How to get rid of powdery mildew on zucchini without chemis

Squashes do not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. But in the middle of Russia in the summer there is a sharp cooling and rain. At night, the air temperature can drop to + 10 ° C.During such periods, pumpkin cultures are particularly susceptible to fungal diseases. Powdery mildew spores can survive both on the zucchini leaves and on the soil surface at the base of the stem of the plant. Consider the causes of powdery mildew on the leaves of zucchini and other pumpkin crops.

Causes of powdery mildew

A disease called “powdery mildew” is of two types: “American powdery mildew”( spots on white leaves) and “powdery mildew”( spots on leaves of brown plants).These two diseases cause different microorganisms.

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American powdery mildew occurs due to the transfer of fungal spores by pests. You can fight this disease in two ways: treat the plant with chemicals directly from powdery mildew, or add insecticides to the soil, destroying insect propagators.

But if the zucchini fell ill with American powdery mildew during the fruiting period, it is not recommended to apply chemicals to the soil. Insecticides are poisons designed to kill insects, they contain a large number of toxic substances. These poisons are absorbed through the roots of the plant and fall into the fruit of the zucchini.

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Mildew Control with Folk Means

If you notice the first signs of American powdery mildew during the fruiting period, cut off the diseased plant leaves.

The next day after removal of the diseased leaves of the zucchini, it is necessary to shed it well with a solution of soda ash and soap substance. It is necessary to dissolve in 10 liters of water one tablespoon of each ingredient. Such processing to destroy the not yet developed spores of the American powdery mildew.

Cut leaves can not be added to the compost pile, they must be burned.

Brown spots on the zucchini leaves appear due to poor ventilation of the root system. Powdery mildew zucchini can get sick because of the sudden temperature changes. If you notice the first signs of infection with powdery mildew, cut off the diseased leaves and thin out healthy ones to ensure the ventilation of the fruit. Loosen the soil around the zucchini to ventilate the plant's root system.

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