How to lime the trees with copper sulfate?

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Any experienced cottager knows that fruit or ornamental trees needadditional protection of the bark from the cold, burns and pests. The whitewashing of trees with lime and copper sulfate is the most important procedure that is easy to carry out yourself. The main task is to choose the right proportions of chemicals that will have a beneficial effect on the tree.

Advantages of whitewashing trees with copper sulfate

Often, inexperienced gardeners have the wrong opinion that whitewashing trees is done for aesthetic purposes. Indeed, gently planted trees with white trunks look much more beautiful, but lime and copper sulfate for whitewashing trees protect the bark from at least three adverse factors:

  1. Burns. In winter, the sun's rays are reflected in the snow drifts, which is why the bark of the trees is at risk of getting burned.
  2. Temperature drops. In the offseason, the air temperature at night and in the afternoon is very different, which can cause cracks in the cortex.
  3. Pests. Insects and their larvae are easily found in the bark after winter, and their penetration is prevented by applying a chemical composition.

Exfoliation of the bark is a frequent occurrence after whitening with chemical composition. To avoid the colonization of parasites, it is important to treat such areas with iron sulfate or cover it with clay.

Preparation of the solution

There are at least two of the most effective mix recipes for whitewashing trees with lime and copper sulphate. Properly diluted solution gets a light blue hue and the consistency of a thick sour cream. Excessive drips formed after staining the trunk, indicate its insufficient density.

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Recipe 1

For 10 liters of water, 2 kg of lime and 250 g of copper vitriol are taken. Additional components will be 1 kg of clay and 0.5 kg of cow manure. The components are connected in an arbitrary sequence and stirred until homogeneous.

Recipe 2

Dilute 2.5 kg of lime and 0.5 kg of copper sulfate in 8 liters of water. Add 200 g of wood glue to the resulting mass. For greater efficiency, any pest control agent can be added to the solution.

Surely everyone knows how to dissolve a bluestone for whitewashing trees correctly: blue powder is stirred in water until completely dissolved. Lime should be extinguished in advance and add it in a dissolved form. Ready-made slaked lime is also sold in the store, although it does not have the best reputation. When preparing the solution at home, use protective gloves and goggles that will prevent the chemical from getting into the eyes and skin. The quenching process is carried out a few hours before the planned whitewashing of the trees with lime and copper sulphate.

2 liters of water is taken per kg of powdered or lumpy lime. Lime should be gradually added to the water, stirring with a wooden stick until smooth. Before connecting with the bluestone, the mixture should be drained.

Painting works

Tree whitening is carried out 2-3 times a year under favorable weather conditions. Autumn whitewash is held in November, when the showers are over, and the temperature will be below zero. As the main component for the preparation of a mixture in the fall, you can only use lime. Whitewashing trees with lime and copper sulfate in the spring should be carried out before the appearance of insects. Copper sulfate has a disinfectant property and neutralizes the activity of pests that move to trees with the arrival of spring.

Whitewashing of young trees planted in the ground recently, should be transferred to the next season. An alternative method of treating the bark can be spraying a 3% bordeaux mixture, which has a more gentle effect.

Whitening with copper sulfate requires preliminary preparation of the trees. The whole procedure is carried out in five stages:

  1. Cover the tree circles with film. The solution should be only on the trunk, and not by!
  2. Clean the trunk of old bark, moss and lichen. Cleaning is done with a construction spatula and wire brush.
  3. Disinfect the bark using a Bordeaux mixture or copper sulfate solution( 3%) by spraying.
  4. Repair large wounds on the bark using garden pitch or a clay mash.
  5. Apply the solution with a two-layer paint brush. The size of the brush is selected depending on the diameter of the trunk. For large trees should be thoroughly grease fork. You can use the gun, but for him the cost of the mixture will be more.
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The process will be crowned with success and the result will remain long-term if you know exactly how much copper sulfate to add to the whitewash. Its surplus will burn the bark of the trees, so it should be significantly less lime.

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Preparing the Bordeaux mixture

Bordeaux mixture is a solution of blue vitriol in calcareous milk( hydrated lime with water).The finished substance has a lower concentration, in contrast to the mixture for whitewashing. Spraying relieves trees and plants from fungus and bacterial diseases. Preparing the mixture according to the following recipe:

  1. Copper sulfate - 300 g.
  2. Lime - 450 g.
  3. Water - 10 l.

The main condition that should be observed when preparing a solution is respecting the proportions and consistency, otherwise the mixture will turn out to be too concentrated or of low quality. The dilution of each chemical will require the same amount of water - 5 liters. Copper sulfate, then lime is diluted in water in different containers. The first solution is poured into the second and is stirred with a wooden spoon. Bordeaux mixture is used in the first few hours after preparation. Ironing is not allowed.

In the Bordeaux mixture the solution of copper sulphate is poured into the milk of lime. You can not change the sequence!

Spring whitewashing of copper sulfate with lime - video

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