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In the festive attire, sweet cherry for Moscow Region is the best cultivator of sustainable heat. Southerner has not taken root in the middle lane - delicate flower buds and young branches froze over. Repeated attempts to create sustainable forms invariably ended in failure. In the middle of the last century in three areas with a mild climate, based on previously obtained. I. V. Michurin forms, managed to bring out several varieties of the capricious "Bird Cherry".So called sweet cherry in the south, where the drupes carried the birds. As a result of long-term work of breeders, the best varieties of sweet cherries for the Moscow region of Bryansk, Oryol and Moscow breeding appeared.

Biological characteristics of

sweet cherry fruit tree Sweet cherry belongs to the Rosaceae family. There are more than 4 thousand different varieties in the world, but all of them originate from “bird cherry”.Wild cherry grows in warm regions, forming thick thickets on the slopes. There the tree can grow 10 meters in height, having widely spread its branches. Cultivars are limited to 4 meters. Pruning and the formation of seedlings they give a longline, fan or bush form.

Planted two-year seedling, always grafted. The soil for a young plant needs light, fertilized and with a neutral reaction. The tree is placed on the southern or eastern slope, with good protection from the winds. Groundwater should be very deep, and surface watering is regular, preferably drip. The best sorts of cherries zoned for the Moscow region can be purchased at the Moscow nursery of nature testers.

Accelerated the production of new varieties of methods of radiation and chemical mutagenesis. The breeder Evstratov influenced planting material gamma irradiation, used biological stimulants. As a result, some of the new varieties on state tests withstood a drop in temperature to -30 degrees, acquired precociousness, and resistance to perforated spotting. Active growth in the summer quickly restores the crown after winter frostbite.

Of the newly created and earlier varieties of sweet cherries for the Moscow region there are no self-fertile. One tree can be planted only for decorative purposes. Must be a pair of different varieties. But in cramped conditions, you can plant a pollinator in the crown of the main tree on separate branches along the perimeter.

It is possible to grow a seedling from a stone of a sweet cherry, but after performing the inoculation. The formation of the bush begin with the first year of the growing season. Agrotechnical activities are carried out, as for other Pink. Consider the best varieties of cherries for central Russia, their advantages.

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The best sweet cherry varieties

A fine variety of early ripening period will give about 6 grams of maroon, almost black berries. The flesh is juicy, painted in a dark color, the bone is small. Tall, about 4 meters tall, the tree blooms in early May, the fruits ripen in mid-June. The variety is frost-resistant, well tolerated extreme winters of 1995-1997 in the Bryansk region. Fruiting annual, moderate from the fifth year. The shape of the tree is pyramid. For Iput cherries are not terrible fungal diseases. Berries tolerate transportation, are used to make compotes. Fatezh variety will be a good pollinator neighbor.

An elegant tree, covered with dark maroon, slightly elongated bunches of berries, gives the crop late, in mid-July. Revna cherries belong to self-pollinating varieties, fructification is plentiful, annual. Berries are dense, juicy, preserved during transportation for a long time.

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Cherry grows quickly, reaches 3.5 meters, pyramidal shape, oval leaves. The sweet cherry enters fructification for 4 year. Revsna's sweet cherry is frost-resistant, not prone to perforated spotting and other crown diseases. Productivity increases if the girlfriend grows nearby.

Sweet Cherry Fatezh bred recently, but showed the best quality in yield and taste of fruit among all varieties of the middle band. A bright red medium-sized berry ripens in early July. On the red background of the fruit, yellow specks are scattered - a gift from Leningradskaya yellow variety. The taste of the fruit is estimated by tasters at 4.7 points.

Excellent winter hardiness has advanced the cherry tree further north. The tree has a spherical sparse crown, grows up to 4 meters, enters fructification in the fifth year. Flowering cherry Fatezh begins in mid-May. The variety is self-infertile and needs a pollinator. Chermashnaya, Sinyavskaya or Crimean cherries are planted in a pair. Tests show a stable yield of an adult tree for 4 years at 16 kg.

The advantages of a variety include resistance to diseases, tolerance with periodic lack of watering. It is necessary to protect a tree from wind - it does not tolerate.

Cherry Tyutchevka refers to late-ripening varieties. The tree is of medium height, with a lush spherical crown, winter-hardy, withstands perforated spotting. The great virtue is considered to be the self-fruit of the sweet cherry. Fruiting occurs 5 years after planting.

Berries are large, up to 7 grams, round, burgundy with black subcutaneous spots. The flesh has a pleasant taste, red color, a bone is medium, easily separated.

Annual high yields are one of the main features of Tyutchevka.

Sweet Cherry Bryansk Rose, the brainchild of Bryansk breeders Kanshina and Astakhov, was selected as promising for the middle band following a stringent endurance requirement. Large pink berries have a pleasant taste. Variety refers to late ripening, blooms in mid-May, ready for harvest in the second decade of July. Fruiting is regular, fruits are stable during transportation, do not crack. In rainy weather ripe fruits do not rot.

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picket fence by yourself The tree is compact, grows by 2.5 m, sparse crown, leaves are large. The advantages of the variety are its frost resistance and protection from putrefactive, bacterial diseases.

Sweet Cherry Crimean does not possess the outstanding qualities of the fruit, but is the best pollinator for the self-fruitful varieties of sweet cherries. The fruits are small, with the tartness of the bird cherry, they make excellent wine. The variety is winter hardy, bred and tested in the Kursk and Tula regions of Moscow. Why was called the Crimean - a mystery from the author.

Sweet Cherry Orlovskaya pink surpasses all varieties in frost resistance. After a frost test of 37.5 degrees, the tree continued to bear fruit. The variety is skoroplodny, gives the first harvest in the fourth year after planting. Oryol pink is samoboblodna, pollinators can be varieties that bloom in mid-May - Rechitsa, Pink pearl. The average harvest per tree is 10 kg, the fruits weigh about 6 grams.

Grade resistant to perforated spot.

Science does not stand still, research and experiments continue. They are being tested and have an excellent perspective on new varieties. You can get their seedlings at test stations, but you will need to keep a plant development diary to help scientists get the best hardy and tasty cherries for the Moscow region.

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