What if broilers fall to their feet?

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Large bird with powerful legs to look like a tough hero. But this is a mistaken opinion - the first signs of the disease are manifested by the fact that broilers fall to their feet. Often this problem is eliminated by correcting errors in the content of the pack, but there are cases of serious illness. The true cause of weakness of the joints can establish a doctor.

Features of the maintenance of meat breeds of chickens

Initially, breeds and hybrids of meat birds are designed for intensive growth of the skeleton and muscles attached to it. Rapid weight gain is accompanied by a restriction in movement due to the density of birds per square meter or in cages. Any deviation from the content technology threatens with complications in the bronchopulmonary or skeletal sector.

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Only a veterinarian can make a correct diagnosis of the disease. It is impossible to give the bird any medication and vaccination without an appointment.

The following factors affect the development of musculoskeletal tissue:

  • balanced nutrition for vitamins D, E, A;
  • sufficient calcium content;
  • compliance with the climate in the bird house;
  • number of individuals per square meter, depending on age;
  • hygienic requirements for livestock content.

If broilers fall to their feet due to inappropriate care, the situation can be corrected.

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How to achieve a balanced nutrition for vitamins? Vitamin D is formed when you include in the diet of fish oil and daily walks in the fresh air. Ultraviolet rays contribute to the formation of a vitamin for preventing rickets. With an excess of vitamin A, broilers also fall on their feet, as with a deficiency. The best way to reduce vitamin hunger will be feeding chickens from the third day with green grass. First, they cut a chop out of it, then you can knit brooms and hang them. In this form, pecking healthy food becomes entertainment.

With the rapid growth of bones, the reason why broilers fall on their feet can be a lack of calcium. This is the main building material for the skeleton. You can get it from the shell of eggs, shells and chalk. Many poultry farmers give chickens pieces of hydrated lime. This means that the whitewash has already been diluted, stood for a long time and dried in a bucket. A dry limestone stone will rip the goiter chicks.

The temperature of the content should be comfortable. Proklyovysham need 30 - 34 degrees, and by the month enough 15. Sign that the chickens are comfortable, calm behavior will be. If the kids get together and climb up, it's cold. In the heat, the chick spreads out on a pallet, spreading its wings. Humidity should be 75%.

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Drafts are not allowed, and airing is useful. At first, 18 chickens are kept in the room, gradually expanding the corral. Ten adult birds per square - normal. Lighting should be moderate.

What should I do if broilers fall to their feet? Check if the above conditions are being respected. Make adjustments.

How to raise broilers to their feet

It is easiest to fix the conditions of detention, and to fill the body with the necessary ingredients is more difficult. If the veterinarian determines that there is no infectious disease, it is necessary to adjust the diet. If broilers sit on their feet, what to do to quickly raise them? It is necessary to include in the diet starter feed for broilers. It should be given from the first days of life within 3 weeks. A balanced composition, incoming vitamins and minerals will help meet the body's need.

Carefully consider the amount of feed eaten. One of the reasons why broilers fall to their feet is overweight.

Weekly weighing chickens will show how they are added. Normally, when the monthly chicken gained 500-700 grams, and two months about 2 kg, it is no longer necessary. When kept in cramped conditions, broilers fall to their feet due to immobilization, and treatment consists of transplanting birds into a spacious cage.

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From green fodder nettle leaves are the most useful for green fodder. This supplement is a remedy for chickens, as it contains many essential trace elements. In addition, spurge, clover, alfalfa, plantain, dandelion are useful.

Some lovers, if broilers sit on their feet, choose vodka from their ways than to treat them, for some reason it helps. One pipette poured down the throat and the chicken runs.

Infectious diseases of broilers

The most dangerous infectious incurable disease when broilers fall to their feet, according to Marek's disease. The infection enters the body in the first day, and makes itself known in the second month. Chick falls to his feet due to uncoordinated movements. The disease captures the nervous system. The virus remains in the litter for 16 weeks. Meat can be consumed. The virus strain is modified and it is difficult to find a vaccine.

In case of suspicion of infectious diseases, the entire population of broilers is vaccinated with antibiotics:

  • chlortetracycline;
  • penicillin;
  • Oxytetracycline;
  • Levomycetinum.

Poultry farmers advise that if a broiler fell to its feet at the age of two months, it should be used for meat. During treatment, he will not gain weight, and the taste of meat will deteriorate.

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