Repair of LED lamps with your hands: the causes of breakdowns, when and how you can fix yourself

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Conduct home repairs LED lamps with your hands is not so difficult. The task of the master handle even without having extensive experience in studies of such a plan.

The main thing is to identify the correct scope of the problem and with the help of specialized tools neatly solve the problem. Properly reconditioned product will continue its service.

The content of the article:

  • How does the diode unit
  • Common causes of breakdowns
  • Pre device diagnostics
  • How to Disassemble LED module
    • The first way - loosening
    • The second method - heating hairdryer
  • Replacing the LEDs with their hands
  • How to solve the problem with the driver
    • The choice of instruments to work
  • Useful videos on the topic

How does the diode unit

Before proceeding to repair soured LED lamp, need to know the details of what it is and where to look for the problem. General arrangement of this type of aggregates is approximately the same, and includes items such as:

  • basement;
  • driver;
  • circuit board;
  • LEDs;
  • radiator;
  • optical elements.

Each part is very important and is responsible for a specific function. Finding place of deployment issues, you can understand the level of its severity and proceed to eliminate.

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What is socle

Cap LED-in devices made of metal, ceramic or progressive high-temperature plastic, famous excellent heat resistance.

In products from branded manufacturers for installation details in the lamp does not apply soldering. This eliminates oxidation or podlipanie ground to a cartridge element of the luminaire.

Table popular types of caps
The following table shows the most common types of caps available to the LED modules. Numerically-letter abbreviation for the element describes the type, size, and nominal purpose

Most often, in the LED device designed for use in the home and industry, and used threaded pin base. Other species are considered more rare and are used in certain specific cases. Plinth itself has a good working resources and almost never fails.

The role of the LED lamp driver

Driver device in LED-device plays a key role. This small detail serves as a common power supply voltage fluctuations will neutralize and It directs DC current directly to the diodes, which convert it into visible to the human eye light.

LED lamp driver
The driver has a high level of efficiency and is easily operated in a temperature range of -40 to +70 degrees. But in spite of their good physical characteristics, it is one of the most vulnerable elements of LED-products

Drivers in modern lamps are electronic or condenser. Each species has its own specific characteristics and merits. The first option is valued more expensive and more commonly used in the branded products of medium and luxury segment, the second costs to manufacturers is quite cheap and is put in the budget series products.

Features of the circuit board

The mounting plate is a base for the location of the LEDs, and other work items. Manufacturers use it to create a variety of materials. The most pressing is now considered a board made of anodized aluminum alloy.

Circuit board
On some circuit boards for ease of fixing the place for LEDs are numbered. This helps in disassembly and repair not to confuse the sequence of placement

It manifests itself as efficiently and absorbs up to 90% of the thermal radiation arising during operation.

Nuances LED-device elements

Diodes, regenerating light stream, there are several kinds. Most often in the lamps are SMD and COB-chips. The more of them located on the board, the more powerful device is obtained and the greater amount of heat during operation.

Check multimeter LEDs
When the lamp board has a certain kind of diodes, they can be replaced only at the exact same. If the hand analogue not have to rewire all the chips to be the same

For proper operation and long life is necessary to ensure the correct heat dissipation, and is responsible for it mounted on the radiator housing.

The specifics of the radiator

Excessive heating of the detrimental effect on the operation of the LEDs. Lack of quality at times reduces the heat sink during operation lamp and eventually leads to its combustion. Some manufacturers equip the device and save multiple transverse or longitudinal holes, placing them throughout the body.

Budget manufacturers put a cheap plastic, glass and composite parts. Advanced brands go on and complement its LED-equipment radiators made of anodized metal anti-corrosion coating.

Radiators of various designs
Radiators mounted in the lamp housing may be helical, continuous, plate, etc. Their thickness depends on what kind of power diodes used in the lighting device

Some brands, preferably Chinese origin, provided with bulbs radiator elements made of ceramics. Such articles are prepared qualitative cooling but, together with it, partially lose their structural strength and become more brittle than metallic counterparts.

A few words about the optics

The bulk of the LED-lamps necessarily provided with a diffuser made of opaque plastic. It helps to focus light stream at a certain angle and makes it more uniform.

Diffuser LED lamp
The main plus of the lens is that it is completely safe. For comparison, the glass bulb burnout lamp can crack, break and injure people in the room

In some models, instead of lenses using lens created from a variety of modern and practical materials. These elements of damage is not observed, and under repair are not subject.

Common causes of breakdowns

By failure of the LED lamp often lead to improper operation and sudden changes in stress in the central outlet. Sami diode elements in this case is able to operate, but the driver can deteriorate.

LED lamp
Factory marriage - it is quite possible option fault. Basically it exposed products- "Bezymyanka", however, and it can happen in branded products, although such cases are extremely rare and are usually identified on the purchase stage

If the lights do not provide quality ventilation, the driver will overheat. In the end, it's bad impact on its functioning and provoke a breakdown.

LED lamp driver
Shock and vibration will not cause damage to the diodes, but on the driver will affect negatively. May disrupt the structural integrity and precision fit to the board working elements

The lamp starts to flicker and blink sensitive, irritating eyes, when spoiled limiting resistor and completely stops flashing if the capacitor fails. All these unpleasant moments, but panic is not necessary. To correct the problem without too much effort to get the house with his own hands.

Bad it will affect the Led-cell and lead to its failure properly organized in the house or apartment electrical system. Plus it will increase the load on the wiring and may create additional problems in the near future. Therefore, its arrangement best left to professionals.

Osram LED lamps
By purchasing a light bulb from the well-known brand at a low price, it is necessary to be cautious. The products may be adulterated and will not work period declared by the manufacturer. Repair require financial costs, time, and hardly justify itself in this case

During operation of the lamp violation may occur base crystal structure of semiconductor diodes. This problem provokes reaction to increase the injected current density level from the material from which the manufactured semiconductor.

When the edges of the welds performed poorly, the heat becomes necessary intensity and weakens. Conductor overheats, the system is overloaded and short circuit outputs a lamp failure.

All these details are not fatal and are subject to the inexpensive in time and finance repair.

Pre device diagnostics

LED-module usually not illuminated because of the continuity of the common wiring, malfunctions in the circuit breaker system in the absence of the contact in a chuck or a problem occurs in the lamp itself. To understand the issue, you need to make a preliminary diagnosis and to understand where the problem is located.

When the activation of the switch does not light up, it must be removed from the cartridge and insert another, and not necessarily a diode. If the situation has changed and there was light, then faulty lamp itself. The lack of lighting revenues means that problems lie in the wiring.

In the next step required with a multimeter to determine whether the voltage in the electric circuit is present. It's enough to lean the device to the side of the cartridge when the switch is activated, and to look at the figures. They should be at the level of 220 V. If the numbers are different, then the fault zone is detected.

When the presence of the correct voltage is confirmed, and the lamp still does not light up, check whether there is contact between the cap and mustache cartridge. If in this area there are infringements, and an arc on the antennal elements form soot.

Contacts in the chuck
In intensive operation, constant overheating or insufficient initial thickness of the central and side contacts in the cartridge can come into disrepair and cause regular burnout LED lamps

, You must switch off the power, clean off the incorrect formation, and themselves mustache neatly fold it to remove it. After all these events can be screwed into a socket working lamp and check the result.

In the absence of voltage on the cartridge contacts, be sure to remove it and check if the phase at the very wiring. If the switch is activated, it is present, the cartridge must be replaced. When it does not, you should pay close attention to the switch and look for the problem in it.

If all of the above described elements, or parts of the scan confirmed their serviceability, it becomes quite clear that the problem lies precisely in the LED-lamp.

How to Disassemble LED module

For repairs LED lamp necessarily have to disassemble. This procedure is not of great complexity, but it requires care, attention and some skill. If desired, you can take pictures of the whole process step by step to your phone, so you do not mix up the order of action.

It is advisable to proceed with extreme caution. Not all of the internal components of the device must be replaced, so it is extremely important not to cause them damage and preserve safe and sound. This is especially true so vulnerable, but it is extremely important details like electronic circuit boards.

The first way - loosening

LED bulb - a rather fragile instrument, disassemble to be very carefully and accurately. It's not required any significant effort, and the use of sharp instruments where there is a chance to handle manually, there is no need.

To remove a diffusing dome light bulb is enough to take both hands the edges and soft circular movements to separate the upper part of the body. Usually it makes it easy to manage, as a bonding sealant layer is extremely thin, and immediately reacts to movement and tampering.

The process of unwinding the LED lamp
Trying to unscrew the domed portion of the body in any case it is impossible to make an effort. Plastic are fragile and strong pressure may just burst right at hand

Then it is necessary to solve the most difficult task - to separate the plate carrying the LEDs from the rest of the body. It will have to unscrew all the mounting bolts. Since their tiny heads differ in size, will have to use a special screwdriver type of claim.

In the next stage we need to disconnect the mounting plate of the radiator device. Make it will subject to the flat-sharp edge, for example, a jewelry forceps. They will be able to gently pry the edge of the board and carefully remove it entirely. Then have carefully unsolder fit zone supply wires and finally separate the plate with diodes on the associated components.

The radiator cap and need to separate sensitive rotational movements and to put all the components of the lamp on the desk in front of him. You can then proceed directly to a repair.

The second method - heating hairdryer

Second Embodiment is most suitable for articles with thick glass without Godyaev for direct contact with a screwdriver type tool. Here it is necessary to take advantage of building a hairdryer and use it to heat the lamp housing. Only in this way will be able to be removed from cylindrical bases glued with a special compound glass fragment.

Intensive impact force hot air treated objects expand, and the adhesive layer holding the glass acquires elasticity. After these manipulations, the lamp will break up into its constituent parts, even if the master does not make any effort.

If the dryer is not at hand, you can go the other way. This will require to take the solvent, an awl and a medical syringe with a needle. First awl carefully and without pressure to spend along the edge of the diffuser dome.

Then enter the solvent syringe and a little wait. It will be held just a couple of minutes, the sealant gain compliance, and the dome will be able to unscrew without any physical effort. All further actions are no different from the method described above.

Replacing the LEDs with their hands

Burned LEDs are often the reason why the lamp fails. Usually after disassembly immediately clear which elements are spoiled and require replacement. But there are cases when at first glance, everything looks normal diodes.

Burned-out LED-elements on the board
Visually recognize burnt LED-elements there is no difficulty. Typically, they differ from working "colleagues" that have noticeable black dots and markings

In this case it is necessary to use a multimeter and ping each element separately to identify faulty. Or to remove from the board the elements that cause doubt, and test them with the wires connected to the 12-volt power source.

When spoiled only one diode, you can simply close its outlets. If the connecting chain is applied to the lamp, this point does not affect the loss of function of all other elements. Old, faulty diodes have vypayat, then flip the board and soldered to the contact tracks visible new chips.

Replacing the LEDs on the board
The board has always given data such as the size and type of LEDs used. It is important to replace defective modules similar to working on a lamp as properly as before renovation

In some cases, the LED can be replaced without the use of a soldering iron. For this fee will need a good warm building hairdryer. Area welds becomes soft and supple, and the LED will be able to easily remove by conventional tweezers. On the not yet cooled down the space is needed to mount work light. When the card is well cooled down, it locks securely and have nowhere to moves.

The main thing to remember clearly the location of the element with respect to the smaller and larger contacts and place a defective compliance with the polarity.

How to solve the problem with the driver

Problems in the driver - a fairly common problem of LED lamps. In most cases it burn resistor or capacitor. Available handy handyman measuring instruments determine the level of performance of this element is quite problematic. Therefore, it is recommended to simply replace the serviceable with similar parameters.

swollen capacitor
Reasons for which the capacitor fails, the original can be a manufacturing defect or a regular module overheating as a result of poor heat dissipation

Find the right items in the store lighting does not always work. Better just to go to the radio market, or in the place of sale of electronics and there try to find the right thing. When it is purchased, you need to remove the failed node, and in its place put the work item.

The choice of instruments to work

For a correct disassembly and repair of the LED-type lamps do not need a complicated, expensive equipment. Troubleshoot this problem will help a minimum set of simple tools. The meter allows you to check the presence of voltage in the circuit will provide an opportunity to detect the presence of breaks and show how workable the remaining parts of the circuit.

Multimeter to measure
Multimeter is a versatile instrument for measuring various parameters of the main basic electronic products. It can help you learn, the LEDs are in the condition of any LED-products

Soldering device with rosin and solder required for restoring continuity found in the chain, and subsequent replacement of damaged parts and elements.

Welds LEDs on board
heating temperature at the time of soldering does not exceed 2600. Simple soldering iron heats up more, so it is necessary to sting tight spiral wound a piece of copper conductor with a cross section less than 4 mm. The stronger will be able to extend the sting, the lower will be its operating temperature

Screwdriver small size will be able to accurately separate from the body controls the lamp, and a thin, durable stationery knife will gently detach items from the printed circuit board.

Useful videos on the topic

How to eliminate the typical failure LED bulb with E27 socket. Detailed instructions for disassembly, interesting practical advice on the use of available tools.

Tips on how to correctly remove the device flask, without damaging it in the process.

A simple way to fix a light bulb-type ice without the use of a soldering iron. Instead of soldering uses a special conductive paste. Full description of the work on the products "Kosmos" brand, which is owned by KOSMOS Group, which controls about 25% of the domestic market advanced and economical products to create quality lighting.

How to fix a light bulb Led-type "corn". Features of dismantling process, the nuances of construction and other cognitive aspects. A significant increase in product lifetime after all the work.

LED bulb - a practical illumination source. The only negative of this product - high compared with the price of other modules. True, LED-devices are reliable and usually completely fulfill his sentence. And if suddenly during operation any damage, most of them can be solved by hand. The tools exist in any home master, and make time for repairs is also no difficulty.

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