Give a scheme of color combinations on a bed!

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I have long dreamed of a luxurious flower bed near the house. The site is quite large, so there are no problems with the land. Therefore, there was a request - give the color schemes on the flowerbed to get a real decoration for the site.

Of course, you can easily give color schemes on a flowerbed - there are tens and hundreds of options of varying complexity and beauty. But here there is a difficulty - all these options will be standard. Although they differ in the chosen colors, size, shape and a number of other factors, it is not a fact that they will like you. Therefore, it will be better to talk about the basic rules that allow you to get a really beautiful flower bed that meets all your needs.

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A well thought-out flower bed scheme

Begin by drawing up a suitable pattern. It depends on what kind of flower bed you want to get as a result. It can be a standard rectangle or a circle, or it can be a complicated exposition, for example, in the form of a butterfly, a clock, or a seven-color flower. To do this, you can use additional parts - barrels, cars, old boxes, and you can refuse to use them.

In any case, before proceeding to the choice of colors, create on paper( or on the ground) a scheme that you will implement.

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Correctly chosen flowers

The next step - the choice of colors. Of course, do not forget about the color. But much more important about the height of the stems. In the center should be planted flowers with the longest stems. For edges, creeping plants are better suited - they are quite numerous, so there will be no problems with their selection. Intermediate links should be planted in flowers with an average length of the stems.

The number of intermediate areas depends on the size of the flower bed. The larger the area, the more there should be more, so that there is no sharp drop and empty areas. Only in this case, the flower bed will show itself in all its glory.

Annual or perennial?

The choice of perennial or annual plants is not an easy task. Both options have certain advantages:

  • Annuals - you have to spend a lot of time, but every year you will receive a new composition;
  • Perennial - the time spent on care is much less, but every year the scheme will remain the same;
  • Mixed - you spend a little time and effort on planting flowers, while being able to significantly change the look of the flowerbed.
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