What fertilizers does raspberry need in spring, summer and early fall?

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Find out how to apply raspberriesrequires special care. However, this is not the case. To gather a rich harvest, you need to remember to feed the plant in certain periods.

This is usually done three times per season: during the tying of berries( May), during the ripening period of the fruits( June), and also when buds are formed on the bushes, from which a new crop will later appear( August - September).First, nitrogen fertilizers are used( this is necessary for the good development of the plant), and then mineral supplements( they feed the resulting fruits and thereby increase the yield).

Top dressing raspberries in spring

The first top dressing of raspberries should be carried out in May. For these purposes, usually used rotted manure. On 1 square.m. need 6 kg.manure. It is laid out around the bush and sprinkled with a small layer of earth. Such an operation is done in order to preserve all the nutrients of organic fertilizer.

Many gardeners believe that the most efficient way is to use mullein( slurry).It is prepared by dissolving in water. A 10-liter bucket needs half a kilogram of manure. The resulting solution is poured directly under the bush. On 1 square.m planting enough 5 liters of fertilizer.

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Universal Another way of feeding raspberries is to use chicken manure. By the way, this fertilizer can be used at any time of the year. This is explained by the fact that it contains many useful substances necessary for the full development of the plant. We are talking about nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium.

Prepare the working solution in different ways. Some gardeners prefer to insist on it for 2 weeks, others have a few days. In any case, the proportions of the preparation of the solution of chicken droppings are the same - 1:20.Best of all, if you use real chicken droppings, but you can buy it in the store. True, the last option would be a very expensive pleasure.

Which of the above options to use depends on the preferences of the gardener himself. Absolutely all ways are effective.

Fertilizing raspberries in the middle of summer

In the period of fruit formation, raspberries also need fertilizing. However, in this case, organ-mineral supplements are used. For these purposes it is good, for example, fertilizers "Biovita" or "Ideal":

  1. Fertilizer "Biovita"( in granules).To prepare the working solution you need 20-30 grams.on a bucket of water. The resulting liquid should infuse during the day. Then it is used for feeding.10 liters is enough for 5-7 square meters.m.
  2. Fertilizer "Ideal".The principle of preparation is the same as that of the previous product. For 10 liters of water you usually need 60 grams.(3 tbsp. L.).The solution is immediately ready for use. One bucket is enough for 7 square meters.
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Fertilizing raspberries in early fall

The last fertilizing of raspberries is made in early fall( first decade of September).In this case, mineral fertilizers are used. This is necessary so that the flower buds form as much as possible.

So, for the last feeding, one bush will need potassium salt( 40g) and superphosphate( 60g) in a dry form. The granules are applied to the soil that has been loosened beforehand; it is best to sprinkle them( granules) on a very thin layer of soil. This will save all the beneficial substances.

We determine the lack of important trace elements by the appearance of the shrub

. It is noted that by the external changes of the plant, it is possible to understand what kind of trace elements it lacks or, conversely, in excess.

  • nitrogen deficiency - leaves are faded, small and grow very slowly;
  • nitrogen oversupply - shrub grows very quickly, and immature berries fall off;
  • lack of potassium - the edges of the leaves dry up or curl up, there are also cases when they turn brown;
  • lack of phosphorus - this change is visible to the naked eye: the plant is very weak and thin shoots;
  • lack of magnesium - the leaves become yellow( mainly in the center), the plant grows slowly;
  • lack of iron - the leaves turn yellow, though not all over the surface: the veins remain green.

For attentive gardeners, external shrub changes are a kind of bell that tells you what the plant needs at the moment. If measures are taken in time, it can be expected that a good harvest will still be gathered.

Summing up, it should be said that fertilizers for raspberries are very important. They will help to save even the weakest shrubs. In addition, properly made dressings can significantly increase the yield. The main thing is to know the necessary proportions and not to be mistaken when preparing various kinds of fertilizers. If you overfeed the shrub, it can die or be sick for a very long time.

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