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Breeding pets is a complicated process that requires advance preparation, including the study of theoretical foundations. So, the pairing of rabbits should be carried out at a certain moment and special rules should be observed. This allows fertilization to occur the first time. In addition, knowledge of some important details helps to get healthy offspring on time.

When are animals ready to mate?

Usually, rabbit breeding can begin at the age of 6 months. At this point, the formation of the body in females is over. In males, the period of sexual activity begins at the age of 7 months. The case of large breeds can be carried out earlier. However, it is not recommended to start doing this before the animal is 5 months old. The California craw is considered to be an early maturing breed, but even its representatives are not ready to breed for 4 months.

Getting strong and healthy offspring is possible only if its parents are large and well-fed rabbits.

When animals have reached puberty, the best representatives on the farm are selected.

Rabbit cases occur as soon as the rabbit has a period of sexual activity, which is determined by the following features:

  • with frequent urination;
  • restless behavior, great mobility;
  • saturated red sexual loop.

In order for the insemination process to be successful, it must coincide with the ovulation period of the rabbit, which in turn falls at the time of the sexual hunt.

The case can be carried out for 4-6 days daily. Thus, in the end, it is possible to achieve insemination.

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How is the mating of rabbits?

When individuals are selected for breeding, you can proceed directly to mating. It is held in the usual for the male environment, so the female sits in his cage. In the summer, this process should occur in the early morning, and in the cold season - at any time during the day up to 16 hours, while it is light. The cage should be free; drinkers and feeders should be removed from it.

The process of mating rabbits is completed when the male fell on its side, making a rumbling sound, after which the female can be sifted back. In case of failure after a few hours mating is carried out again. If this attempt is also unsuccessful, the female is brought to the other male. After 5-6 days it is necessary to carry out the control mating. If the female, being together with the male, does not allow him to approach, it means that she is fertilized.

How to determine pregnancy rabbit?

12 days after mating, its effectiveness is checked. To do this, feel the female's belly in the pelvic region, sitting her on a flat surface and holding her withers. If the rabbit is fertilized, the back of her belly will be dense. In the uterus enlarged after the mating, small rabbits are already palpable. Determine their presence and allows palpation of the abdomen.

How long a pregnancy lasts in rabbits often depends on the number of rabbits in the litter. The more of them, the less time. If the rabbits in the litter a little, the pregnancy will last longer. As a rule, it lasts about a month.

Knowing how much a pregnant rabbit walks, it is easier to plan the next mating. Theoretically, the female is able to bring rabbits about 10 times a year. Moreover, in each litter their number can reach 10. In order for the female to feed the pups, often only a part of the rabbit is left from the litter.

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When can a rabbit be squeezed after hulling?

The rabbit's body is physiologically ready for new fertilization a day after the birth of the rabbit. However, he needs to be given time to recover, so usually mating is carried out after a month. At this time, the rabbit is already being weaned from the mother, and a couple of days after it the rabbits mate again. If you pick up babies from their mother earlier, they will develop worse and gain weight more slowly. It is possible to begin mating when the female has signs of sexual activity.

There is also a technique of compacted okrols. It lies in the fact that the female is covered again 2-3 days after the birth of the baby rabbits. During the feeding period of the first litter, the embryonic development of the second passes. Rabbits are taken away on the 28th day after birth. Soon a new rabbit appears in the rabbit. However, the use of such a technique adversely affects the body of the animal, it does not have time to recover. Therefore, the use of compacted okrol is possible for a short period of time, as a rule, in the summer. If you resort to it all year, the animal can not stand and die. In summer, compacted okrol is easier to carry out due to the fact that a large amount of cheap and juicy food is available.

There is also a simplified version of this method. It involves fertilization 2 weeks after the birth of the rabbits, which are then deposited in this case at the age of 35 days. Such a circle is called semi-condensed. After jigging of baby rabbits, it is necessary to clean the cage in which the rabbit will make a nest for the new offspring. By compacted technology is difficult to obtain high-quality offspring for further breeding. This method allows only significantly and in a short time to increase livestock.

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Therefore, in some farms, two rabbits are fertilized at the same time, one of which is pedigree. After giving birth, her rabbits are given to another female, who is killed near. The breeding female can be fertilized immediately again. Her offspring after suitable for further breeding.

In order to facilitate the recovery process after pregnancy and nursing nursing, the farmers leave the rabbits, which are one less than the nipples of the rabbit. It is important to know how to determine the sex of the rabbit. In females, the genital opening is like an oblong gap, and in males it resembles an elongated tube. However, if it was not possible to accurately determine the sex of the little rabbits, it is recommended to re-do it after 3 months. By this time, the genitals will already be well distinguished in females and males.

Rabbit Mating Rules - Video

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