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The plant came to us from the Caucasus, it was there that grew this half tree, half shrub. Modern cherry plum, the photo will convince you of this, is the result of the painstaking work of breeders. Appeared so varied varieties, differ in taste, color, size of fruit and size of the tree itself. As early as the beginning of the twentieth century, plum was not widespread and it was not until the 1970s and 1980s that it was actively grown in collective and private farms.

Variety of varieties of cherry plum

At first, the tree was used for decorative purposes, then for grafting fruit trees. Separate attention to cherry plum was paid only in the second half of the twentieth century, work began on the cultivation and selection of cherry plum. From the variety of varieties, we highlight several of the most popular:

  • Kuban Comet;
  • July Rose;
  • Lama;
  • Imperial;
  • Huck;
  • Gift to St. Petersburg;
  • Peach;
  • Nesmeyana;
  • Cleopatra;
  • Sonia;
  • Globe.

Kuban Comet Grade

Cherry plum Comet, bred by Russian breeder Eryomin G.V.Tree of medium height with ripening fruits in late July. The fruit itself is quite large( 35-40 g), round or slightly oval in shape, from reddish burgundy to light violet. The flesh of the fruit is quite juicy, of a yellowish hue, superior in taste to other varieties of cherry plum. The disadvantage is the tight attachment of the bone to the pulp, but this does not prevent the use of the variety in industrial production and for home canning.

Fruiting trees steadily, have a high yield. There is a tendency to overload the branches with fruits, which affects the reduction of their size. Requires systematic correct pruning for high-quality yield.

Cross-pollination is not required, the variety is self-fertile, it tolerates the winter period.

The presented variety of the Kuban Comet cherry plum is considered the best derivative of selection.

Cherry plum variety July rose

Cherry plum The July rose is the earliest of the varieties, its fruits begin to ripen in early July, and under favorable environmental conditions even earlier. Fruits are dark red, round or slightly oval in shape with a mass of 30-35g. Cherry plum pulp is fibrous, yellowish in color with a pronounced sour-sweet taste. Derived for the breeding of the July rose was a sort of cherry plum Kuban Comet. The characteristics of these varieties are similar, the appearance of the fruit is also almost the same.

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Cherry plum Lama

The middle of the twentieth century was marked by work on the selection of plum, it was during this period that the Cherry plum Lama was described, characterizing itself as winter-resistant, resistant to biological aggression, with improved palatability.

This variety feels great not only in the middle part of Russia, it is also grown in the Far Eastern region.

Trees with a height of 1.5 to 2 meters are not at all demanding of natural conditions and environmental aggression. Fruits are sweet and sour with a barely perceptible almond aftertaste. The flesh is dark red, well separated from the stone. The variety has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages: the annual pruning of the tree to increase the amount of the crop, the fall of the fruit during ripening.

Alycha Grade Tsarskaya

Cherry plum Tsarskaya has an average ripening period, a tree with a compact crown grows up to 2.5 meters. Compared with its counterparts, the fruit is of medium size from 20 to 25 g with a rich yellow skin. Juicy yellow pulp of Tsar's cherry plum has a sweet-sour taste. The advantage of the variety is the good preservation of fruits, resistance to frost, diseases and pests.

The lack of Tsarskaya cherry plum is a self-rearing variety, which means that in order to get a crop, plums or other cherry plum trees should grow near it.

Variety of cherry-plum Gek

Hybridization of Chinese plum and cherry plum An excellent student produced results in the form of a plum cherry Gek in the early 90s of the twentieth century. A tree with an average period of ripening and a mass of fruits up to 35 g. The flesh is of a low juiciness, yellow in color, like the fruit shell, sometimes there is a soft pink blush. The fruits have good taste, resistant to transportation, a variety of high yield, consumed fresh and used for preservation. The lack of cherry plum Huck is a poorly detachable bone, there is an instability to diseases( gray rot), it requires systematic pruning and constant care.

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Variety of cherry plum Abundant

As a result of crossing Chinese plum Burbank and cherry plum Tauride, it turned out to be a wonderful hybrid of cherry plum. Plentiful. The tree is weak-growing, even by the age of 10 it rarely reaches a height of 2.5 meters. Fruits of large size, it can be seen on the photo cherry plum of this variety. With proper care and good natural conditions, the weight of the fruit can range from 35 to 55g. The round shape of the fruit and their dark purple color attract the eyes. Sweet and sour rich juicy taste corresponds to the appearance. Already in early August, you can collect a high yield of cherry plum. Abundant.

Variety of cherry plum Podarok to Saint Petersburg

As a result of crossing varieties of plum plum Pioneer and Chinese plum, plum was bred Present to Saint Petersburg. The height of an adult tree reaches 3 meters. Small oval fruits weighing 12-15 g. In the photo of cherry plum you can see that the fruits are small, but they abundantly cover the branches, the variety is considered to be high-yielding. Bright yellow color of fruits, sometimes with a pink shimmer has average tastes, the stone does not separate from the pulp.

Alycha Gift to St. Petersburg is one of the frost-resistant hybrids, has a high resistance to fungal diseases and pests.

Cherry plum Peach

A new cultivar of plum peach has been developed, description and photos will help you to get to know him. The plant is not self-fertile, therefore, for pollination, it is necessary to plant it next to plums or other varieties of plum. Fruits weighing up to 40 g are endowed with excellent taste. The tree is an early variety of ripening, from mid-July, under favorable natural conditions, it is possible to harvest. A distinctive feature of the fruit - sweet taste and peach aroma.

Variety of Nesmeyana

Alycha Nesmeyana is a variety with early ripening, resistant to major diseases and adverse environmental conditions. Spreading tall tree derived from the Kuban comet variety. The surface of the fruit is smooth, the size is large, the skin is light red. The flesh is the same color as the peel, juicy and with a sweet and sour taste.

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Cherry plum Cleopatra

Free pollination of the Kuban comet variety made it possible to derive and cultivate the Cleopatra cultivar on a large scale. High productivity and endurance, resistance to classic diseases, these are the main characteristics of this variety. As for the fruits, they are large, up to 40 g, round-oval in shape, dark red or purple in color, covered with a waxy coating. The flesh is reddish with a sweet and sour pleasant taste.

Cherry plum variety Sonia

Cherry plum belongs to late ripening varieties, they start harvesting at the end of August. At first, the color of the fruits is greenish, with a light blush, but by the time of ripening they become yellow. The fruits themselves are quite large, up to 50 g, with a pleasant taste. Stone does not leave the pulp.

In order to obtain a high-quality and full-fledged crop with the maximum size of fruits, on all varieties of hybrids of plum, an annual pruning of the branches should be carried out for correct crown formation.

Variety of cherry plum Globus

Alycha Globus is considered one of the best hybrids, relative to all compared characteristics. Domestic breeders got an excellent result by crossing Alyusha Abundant with its high yield, with the second hybrid, obtained by breeding cherry Cherry red with apricot. The result was a plum Globe, its fruits reach a weight of 100 g and have a dark red and purple hue. Sweet flesh of yellow color with a pleasant aftertaste. The variety is resistant to frost, diseases, fruits tolerate transportation well.

Cherry plum Globe, the photo of which you see, by all external data and taste is more like a plum, so it is often confused with the varieties of plum.

The lush flowering makes the cherry-plum trees extraordinarily beautiful, so along with growing them to produce fruits, low-growing varieties are planted around the perimeter of the fence, they use flowering branches for decorative purposes.

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