Dishwashers AEG: TOP-6 models + view brand

Dishwasher AEG constantly growing demand. This is due to high quality build, good set of useful features, capacity, efficiency and cost justified.

Devices are not afraid of intense stress, have a simple control interface that can be mastered with the first time, and reliably serve for many years, excellent purifying the dishes at any level pollution.

The content of the article:

  • Original AEG technology
  • Specific internal equipment
  • Top 6 best dishwashers AEG
    • Location number 1: small-sized F 55410 WOP
    • Location number 2: spacious F56322M0
    • Place number 3: narrow FSR83400P
    • Location number 4: optimized FSR93800P
    • Location number 5: the large F 99970 IM0P
    • Place number 6: delicate FFB62700PM
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Original AEG technology

«ProClean ™» - a unique feature to optimize internal space. It makes it possible to place the wash chamber a record number of tableware sets.

15 sets, require cleansing after a holiday or a party, large pots, pans and pans easily fit into "smart" assistant and will be cleaned to a mirror finish in a short time.

Integrated dishwasher

Many models of the AEG, and not only a premium, but also a low cost, feature a delay start of the program. This makes it possible to use the machine in the most convenient time for yourself and activate the cleaning during the period of preferential electricity tariffs

«SensorLogic» - an advanced technology system with built-in intelligence. By means of sensors detects load amount of the washing chamber, the degree of soiling of the dish and the water level of transparency. Based on these data, selects the most suitable processing mode and in automatic mode, it performs adjustment.

«AirDry» - a new generation of drying, is used to process the atmospheric air flow. 10 minutes before the end of the cycle the door automatically opens and starts to circulate inside the fresh air. Removes surface of the dish, even the minimum humidity and allows the use of plates, cups and tools immediately after washing.

«WaterSave» - function of monitoring the flow of water. Recognized as the most effective and useful system on the market. Reuses the liquid remaining in the chamber for starting a new wash cycle.

Freestanding Dishwasher

Dishwashers of the new line ProClean extremely economical. Compared with other brands modules are used for the year for 2100 liters of water less, thus allowing owners a way to pay less utility bills

«Extra Silent» - an effective system of quiet operation. It lowers the noise level models up to 37 dB, making them the absolute leaders in this parameter in its class.

«Time Beam» - Option "beam on the floor." Projects on the floor red beam, which acts as a sensor and alerts the owner on completion of the wash cycle.

«Auto Off» - automatically turns off the device at the end of the cycle. This is especially useful when programming the dishwasher to work at night.

Master examines the dishwasher

All models are equipped with protection from AEG system leakage. It also applies to housing and connecting hoses. Due to this the owners may not worry that some force majeure case, the water will flow to the floor and flood the neighbors

«Auto Sense» - universal washing program, optimally suitable for all parameters for daily use.

«ExtraHygene» - a useful innovation, caring for the interior of the machine. It eliminates specific odors and removes fine food debris from the walls and internal components, in this way preventing the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

«Pro ​​Water» - the system of rational water supply. It consists of an additional sprinkler is located in the upper part of the machine and ensures correct supply of the fluid directly onto the surface of dishes.

Specific internal equipment

«ComfortLift» - carries out a delicate and careful lifting the bottom of the basket. It eases the loading / unloading and does not require the user to lower bent for depositing the dirty or clean utensils recess.

Diagnosis dishwasher

Internal AEG equipment machines are very well thought out. It is available with convenient shelves under the cups and saucers, as well as progressive elements with clamps to ensure the safety and security of fragile glass objects

«ComfortRails» - soft roller system. It provides quiet and smooth retraction capacity without the unpleasant and obsessive houseware ringing.

«SoftGrips» - retaining clips. Protect during washing from cracks, bumps, scratches, chipping and damage fragile glass beakers or thin glasses.

«SoftSpikes» - a universal device that prevents rotation of the glasses. It provides a stable position during washing and ensures complete safety of fragile items.

The internal arrangement of the dishwasher

Dishwashers of the AEG brand different from competitors' products the highest build quality. The most critical components are produced only in the German plants are tested for performance and then placed in the casing

additional spray arm - a special element, attached to the bottom yoke. It distributes high quality cleaning agent and brings it into the most separated area the washing chamber. It ensures unparalleled perfection of washing and rinsing delicate during each cycle.

Top 6 best dishwashers AEG

AEG company produces high-quality and reliable machines for washing dishes, how to embed and detached. Width, height and depth of the modules have a common standard sizes.

An employee of Customer Support Center

All clients AEG firm offers comprehensive information support. After the purchase is necessary to register your purchase online, at any time to have access to useful information

The most simple and not expensive accessories have 5-6 basic programs and processed in a single cycle 9 place settings. More advanced models are equipped with the programs and washed 6-9 to 15 complete sets for different temperatures.

Location number 1: small-sized F 55410 WOP

Outwardly simple, accurate and compact freestanding machine is included in the budget line of home appliances and sold for little money. In this case, the software contains all functional modes required for the correct cleaning of utensils from contamination of any kind. It is operated through a rotary toggle and the display are carried basic operating parameters.


  • limiting the number of downloadable sets - 9;
  • energy class - A;
  • the washing / drying - A;
  • management principle - electronic;
  • the presence of the display - yes;
  • drying method - condensing;
  • Water consumption per working cycle - 9 l;
  • the number of programs - 5;
  • noise level of - 49 dB;
  • dimensions - 45h61h85 cm;
  • additional options - the existence of a progressive new generation of sprayer, drying «DryTech», «AutoOff», innovative technology economical consumption electricity gauge the purity of the water used, compatibility with detergent tablets, the ability to delay the start of a period of from 1 to 24 hours;
  • internal equipment - practical ProClean baskets, pull-top container with the possibility of regulation of height, folding shelf for cups, folding shelf for plates in the lower basket, boxing for dining instruments.

Users say about the technique only good words and say that the quality of work in conjunction with the economic resource consumption and impeccable European assembly makes the device not only useful, but also beneficial acquisition.

The scope of the use of narrow dishwashers

Freestanding washing machines can be placed in any convenient location for its operation. Skinny models are suitable for serving families of three people

Despite a very reasonable cost, in a model of a lot of "bells and whistles" and chips, for which other brands are taking a solid money buyers. Cons are not observed in the product. The only thing that customers complain about, it is the difficulty of buying a model F 55410 WOP in retail stores and online stores.

Location number 2: spacious F56322M0

The full-size machine is located separately F56322M0 classmates created by other brands allocated good functionality, capacity, optimal internal furnishing, simple, discreet appearance and a more than reasonable price.


  • limiting the number of downloadable sets - 13;
  • energy class - A ++;
  • the washing / drying - A;
  • management principle - electronic;
  • the presence of the display - yes;
  • drying method - condensing;
  • Water consumption per working cycle - 9.9 l;
  • the number of programs - 6;
  • noise level of - 44 dB;
  • dimensions - 60h59h81,8 cm;
  • more options - saving mode to the light load, pre-soak wash prior to subsequent, automatic shutdown on completion of the work;
  • internal equipment - inverter motor with high capacity and low power consumption, capacious basket height regulator.

Of the merits of note holders quality cleaning in all modes, comfortable interior of the basket, can accommodate a lot of utensils of various dimensions, quiet operation and optimum consumption of electricity energy.

The full-size dishwasher made in Germany

Full-size dishwashers opt for families of more than four people. In other cases, there is no special need, since it is fully loaded

With a full load of dishes and basic processing program of secondary pollution level unit performs a cycle of 195 minutes. Plates, cups, pots, pans and cutlery after washing shine like new and are completely dry.

The absence of half-load and protection functions of several children reduces the level of popularity of this model, however, most users do not think it's fatal, and argue that without such options it is possible to live comfortably. Especially considering the cost of a loyal dishwashing machine.

Place number 3: narrow FSR83400P

Polnovstraivaemy narrow instrument has an impressive number of programs and progressive bloat. Of course, for each of the innovative features aimed at improving the quality of cleaning and improving the comfort of contact with home appliances, have to pay extra money. However, these costs are worth it to get an advanced module of kitchen appliances.


  • limiting the number of downloadable sets - 9;
  • energy class - A;
  • the washing / drying - A;
  • management principle - electronic;
  • the presence of the display - yes;
  • drying method - condensing;
  • Water consumption per working cycle - 9.9 l;
  • the number of programs - 7;
  • noise level of - 44 dB;
  • dimensions - 44,6h55h81 cm;
  • more options - rapid treatment for half an hour at a temperature of 60 ° C, automatic washing in the range from 45 ° C to 70 ° C, the function Auto Off "AutoOff», the progressive drying of «Air Dry», the possibility to postpone the start in 1-24 hours, "Ray on the floor», «Aqua Control »;
  • internal equipment - additional progressive sprinkler «ProClean Satellite» for uniform distribution of water and detergents in the washing tank, adjustable the height of the upper basket is roomy, holders with clamps for glasses and wine glasses, foldable shelf for cups, 4 folding shelf for plates at the bottom of the container, a special compartment for dining instruments.

Owners machinery mark its unprecedented performance, excellent cleaning quality, more cost-effective than the use of resources and silent operation. Artist and good internal equipment shelves and various devices for fixing the dishes in the proper position.

Fully built model dishwashers

Fully built model dishwashing device allows time to solve two important tasks: to save space in the kitchen and is perfectly fit into the interior equipment

The machine is equipped with additional internal structures that are easily folded / unfolded. They can be used for the needs of each specific pomyvochnaya cycle. Cost refers to the biggest disadvantages of the model. Technical parameters product raises no objections.

Location number 4: optimized FSR93800P

Polnovstraivaemaya model FSR93800P - this is one of the most expensive items in a wide range of AEG appliances. In addition to the basic program has several specific modes and advanced options for laundering contamination of varying difficulty. Remembers the last setting and wash the dishes in this cycle as long as the user does not change the settings.


  • limiting the number of downloadable sets - 13;
  • energy class - A;
  • the washing / drying - A;
  • management principle - electronic;
  • the presence of the display - yes;
  • method of drying - condensation;
  • Water consumption per working cycle - 11 l;
  • the number of programs - 8;
  • noise level of - 39 dB;
  • dimensions - 59,6h55h81,8 cm;
  • Additional options - a full coverage of the wash chamber, five temperature regimes, the presence of a delicate wash program, the possibility of treating dishes separately in each basket, presoaking oily dishes, progressive and quick-drying, "beam on sex ";
  • internal equipment - retractable soft top basket function «Premium Rails», stand with clamps for 12 wine glasses, folding stands plates, ergonomic handles made of anodized stainless steel for easy extension of empty and filled baskets, progressive sprinkler «ProClean Satellite ».

The owners of the model call it "smart" assistant for the kitchen. The machine is easy to cope with their tasks, conserve resources, configures work at maximum efficiency, depending on the volume and the level of contamination of utensils. Advanced functionality allows you to choose the most convenient mode of operation of the device, giving the perfect result at the output.

Wide model for full integration

Wide fully integrated machine literally bustles with innovations: soaked, remembers your favorite program silently washes at night, dry in an emergency mode, automatically shut down, disinfects dishes

Indication on the control panel is very convenient to monitor the performance and the general state of the unit. It shows the number of remaining in the compartments of the detergent and reflects the currently used modes and programs.

Technological disadvantages of the model no. The only thing that stops some customers from buying, is the cost. However, in this case, it is fully justified and eventually pays off due to economical resource consumption and reduction of utility bills.

Location number 5: the large F 99970 IM0P

Large, spacious car, fitted with an open control panel, ideal for a family of 5-7 people, or people who are constantly organizing house parties and celebrations for a large number guests. Easily accommodates a record number of dishes, qualitatively removes pollution of any complexity and rapidly dries the plates, cups, glasses and cutlery that can be used once again.


  • limiting the number of downloadable sets - 15;
  • energy class - A +++;
  • the washing / drying - A;
  • management principle - electronic;
  • the presence of the display - yes;
  • drying method - DryTech innovative technology;
  • Water consumption per working cycle - 11 l;
  • the number of programs - 9;
  • noise level of - 39 dB;
  • dimensions - 60h58h82-90 cm;
  • additional options - six different temperatures regimes, optimal cleaning function «Auto Sense», «GlassCare» for glass objects, a program for the simultaneous cleaning in different baskets with individual settings (normal and sensitive mode), «ExtraHygene», the possibility of a well to wash the dishes for half an hour delayed start, the correct work "3 with oral agents in 1».
  • internal equipment - high power and economical inverter motor, a large washing tank, the presence in the lower compartment sprinkler ProClean, the upper rotating spray arm, the upper basket is available for height adjustment even under full loading, progressive holders for glasses, equipped with locks, separate box for cutlery, double loop with a lifter on the front door.

Customers who have already bought the products, highly appreciate the combination of spaciousness with the power and economical consumption of resources. A full cycle takes only 11 liters of water, whereas many other machines with the same consumption is washed at a time no more than 9-10 sets.

Open the dishwasher control panel

One of the most spacious model is able to wash 15 sets per session. It attracts not only the capacity but also user-friendly controls with an open panel

Pleasant experience is the presence of lighting inside the washing tank. This allows owners to program the module to work even at night, do not include the general lighting and without interfering with the rest of the rest living in the apartment.

Machine IM0P F 99970 can be disposed separately or partially embedded under the tabletop. Elegant appearance of the device makes it possible to combine it with any interior, without worrying about what equipment will make a dissonance in the surrounding atmosphere.

According to reviews, the active defects in the product no. Some note the increased vibration when installing the appliance at high altitude. However, this disadvantage is not full and additional sealing seal is achieved in the recess.

Place number 6: delicate FFB62700PM

Detached very spacious and fairly economical car with good functionality looks stylish and inexpensive. In addition to the standard set of programs it contains useful additional options, such as the delicate handling of fragile items and akvasensor determining the level of purity of the water used.

Technical differences between full-size dishwashers

This separately installed full-size model is not inferior to the previous terms of capacity, but noticeably loses on technical possibilities


  • limiting the number of downloadable sets - 15;
  • energy class - A ++;
  • the washing / drying - A;
  • management principle - electronic;
  • the presence of the display - yes;
  • drying method - condensing;
  • Water consumption per working cycle - 10,2 l;
  • the number of programs - 6;
  • noise level of - 44 dB;
  • dimensions - 59,6h61h85 cm;
  • Additional options - a complete protection against leaks and overflow, touch control water purity, progressive Drying «Extra Dry», a function of delaying the start of the period from 1 to 24 hours, a program for washing delicate fragile items;
  • Internal equipment - adjustable height basket, a special box under the cutlery, folding shelves for plates and cups.

The owners speak out about the device in a positive tone. I like the quiet operation, high-quality removal of old stains, become attached to the surface by means of intensive regime.

Separately pleases a good capacity, due to which at one time you can wash a large number of kitchen utensils.

The inner space of the dishwasher

The inner space of AEG brand washing machines thoroughly thought out for comfortable download kitchen utensils and cleaning without damaging

Lack of half-load greatly lowers the rating for this product. Some users have reported that on ordinary days the dishes to be collected for 2-3 days, and it's not always convenient, because it requires the presence in the house of a large number of sets.

Individual clients indicate some difficulty in taking care of the body surface. On it are immediately noticeable fingerprints fingerprints, grease stains and other unsightly appearance.

To eliminate them, we have to devote time and after each loading cycle scour and degrease the surface.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Video clearly presents the advantages and features of the device dishwashers AEG ProClean:

How does the self-cleaning filter units for washing utensils:

When planning the purchase of AEG dishwashers need to define the scope of tasks. If you need a versatile unit, pay attention to the state employees. They are sold cheap, perfectly clean utensils and contain only the necessary programs. Those who wish to purchase a highly intelligent device, it is necessary to look at the premium models. They have to shine even washed and dried fragile dishes without spending an excessive amount of resources.

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