How to glue the self-adhesive film on the refrigerator

  • How can a glazed refrigerator look? Variants of decor
  • How to choose a film?
  • A few words about the quality of the press
  • How to guess with the image size?
  • What else is needed to work?
  • Preparing the refrigerator for gluing
  • Detailed process of film application
  • How to paste individual parts and patterns?

Household appliances stores have a large selection of color refrigerators. But, they are very expensive! Three times more expensive, the same, but the usual, white version. Why pay more? Let's tell you how to glue the refrigerator self-adhesive film yourself and you, then, you will not need to overpay.

How can a glazed refrigerator look? Variants of decor

Surely, many people, the phrase "glue the refrigerator" is associated with Soviet refrigerators, pasted "under the tree." Then a similar "chic" was in many houses, due to the fact that there was practically no construction materials. And those that were, did not differ in variety.

Now, progress has made a seven-leap forward. The films are so diverse... You can make the refrigerator shiny, mirror-like, you can - cork or leather, you can with the ornament, or you can simply beautiful, monochromatic color.

In addition, there are panoramic pictures: the sea, the night city, the steps leading to the distance, the streets and other stunning views.

In any case, it will look very stylish and expensive. But, with one "but"... If you do it correctly and very carefully. The slightest irregularities and inappropriate seams will make every effort to no effect. In the eyes will rush that this is artisanal work and the view will not be very.

Therefore, before you start, promise yourself that you will do your work slowly and carefully.

How to choose a film?

It is not worth saving on it exactly. Quality film - a guarantee of a remarkable result, and poor quality - on the contrary, only spoil the look.

Moreover, a bad film has an unpleasant property of cracking and retreating in the corners. And due to the fact that it itself is stiff, glue these corners afterwards is a problem.

Therefore, take materials only from a well-known manufacturer. Read on the Internet reviews and then decide to buy.

In addition to the original quality, there are certain requirements for such a film. It should be water repellent, as, kitchen - a place of high humidity. The ideal for our purposes is the ORACAL films, known to everyone, thanks to the fact that they are used in the manufacture of street signs.

As for brands, it's better to take from European manufacturers than China. But, here we have not opened America for you, of course. So, modestly recall.

A few words about the quality of the press

It can happen that you can not find the finished image that you will like. Or, you will not find the right size of ready-made motifs. Then, you can take a white film and give it to the print studio.

In this case, you need to give them your version of the picture, or use their catalog. As a rule, there is something to choose from. Another question is how to print better.

Ordinary, large-format printing is good, if you look at it from afar. But for the decor of the refrigerator, it is better not to stint on a special, interior print.

Its difference is that the points at it are so microscopic that even on closer examination, the picture will be clear, like a good photograph.

How to guess with the image size?

The film is sold measuring the size in pixels, not centimeters. This, rather inconvenient, since, you need to calculate the size yourself. And it's very easy to make a mistake! But, we will not allow this. Remember this formula:

1 cm - 38 pixels

That is, if you have a standard refrigerator, with a height of 1m 80 cm, and a width of 55 cm, it will come out:

6800 by 2090 pixels.

As you can see, nothing is complicated and no. But, in addition to the sizes, in ready-made pictures there is such a thing as the orientation of the picture. In our case, this is a vertical direction, otherwise it is called "book".

What else is needed to work?

Naturally, the film itself:

  • Sharp scissors
  • Water Sprayer
  • Squeegee (plastic or rubber spatula)
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Dry and clean cloth

Preparing the refrigerator for gluing

First, you need to remove all the hardware and doors. To glue in an upright position is very inconvenient, fact.

Then, very carefully wash the surface without passing a single corner. After that, wipe dry and wipe the refrigerator with alcohol, for the purpose of degreasing.

Remember that if there is left on the surface, at least one sorino, it will be very visible. Especially if the film is not patterned, but monophonic.

Detailed process of film application

We recommend to glue in a damp way. There is a dry way, of course. But he needs experience and skill. Therefore, here we describe a process that will be mastered by the hands and a beginner.

  1. We prepare a weak soap solution, adding a little dishwashing liquid to the water. With this compound you will moisten the surface of the refrigerator. Fill it in the spray.
  2. We lay the film, drawing down on a flat, horizontal surface. Best of all, for this purpose the floor is suitable, which needs to be covered with a clean cloth or polyethylene.
  3. From the top edge we separate a small piece of the base, literally, 2-3 cm and cut it with scissors along the entire length.
  4. Apply the cloth to the top edge of the refrigerator, tightly pressing and smoothing with a dry rag. If you see air, throw it out with a spatula. If, suddenly, the air does not come out, you'll have to pierce it with a pin and smooth it with a rag again. In any case, this piece will be under the fittings.
  5. Then turn the film into a roll.
  6. Spray from the spray to the surface.
  7. Gradually unfolding the film, remove the substrate and gently press the cloth to the surface.
  8. After you have glued it, carefully smooth out with a rag and spatula. There should not be a single bubble and not a single wrinkle.

That's all! When the film dries, and this, about an hour after 3, you can fasten the hardware back.

How to paste individual parts and patterns?

You can decorate your refrigerator with individual parts from the film.

Ornament from it - it is impossible to cut yourself. To do this, it is better to order a similar service at the firm.

The advantage of applying the ornament is that you do not need to dismantle the hardware. And stick small fragments much easier than to glue the refrigerator completely with a film.

So, how to glue the refrigerator self-adhesive film yourself - you already know. Now it's a little thing: do what was planned!

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