How to choose a grid for the construction of the fence in the country

The content of the articlevarious grids. Fence netting is an inexpensive and practical material that has a lot of advantages:

  • is easy to install;
  • long service life;
  • translucency;
  • there is no need to fill the foundation;
  • variety of types, materials and colors.

We will try to understand this variety.

Metal mesh

Metal fence mesh has been the most popular material for decades. She fences every second section, and all thanks to numerous pluses:

  • simple installation;
  • recyclable;
  • low price;
  • strength and resistance to any temperature;
  • long life;
  • resistance to wind loads;
  • translucency.

The last parameter is often decisive, since in many garden partnerships it is forbidden to install blind fences between sections. Visual control of what is happening in the fenced area may be important in other cases. For example, when a net is separated for animals, playgrounds, playgrounds or ponds.

Mesh for fencing metal fence is available in two types - welded or twisted from wire. This is a well-known chain-link.

Welded mesh

Welded construction is considered the most durable, so it encloses industrial facilities, construction and sports grounds. It is also widely used to designate the boundaries of private property, including summer cottages. Welded mesh is sold in maps with sides of 2 by 2.5 m, and the size of each cell is 10 by 15 cm. The mesh is based on strong steel wire with a diameter of 3-5 mm. All rods at the intersection are welded. In order not to deform the fence, each map is equipped with stiffening ribs. The result is a fairly light, strong and durable construction, which also looks neat over the years.

To increase the service life, steel wire is zinc coated before or after welding.

The best in performance is the mesh, which is first welded and then galvanized. Welding of galvanized wire leads to the fact that the anti-corrosion coating in the field of welding is partially broken. Therefore, when choosing the most durable material for the fence, it is desirable to choose a welded galvanized mesh.

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The chain-link, unlike welded, has weaves like threads in a knitted fabric. They allow you to bend and fold the net into rolls, in which it is sold. Net rolls easier to store and transport.

The grid the chain-link is issued three types:

  1. Without galvanization - it is the cheapest option. After installation, it is painted to prevent rust.
  2. Galvanized mesh is more expensive, but already protected from corrosion.
  3. Plasticized has a protective plastic layer. The grid for a fence with a polymeric covering is considered the most durable of all versions.

At the choice of the chain-link it is necessary to pay attention to the size of cells. It can vary from 2.5 to 7 cm. A net with the largest mesh is quite suitable for a normal fence, and it is better to choose a smaller one for the fence of a poultry house or a playground.

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Corrugated mesh

This version of the chain-link is woven from a wire which is previously bent in the form of a wave. The corrugated grid is slightly bent, therefore it is sold in cards, and not in rolls. The thickness of the rods varies from 2 to 7 mm. Wire no more than 3 mm in diameter is quite suitable for fencing land or sports sites, and the strongest wire is chosen for building sites.

A fence made of a corrugated mesh is usually made on a welded frame from a metal angle or profile. To do this, first weld the frame and then weld the edges of the card to it.

Plastic mesh

Garden plastic mesh for the fence today is increasingly replacing the metal. It is based on extruded polymer, from which the mesh is made. The advantages of the plastic mesh set:

  • low weight compared to metal;
  • resistance to negative natural factors;
  • material safety and non-toxicity;
  • maximum durability;
  • ease of care - the net is quickly and easily cleaned with a stream of water from a hose;
  • for sale a huge selection of shapes, colors and sizes.

Plastic mesh has one major drawback - it is easy to cut with any cutting tool. Therefore, plastic nets are most often tensioned to enclose individual zones - flower beds, children's play corners, and ponds.

Plastic mesh is used to create trellis for climbing crops - cucumbers, beans, flowers.

Camouflage net

When installing a net fence on their site, owners often face a certain inconvenience - not only sun rays, but also outside views easily penetrate through the net. The camouflage net, stretched over the usual one, will help to create a more comfortable atmosphere not far from the fence in the country. Formerly, camouflage nets were used only for camouflaging military objects; now it has become popular in outdoor recreation areas.

Camouflage net significantly reduces the "perception of sight", easily stretched and removed, fits perfectly into the country landscape, distracting attention from the metal structures of the fence.

A photo grid for a fence

Effectively hide an unsightly fence and create a secluded corner can be another way - a photo grid for the decoration of fences. The photocell is a polymeric canvas with an image applied on it. With the help of photocell decorate temporary construction work, the outer side of the fence, corners for recreation.

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Polymer canvas can be of two types - solid( this is the usual banner fabric) or mesh. For fences, the net is preferable, since it allows air to pass through and does not create a sail.

From the variety of different grids on sale it is easy to choose the one that will correspond to the wishes of the site owner. It is only necessary to correlate their requirements for fencing with the characteristics of the mesh for the fence.

Types of mesh for the fence - video

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