Why does the sound on the TV go out?

  • Causes of malfunction
  • Malfunctions that lead to the disappearance of sound
  • Troubleshooting TV contacts and connectors

What can I do if the sound on the TV is gone? Immediately we say that there are a lot of reasons for such a malfunction, so it is not so easy to determine them yourself, as it may seem. The most banal of them is that you just turned off the sound or unscrewed the regulator to a minimum. You can laugh, but such situations do happen, so be sure to check the volume level.

Causes of malfunction

In the vast majority of cases, the complete disappearance of sound is the cause of failure of any components of the speaker system. Therefore, in order to identify a malfunction, it is simply necessary to diagnose such nodes as:

  • amplifier. It is designed to provide high-quality sound to the television receiver. The device is very susceptible to voltage drops in the network, due to the influence of which it can quickly burn out. Therefore, the search for breakdowns should begin with it;
  • dynamics. The very simple design of these components makes them very reliable, however mechanical damage or natural wear can lead to the disappearance of sound;
  • radio channel. On its malfunction may indicate a too low volume of sound and the inability to adjust it.

If we talk about the most common problems, then practical in any TVs over time, it is the dynamics that fail. For self-diagnosis of the malfunction of these parts, you can suggest to connect headphones to the device. If the sound appears in them, then you will need to install new loudspeakers.

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Malfunctions that lead to the disappearance of sound

If you have a sound in the TV, this may not always be the result of a breakdown in the speaker system. Very often, this problem is caused by the failure of other components of the device. In order to identify a malfunction, it is necessary to find out the circumstances for which it arose.

For example, if the sound disappears right during the viewing of TV programs, this may indicate the chip's defects, its burning out as a result of a sudden voltage jump or for other reasons. Such problems are often accompanied by the appearance of an unpleasant smell of burning, so to identify them will not be difficult. Immediately turn off the TV and call the wizard to perform the repair, as you can not do anything on your own in this situation.

There is sound, but its volume is minimal, despite the fact that the regulator is twisted to the maximum? In addition to the above-mentioned problems with the radio channel, such a symptom can cause a failure of the TV processor or a software failure. In either case, it makes sense to contact a telemaster who is able to quickly detect and repair a breakdown.

Troubleshooting TV contacts and connectors

Weak contact between the speaker system and the motherboard of the TV can also lead to the disappearance of sound, as well as to the following problems:

  • The sound disappears immediately after the device is turned on. In such a situation, you can try to turn the TV off and on again. Sometimes this helps to restore normal operation, otherwise repair is required;
  • When you turn on the sound there, but after a few seconds it still appears. This fault is the result of a broken speaker or the disappearance of the contact between the individual modules of the device.

What if the problem lies in the failure of contact groups or connectors? First you need to find the part that failed. To do this, you need to ring the entire circuit using a multimeter. If a problem is detected, the old connector is removed from the card and replaced with a new one.

If you are a little versed in the design of modern TVs, to solve the problem with the disappearance of sound, you can try a few simple steps:

  • Remove the connectors that connect the speakers to the audio path, make sure they are intact and reconnect;
  • Check the presence of the signal at the output of the microprocessor;
  • make sure that the amplifier is supplied with voltage;
  • Check for presence of MUTE signal;
  • gently knock on the speaker cone. Quite possibly, it simply went away contact and a small impact will eliminate the problem;
  • With a screwdriver, touch the amplifier's input to make sure the signal passes through to the speakers.

So you will be able to find the most probable causes of the malfunction, but it is necessary to perform all the above operations very carefully, so as not to suffer an electric shock.

The information is provided by the service center "In repair!" (TV).

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