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Look at all 100, as well as maintain home textiles in a tidy state will help reliable and practical iron - an indispensable tool and one of the essential appliances in the house. How to choose an iron for home use, so that it lasts a long time, and pleased with a large number of ironed things, tell our article. We paid particular attention to the criteria by which the device model should be selected, and prepared a rating of irons for 2017-2018 years. It is from us that you will find out what it is - the best iron of 2017-2018 year. Let's do everything in order.

What are irons?

Modern irons differ in construction and functional tasks. So, you can highlight:

  • road models;
  • home appliances.

A small, lightweight iron with a folding handle, useful to you during your vacation or business trip. It has high reliability, the most necessary modes of operation and compact dimensions. The home appliance will be somewhat heavier, more powerful and will be able to iron or steam things in different modes.

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Also, there are :

  • corded;
  • wireless.

The selected device must have a cord that is at least 2 m long. Shorter wires will “tie” you to the outlet or require connection via an extension cord, which is not always convenient and poses additional problems if the device's power exceeds the conductivity of the extension cord. Optimally, when the cord is covered with a fabric sheath - it is durable and flexible at the same time, and also - give preference to models with the ability to rotate the cord through 360 ° and a place for winding. Wireless models in this regard are much more mobile, you just need to get used to put it not on an ironing board, but to mount it on a special base for charging.

Recent developments have made it possible to combine the function of dry ironing and a steam generator in one device. This is quite a weighty device that has a large water tank and a steam hose.

Also, in some houses you can find a steam press, but this is still a wonder for our consumers.

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Criteria for choosing an iron

Choosing the best iron for home use for such indicators:

  • specifications - power, weight, ergonomics;
  • device outsole - material, shape and number of holes;
  • temperature;
  • security system;
  • antiscale;
  • functional features.


Will help to increase the comfort of use. How to choose a good iron for this indicator? Just hold your favorite model. The handle should sit tight in the palm, not slip out of it. At the same time, the hands should be conveniently located, and the fingers should be completely wrapped around the handle. There are models with anatomically shaped arms - repetitive palms. But a left-handed person or a man with a large brush can be uncomfortable using such a model.


A direct indicator of purchasing performance and efficiency. The more powerful, the faster it will smooth out the folds on the fabric and produce more steam.700 - 1000 W is enough for a road iron, but if you regularly iron clothes and bedding for the whole family - pay attention to devices with a capacity of 2500 watts. But here it is important not to overdo it, because the load on the network of more than 3000 watts may adversely affect the wiring in the apartment or house.

Outsole Material

This item requires close attention. The durability of the household assistant depends largely on the material from which its sole is made. The best iron for the house should have a sole made of metal alloys( aluminum, titanium or stainless steel) or ceramics. Aluminum and stainless steel are smooth and damage-resistant materials, have enough weight for quick and easy smoothing, heat up quickly and cool quickly. It is easy to care for ceramics, moreover, it does not make the device heavier and easily slides on any type of fabric. But this is a rather “capricious” coating - a small chip on the edge of the sole will destroy even the most productive apparatus. Teflon - the most budget option for the bottom of the device. But it does not have protection from scratches and dirt.


An important parameter for a comfortable process of ironing things. Too light will not guarantee a good result, folds may remain on the products. To hold too heavy a device in your hand is not a pleasant pleasure. And some thin fabrics such device can easily spoil. A good piece g for home will weigh about 2 kg. He will please you with effective work and the process of ironing will not be too tiresome for hands.

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Shape of the sole

This parameter should also attract attention. A sharp nose helps to smooth the cuffs or fabric between the buttons. Small complex details of the style - ruffles, flounces, grooves, etc.will help tidy up an elongated drop-shaped nose. The rounded end of the platform will save a thin product from unnecessary and accidental bends during ironing.

Temperature mode

The wider the range of operating modes, the more effective the device will be. With such a universal assistant, you can iron, without fear, fine fabrics — silk, guipure, synthetics, and also easily bring into shape and thick, hard or coarse linen — linen, coat fabric, jeans, etc. A high-quality iron should have a run-up of heating from 60 to 200 °.If you often iron things at low temperatures, then make sure you have the option of "stop-drops", which prevents liquid from flowing to the fabric.

Security System

This option will save you from the notorious painful meditation “did I turn off the iron at home?”.Devices automatically stop heating when idle for several minutes. Some have additional protection against accidental tanning of the fabric - if the iron “lingers” on the canvas for longer than the prescribed time, legs appear on the sole, which lift the device and break contact with the fabric. Convenient and safe - is not it?

Number of holes for steam

The larger and more evenly the better. An “effective” iron, which is better to buy for permanent use, must have at least a hundred medium-sized holes all around the perimeter of the sole. If the holes for steam will be concentrated in the spout, then with such a model, the ironing process may slightly increase.

Anti-scale protection

Scale is the worst enemy of an iron with a steam function. To extend the life of the iron, choose distilled water is not enough. Scale will still threaten him. But if you buy a device with a self-cleaning system, you can make the care of your device quick and easy. This feature allows you to get rid of small particles of scale and sediment literally with one or two clicks on the steam button. All the unnecessary will be removed along with the steam flow and you will be able to fearlessly iron white things and not worry about the formation of scale. Along with some devices, special rods are sold that will help to combat limestone flakes.

Functional features of

Will make the iron truly indispensable. In addition, it is not always necessary to overpay for certain options that you do not use. The choice of the iron will be easier if you clearly define what and in what quantities you will iron. Most models can supply steam, both horizontally and vertically. This option is useful if you iron the curtains or things on the hangers. Or, if the wardrobe has clothes that can not be ironed. Vertical steam supply is a convenient improvement of the familiar device. They also invented a steam blow - a powerful ejection of steam flows, which instantly eliminates even smoothed folds. Spraying ironing helps to cope with heavily wrinkled linen, or if you need to, for example, iron the hands on the trousers. The best irons presented in the stores of equipment and on sites irrigate the thing with small particles of water directly from their own body, so that you can forget about the spray guns.

Choosing an iron - the best, convenient and efficient - is easy if you pay attention to all these criteria. But do not overlook and useful things that will make the use of the purchased device more convenient and practical. For example, equipment that is already included in the price - a cover for storage and transportation, measuring cup, accessories and iron care products. Or warranty period of service.

So, we have answered the question of how to choose the right iron for the house , and are ready to present you the top of the best irons presented on the domestic market of small household appliances.

The most popular models of 2018

We have collected for you the top 10 categories of the best irons, according to buyers. Now you will find out which iron is better to choose according to the rating of irons 2018.

  1. Most often, in 2018, buyers prefer Philips technology - this is indicated by sales figures of various stores and online resources. And the best in quality was the GC model range. Among them are inexpensive( GC 3320), stylish( GC 2955), multifunctional( GC 1029).
  2. Model Philips GC 4870 is recognized by various portals as the best iron of 2017 - this is an undoubted leader in sales, with a powerful steam blow, ionizer, metal-ceramic sole.
  3. Among the irons with a steam generator, Philips was also noted - GS But Bosch TDS 373117P, Delonghi VVX1420, Braun IS 5042, Tefal GV deserve attention.
  4. Representatives of Maxwell MW-3012, Rowenta DA1510 and Scarlett SC 1135 S hit the top road irons. If you need wireless, then Tefal FV 9920 EO and other models of the FV range are considered the best choice. But you can emphasize and high-quality Panasonic Ni-WL600, or Polaris PIR 2479K.
  5. We did not ignore the top of the best budget irons. Here, the irons of Vitek( VT 1234 and VT 1229), as well as Redmond RI-S220, Scarlett SC-S130E02, Bosch TDA 2325, took their positions.
  6. Braun was recognized as the most beautiful and elegant iron. TextStyle TS745A and Philips GC 4928.
  7. The top models with a vertical steamer are the Bosch TDA 2680 and the Polaris PIR2472.
  8. The most basic in use - Panasonic NI-W950, Rowenta DW9081.
  9. Record-breaker irons: the most powerful Bosch TDS 3731, with the most capacious water tank Tefal FV 5333, the Rowenta DW 9245 - with the strongest steam blow.
  10. Completes our rating of the best irons with a price-quality nomination, which included Panasonic NI-W950, Braun TexStyle TS785STP and PHILIPS GC, two models at once - 4425 and 4415.

ranking of the best models. Remember, if you correctly select a model of a household appliance and use it correctly, you can turn routine household chores into an exciting, fast process. Pleasant and not tedious ironing you!

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