Indirect heating boiler - what is it?

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Indirect heating boilers are different from all other sources of warm water because this design does not have its own heating element. Water heating in such a system is carried out due to the impact of external heating devices. This may be a boiler, central heating or solar panels.

The principle of operation of an indirect heating boiler

A distinctive feature of the principle of operation of an indirect heating boiler is that this device works only together with external sources of heating. From this source, a coil is fed through a coil located inside the boiler. Thanks to the operation of the pump, the coolant circulates and thereby heats the water in the boiler. The entire system is closed with thermal insulation materials( polystyrene foam or polyurethane) to reduce heat loss.

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Cold water enters the boiler tank through water supply pipes. Special connections are used to connect to the source of coolant. Having passed the whole cycle through the coil, the heat source returns to the heating system through the outlet. When choosing a boiler, you should be guided by the power of the heating source, if this value is insufficient, the water will not have time to heat to the desired temperature.

Connection to water supply

For uninterrupted supply of warm water, you should strictly follow the rules for connecting an indirect heating boiler. The main nuance of the connection is that cold water must be supplied from the bottom, i.e.the inlet is connected to the bottom of the boiler. However, there is a boiler where the entrance to the cold water supply is at the top - this means that the water goes through the entire system to the lowest point.

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As for the hot water outlet, it is usually located at the top. Pipe takes the upper layers of water, which are always the hottest in the tank. Thanks to this system, hot water will be supplied until a single gram of warm water remains in the tank, only after that cold water will flow.

Connection scheme

The indirect heating boiler can be tied with your own hands, but for this you need to know some features of the connection. The coil, through which the coolant moves from the source, is a spiral pipe that runs along the entire length of the boiler. Under the influence of the buoyancy force of the pump, the coolant passes along the contour and in cold water is cooled to a certain temperature. After several cycles, the temperature of the coil is aligned with the temperature of the water inside the boiler, at which point the relay trips, opening the electrical circuit in the electric pump.

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As soon as the water temperature drops to a certain point, the circuit is closed again and the flow of hot heat carrier to the coil resumes. For greater heating efficiency and reduction of energy costs, you need to connect the coil from above to the source of heat carrier. Otherwise, the coolant would not be cooled to the maximum value, passing warm layers of water at the end of its path, due to which the efficiency would decrease. Below is a typical scheme for connecting an indirectly heated boiler to a heat source and its connection with warm water consumers.

Advantages of an

indirect heating boiler

Among the large number of advantages of indirect heating boilers, many note the lack of energy consumption. However, this statement is not quite true, energy costs are present, due to the cooling of the coolant, but they are several times less than when using boilers powered by electricity or other energy sources. In addition, the power of indirect heating boilers is greater than that of many analogues, which means that water can heat up much faster. This advantage allows you to connect the boiler to several consumers of hot water, for example, at the same time a mixer in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

The main advantages of indirect heating boiler:

  • Reduced energy consumption;
  • Large production capacity;
  • Fast heating;
  • Easy to connect;

The disadvantages of boilers of this type can be attributed to the fact that they depend on the connected heat sources. For example, if the heating system acts in this capacity, then in summer time it will not work.

In this case, you have to use electricity, for this almost all models of boilers are equipped with electric heating elements.

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Indirect heating boilers slightly outperformed by price of electrical analogs of the same volume. Another disadvantage is the energy consumption for space heating for water heating. In private homes, this problem is solved by increasing the fuel supply. In any case, as a result, energy losses will be lower than when using alternative methods for producing hot water.

Analyzing the numerous reviews of owners of indirect heating boilers, it can be concluded that this system is widely demanded. Despite the fact that many people are faced with the problem of warm water supply in the summer season, this problem is still solved.

Even if the boiler design does not provide heating from electricity, do not despair. In order not to spend a large amount of fuel for the operation of the heating system, it can be transferred to the economy mode. To do this, it is only necessary to block all heating circuits, except for the fact that it is fed to the boiler.

Video: connecting an indirect heating boiler

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