Carrots - a remedy for a hundred diseases

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vegetable biennial, which in the first year gives a person a healthy root, rich in vitamins and macronutrients, and in the second, a seed bush. In our country, carrots, on the beneficial properties of which many specialized brochures have been written, were imported from the Mediterranean lands. In modern vegetable farming, there are more than 70 main varieties of vegetables, not counting the experimental and varieties with a limited area of ​​growth.

Orange root vegetable, widely used in dishes of the kitchen, low calories - only 33 kcal per 100 g of fresh vegetables.

Nutritional value of carrots: a rich set of nutrients and vitamins

Every, even the smallest root crop contains many substances that are urgently needed for the normal functioning of the human body. So, what is rich in carrots:

  • Fitoenom.
  • Fitofluen.
  • Lycopene.
  • Ascorbic and Pantothenic Acids - in small quantities.
  • Groups of anti-cyanidins and flavonoids.
  • Essential Oils.
  • Fatty Oils.
  • Lysine.
  • Histidine.
  • Asparagine.
  • Methionine.
  • Vitamin B Groups.
  • Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus.

Vitamins in carrots are so many that it is the undisputed leader among the ten most useful vegetables. A high concentration of carotene allows carrots to become a valuable source of biologically active plant pigments. However, it is very cheap, unpretentious in the care, able to grow on any soil and is available throughout the year. The human daily need for carotene is 6 mg, equivalent to 200 g of fresh carrots.

The composition of carrot juice includes glucose and several other types of sugar, as well as starch, pectic substances, a large amount of fiber, lecithin and groups of phosphatides. If we talk about minerals and their salts, then carrots are saturated with potassium. And besides this: vitamins of group B and D, folic and nicotinic acids, pyridoxine.

Everything you need to know about the benefits of carrots

Carrots can be treated for a variety of diseases. It is used for anemia, bronchitis, skin dermatitis, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, ophthalmic problems and for scarring open wounds and cuts.

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People of older retirement age often develop so-called night blindness, which occurs as a result of vitamin A deficiency. In this disease, a person sees almost nothing in the twilight. In order for the processes of vitamin synthesis in the liver and gall bladder to take place at the proper level of reactivity - it should be remembered that vitamins of group A are best absorbed along with fats. You can prepare dishes not only with the root itself, but also with carrot tops, which are no less rich in nutrients. In this case, salads seasoned with vegetable oils or homemade sour cream with a high percentage of fat content are most acceptable.

Carrots can affect our bodies as an antiseptic, anthelmintic, choleretic, analgesic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory agent. Freshly squeezed juice boosts peristalsis and increases the number of muscular contractions in the gastrointestinal tract. You can drink carrot juice whole or mixed with other vegetables. Such a cocktail will relieve muscle and nervous tension, improve appetite, bring order to eyesight, and reduce the negative effects of pharmaceuticals when they are used for a long time.

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Carrot gruel masks relieve post-acne and brighten the skin on the face. In winter, carrots are useful to use as a means that can increase the overall resistance of the body and boost immunity. And also to strengthen the nails and hair in the winter cold.

What is the usefulness of carrots - everyone knows, but can it harm the body?

Benefit and harm - how not to upset the balance

But, as in any business, in the use of carrots for preventive purposes, moderation is also needed. The benefits of carrots are proven not only by herbalists and traditional healers, but also by serious pharmaceutical companies, who reinforce their findings with consistent research procedures. But not every man in the street is familiar with contraindications, although they are also from the consequences of an overdose of vitamin A and no one is insured.

If you do not comply with moderation, then in large quantities it can provoke:

  • Drowsiness;
  • Increased fatigue;
  • Migraine;
  • Muscular lethargy;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Unwanted skin reactions.

In order to avoid an overdose, fresh vegetables can be included in the diet at the rate of 100 g per adult person and 50 g per child under 12 years old. It is necessary to prepare salads or mono-dishes, which are preferably on an empty stomach or before the first dish. A person who consumes just such a quantity of carrots reduces the risk of suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, gastritis, low acidity, liver and kidney failure.

You can get a great effect if you include carrots grated and boiled in rich milk in your daily diet. The correct ratio is 1: 1.With pulmonary inflammation, wheezing, prolonged cough, and chronic bronchitis, this is the primary remedy.

Useful qualities of carrots for weight loss

Nutritionists do not take it to unequivocally state whether carrots are suitable for inclusion in the list of dietary products, since its sugar content is quite high. And yet - it is rich in fiber and due to coarse dietary fiber a feeling of satiety comes faster.

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Vitamin A, contained in vegetables, helps to combat skin and muscle sagging, stretch marks after weight loss, as well as dietary pallor during the process of getting rid of extra pounds.

The ability of carrot juice to act as an antioxidant - helps to improve the quality and filling of the blood, which means that it increases the hemoglobin level. This is a guarantee that physical activity, shown as a way of dealing with weight, will bring more benefits.

The sweet taste of carrots can replace the lack of desserts, and losing weight will not break, seeing a chocolate cake or juicy honey cake.

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