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Tell me how to stew cabbage? In our family, everyone, “from old to small”, is very fond of different dishes with cabbage. Here, for some reason, the stew for me does not always work out - it is damp, then on the contrary, it crawls and burns. And another question: if pickled cabbage is too sour, is it possible to somehow remove the acid?

Cabbage is the most popular vegetable in the diet, especially white cabbage. Low-calorie, but at the same time containing a lot of vitamins and minerals, cabbage is a welcome vegetable in the kitchen of each housewife, especially in those cases when it is important to monitor their weight and nutrition.

One of the easiest ways to cook elastic heads is stewing. A minimum of ingredients, a little time and the output is a tasty dish, and if you add meat or dried fruits, it will become even more satisfying. This cabbage can not only be served as a side dish, but also used as a filling for pies or pie. There is nothing difficult in braising cabbage. The main thing is to know some tricks to make the dish moderately sour and juicy.

For stewing, both fresh and sauerkraut are suitable.

Stewed fresh cabbage

To cook fresh stewed cabbage, one or more heads of cabbage are needed. From them you need to remove the top leaves( up to 4 pieces depending on the state of the head), and also cut out all the spoiled places, and it is not necessary to wash them. Next, cut the head into two halves, if it is too large - divide each one in half and finely chop with a knife or shredder and throw away the stalks.

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The simplest stewed cabbage recipe is as follows:

  1. Fry a couple of chopped onions and grated carrots in a frying pan on a vegetable oil.
  2. Add chopped cabbage, salt and pepper( to taste) and fry too, so that moisture leaves the leaves to evaporate and become slightly soft.
  3. Pour a small amount of water into the vegetables, screw the fire and simmer, cover with a lid, stirring occasionally. It takes about half an hour.
  4. 10-15 minutes before the end of cooking put a couple of spoons of tomato paste - it will give the cabbage a beautiful color and sourness. Fresh tomatoes or tomato juice will suit instead of pasta.
  5. At the end of cooking, you can add a little fried flour to the dish - it will give it an interesting taste and make it thicker.
  6. The finished cabbage will be soft, but it should not fall apart.

You can stew both young and old( winter) cabbage, but you should keep in mind that the first one needs less time to be ready. Old cabbages with their rougher leaves stew on average for 10-15 minutes longer.

How to stew sauerkraut?

Cooking sauerkraut is almost the same as fresh vegetables. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that such cabbage already has its own taste and pronounced sourness. With increased acid content, you can soak the cabbage in cold water, in addition, adding sugar during quenching will help to slightly neutralize the acidity. Before putting cabbage in the pan, you need to squeeze the brine well. Then everything is as usual: fry carrots with onions in oil, add squeezed sauerkraut and spices to them, stew a little and pour in water. At the end, season with tomato paste.

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Video-recipe for stewed cabbage without meat

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