with strength. This provides resistance to deformation and can withstand loads.

Wood species, which are most often used for windows, are divided into hard and soft.


  • oak;
  • beech;
  • mahogany and others.


  • alder;
  • birch;
  • linden;
  • elm and others.

Needles - a frequently used material. It has a durability, which provides the entry of resinous substances. An important drawback of wood is combustibility. In order to neutralize to some extent this deficiency is impregnated with special compounds.

Double-glazed windows

Making a window and installing it requires the use of special hardware: fasteners, gaskets. Wooden eurowindows must have double-glazed windows made of heat-saving or ordinary glass. Additionally, glass may have a special coating films.

In glass units, the distance between the glasses and the gas used for filling also matter. The tightness created largely depends on the seal used.

How to insulate wooden windows? Seals can be from a variety of materials, but most often silicone is chosen at the junction of the glass and the flap itself. Elastomers are placed at the contact points of the sash with the frame. These materials are resistant to temperature fluctuations and exposure to the sun. They provide a snug fit and tightness of the window construction.

Sealing circuits can be 3 or 2.


Quality fittings from reputable manufacturers will serve for a long time without loss of performance properties. It is recommended to choose all the elements in one style and color. In addition, windows can be additionally equipped with mosquito nets, blinds systems and shutters.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using

Advantages of using wood for window frames:

  • low thermal conductivity;
  • good sound insulation;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • ease of installation;
  • strength;
  • lightness;
  • possibility of repair work.

If wooden windows are installed with a double-glazed window with fireproof glass and appropriate impregnation, then such a construction can withstand up to 90 minutes of exposure to fire.

In addition to the obvious advantages, wooden windows have some drawbacks. In the production and installation must be clearly observed all sizes, and the parameters fit as carefully as possible. Equally important is the use of seals. Only under this condition can sufficiently high noise and heat insulation be achieved.

Without proper impregnation, wood cannot compete with metal-plastic. Impregnation provides resistance to external influences. Without it, a wooden window will not last long.

The quality of wood affects the life and appearance of the product. With flaws in the form of knots, cracks and other defects, the wooden structure will not only lose its appearance, but also lose its performance.

Structural features of

Depending on the building style and the preferences of the owner of the house, appropriate structures of wooden windows are selected. The most common are tricuspid and bicuspid constructions that have a traditional appearance.

When buying windows made of wood should pay attention to the quality of the material. The window should be complemented by a window sill and a drain construction.

Multi-leafed structures

Equipped with a pivoting mechanism, these flaps can be separated by a vertical crossbar, which serves as an additional fastening of the structure. The presence of a vertical bar may allow both doors to open independently of each other. If there is no dividing strip, it must be determined which of the valves opens first.

Popular and practical are windows with profiles that combine the use of metal for the exterior, and wood for the interior. Aluminum profile or lining on the outer part of the window adds to the structure resistance to adverse external influences and protects the wood.

Single-leaf constructions

In recent years, there has been a greater demand not for multi-leaf constructions, but for single-leaf ones. When ordering wooden windows from the manufacturer, this moment must be negotiated. This may vary the thickness of the product and the number of chambers.

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Non-opening windows are usually used when there is a balcony door or an opening window near. This question is clarified at the time of design. The cost of such a window will be lower, since there are no locking mechanisms and fixing accessories.

Wood processing types

In order for a wooden window to serve for a long time and have advantages in comparison with metal-plastic constructions, the material must be necessarily processed to withstand rotting and deformation. Impregnation can be performed in several ways:

  • surface treatment;
  • by immersion in a solution;
  • douche;
  • using vacuum;
  • pressure.

Not all forms of treatment are equally effective. The best protection of the material provides a vacuum effect. It extends the service life to half a century.

After impregnation, proceed to the next stage - primer. It is necessary to impart resistance to the top coating - paints and varnishes.

The final processing of the wood surface may be one that will highlight the texture of the wood.

Do-it-yourself wooden windows

Do-it-yourself wooden windows for a villa or a country house. In order to achieve a good result, it is necessary to comply with the production technology and thorough work at all stages. The process of working on the window should begin with the development of a drawing, the preparation of tools and the calculation of the amount of material needed.

Required Tools:

  • hammer;
  • chisel;
  • plane( better - electric);
  • glass cutter;
  • screwdriver;
  • drill.

A good tool will facilitate the work and help to carry out them efficiently.

Making box

A solid strong box must be made of high quality material. Affordable pine is considered. The board must be free from defects( cracks, knots, etc.).Boards 5 cm thick and 15 cm wide are optimal. For mounting on each of the boards, grooves with a depth of 1.5 cm are made.

Composed of planks from boards. Fixing parts occurs with wood glue. When connecting, the right angle between the surfaces must be verified. Additional fixing and fixing of the right angle is performed with the help of wooden rods of 30 mm, which are inserted into the drilled hole.

After preparing the window opening, a box is inserted into it. Fastening to the opening is done using dowels and screws. Gaps and slots are filled with foam.

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Making a Frame

Depending on which windows you plan to make with your own hands, the option to make a frame is chosen. A bar of 40x60 mm or more will be suitable for execution. Consider a small gap of a couple of millimeters, necessary for the free movement of the valves. Sawing of a bar should be made precisely, with an error of no more than 0.1 cm.

For the manufacture of a profile, an electric plane or a milling cutter is used. Wooden bead size should be 10x10 mm. Glass, it is desirable to choose at least 0.4 cm.

Carved cashing can be an additional decoration of frames.

Fastening the glass

When cutting glass, it is important to accurately verify the size. A good fit of the glass to the frame should be ensured. At deviations in the size more than 1 mm tightness will be broken. The glass is cut with a glass cutter, the sharp edge is processed with fine emery paper.

Fastening to the frame is made only after a preliminary fitting. After that, the edge can be treated with sealant. Bead performs the function of additional fastener glass in the frame. Fix it with thin carnations.

The next step is to mount the loops and handles, paint the surfaces and install in the window opening.

Restoration work

In order not to change the windows that have lost their appearance and performance in the country house, you can try to carry out restoration work. Restoring the condition of old windows often comes down to painting and installing seals. In difficult situations, when running, the con will need additional processing.

The problem with the slots can be solved using a compactor. It is more difficult to solve the problem with the bias, which affects the possibility of free circulation of the valves. This condition may be the result of the sinking of the loops, the swelling and skewing of the tree itself, or an excessively large layer of applied paint. At the same time, the prevention of the hinge mechanism is carried out, an extra layer of paint is cleaned, preventing the opening and closing of the valves.

More difficult to cope with rotten parts. They require removal. The resulting recess is processed with wood glue, the missing part is inserted and final processing is carried out.

Wooden windows are perfectly combined with most interiors, have a long service life and an attractive appearance. Installation in compliance with all design features allows you to create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

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