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On the eve of the new 2018, which will be held under the auspices of the dog, I want to reflect its symbol in the festive decorations. Each hostess makes interesting dishes with thematic decorations, costumes for children and so on.

Children also love to take part in preparing home for the holiday. But besides the usual annual cutting of snowflakes, they probably want to do something interesting. Why not fulfill the desire of the little fidget? Moreover, in the manufacture of crafts develops the imagination, fine motor skills of hands and strengthens the bond between parents and children.

A fairly simple version of the embodiment desired - Christmas tree toy with his own hands. This will be discussed below.

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From what you can make a toy

Even a very limited budget is no reason to abandon decorating your home as a symbol of the year. Christmas dog toy can be made with your own hands from a variety of materials. Among them will be:

  • paper;
  • felt;
  • paint and Christmas ball;
  • pompons;
  • cardboard;
  • salted dough;
  • plasticine;
  • any fabric and print;
  • seashells;
  • and much, much more.

It is enough to include fantasy and creative thinking. Now we’ll take a closer look at several easy-to-make Christmas decorations in the dog year.

Several workshops

Making Christmas crafts not only decorate your home for the holiday, but can bring together a family. Many simple and beautiful Christmas crafts dogs for the new year 2018 can be made with children.


This craft is made quickly and easily, but brings children a lot of joy. You can hang it on the Christmas tree, or you can just play with it. To perform we need:

  • cardboard;
  • awl or gypsy needle;
  • small buttons;
  • elastic thread;
  • strong thread, thin cord or wire.
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First you need to draw a future Christmas tree decoration in the form of a dog. Now we divide the product into parts and draw each of them separately. Next you need to cut them and use as a stencil. We outline the details on the cardboard and cut them.

We mark the junction of the legs and tail with the body, make holes.

For the parts to be mobile, they need to be attached to the body freely. To do this, and you need a wire with a button.

First, the fastener is inserted into the holes in the body, and then into the moving parts.

Beforehand, you need to tie the legs together and tie the tail to the back paw with an elastic band.

On the front side, leave a button and thread the wire through it and the hole, fasten it. We have a dog with moving paws and a tail.

Buttons are better to take transparent or to match the finished dog.

The elastic band should be tied to a binding leg with a rope, for which later you will jerk to move the dog.

At the end you can attach a wand in order to hold a dog or a loop of tape to hang a toy on the Christmas tree.

Symbol of the Year

Felt This material is very popular among both novice needlewomen and experienced workers. The best part is that the felt does not crumble at the edges, and therefore does not require additional processing.

Christmas tree toy dog ​​made of felt can be flat or bulk. For the manufacture of a flat, we need:

  • felt of different colors;
  • scissors;
  • thread;
  • cardboard;
  • pen or pencil.

For bulk toys will need more filler. Vata is quite suitable for this purpose.

Getting Started. To begin, draw the details of the future dog on the cardboard. These will be patterns. Cut them and draw on the felt.

If you do not know how to successfully break a dog into parts, use the patterns below.

One of the most popular Christmas decorations is a dog with a spot around the eyes and colorful ears. If you do it, you will need two colors of felt.

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From the main one we cut out two body parts and one eyelet. The second color is needed for the second ear and speck around the eye. You can also cut a strip for the collar from a contrasting shade and a black spout.

First, sew a spout and a spot on the front part of the body. Next, we outline and embroider the eyes and mouth.

For sewing the speck and connecting the details, you can choose contrasting threads that will not stand out from the main color range.

Now fold the front and rear parts of the body, sew them along the edge, leaving space for stuffing toys. Through the remaining hole we stuff the toy with cotton wool and sew up to the end.

Ears are sewn from behind, then we stack the collar. It is important not to tighten it, otherwise it will not be beautiful.

The collar is attached to the back with a button. Now the volume Christmas tree toy symbol of the year the dog is ready. You can additionally sew a loop of ribbon to hang it or just put the dog under the Christmas tree.

A flat dog will also look great. These are usually made faces and it is much easier than the bulk toy.

Here, too, need a pattern of cardboard. We draw ears, attractive face, nose and speck.

From the selected colors of felt you need to cut the listed parts on the cardboard pattern.

If you use two colors, the craft will look brighter and more interesting.

Now it remains only to connect all the details with the help of a thread and a needle. Eyes, antennae and mouth need to be drawn and embroidered. Also, eyes can be replaced with buttons.

At the end, you need to sew a ribbon between the ears for hanging. Now, as promised, we bring to your attention the patterns of the Christmas tree toy from felt.

Symbol of the Year on

Christmas Balls If you do not want to mess around with sewing, but you like to draw, this is a great option. There are two ways of making such toys. You can paint ordinary solid balls or make toys from old incandescent bulbs.

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Christmas balls with a dog is very simple to make. For work we will need:

  • plain Christmas tree toys in the form of balls;
  • any degreaser;
  • primer;
  • acrylic paints.

Take the ball, degrease and ground it. Now you need to make a sketch with a pencil, and then paint it with paints. You can portray the landscape with a dog or draw a face.

Christmas tree toy from an old light bulb dog is done in the same way. Degreased, primed, painted.

To close the base of the light bulb, you can make ears and a Christmas hat out of felt. Secure to normal PVA.


Another fairly simple way to make a Christmas tree decoration with the image of a dog. Here you will need the following materials to work:

  • three-layer napkins with the image of a dog;
  • PVA;
  • Christmas ball;
  • tassels;
  • degreaser;
  • acrylic paints;
  • water based lacquer;
  • nail polish or glitter polish;
  • sequins or tinsel for decoration.

To begin with, degrease the toy, then apply paint - it will serve as the background.

Apply the paint better in 2-3 layers.

Cut out the picture of the dog from the napkin and separate the top layer. With the help of PVA we fix the image on the toy. When the glue is dry, you need to varnish the product and tint it with paints.

In conclusion, we decorate the ball with sparkles and cut tinsel, giving it a New Year's mood.

Master class in pictures for making a fluffy doggie

As you can see, making decorations for a Christmas tree with your own hands is simple and interesting. And if you involve children in the process, it is also useful. Include fantasy, make together, such souvenirs can even be made as a gift to loved ones. Upcoming holidays!

Video tutorial on making a little dog toy from an

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