Top 6 best home toasters

  • How to choose a good toaster?
  • Criteria for choosing the best model of the toaster
  • Top-6 models of toasters in 2018

What could be better than a cup of delicious hot drink and a slice of crispy golden toast for breakfast? With honey or jam, with a slice of cheese or ham - toast can saturate us half a day ahead and give us a great mood. But how to roast the bread until golden brown in a matter of moments, without having at hand a reliable electrical assistant? Alas, no way. That is why, today we will tell all gourmets what device is best to buy - the rating of the best toasters 2018 according to customer reviews.

How to choose a good toaster?

When looking at the variety of models of such a simple appliance as a toaster, it becomes a little uneasy. And it is also not clear - why the cost of one model is barely one thousand, and the other will have to pay more than 10 thousand rubles? How can such simple devices as household toasters differ so radically? Judging by the reviews of users who have already pleased themselves with the purchase of such a household device, like a toaster, the differences still exist and sometimes - very tangible and even decisive. Let's find out more about everything.

The device is arranged and in fact is quite simple - inside the case there are heating elements that heat and roast bread. Also, inside the toasters is a sensor that detects the temperature of the bread and turns off the device at the right time. When you put the pieces of bread in the toaster and lower the lever, you compress the spring, and when the device turns off, the electromagnet holding the spring compressed turns off too. The spring straightens and pushes the toasted delicacy to the top.

When we compiled our toaster rating, we took into account certain technical characteristics that will affect the comfort and efficiency of using even the most inexpensive toasters.

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Criteria for choosing the optimal model of the toaster

So, what should you look for when choosing the optimal model?

  • Power - it depends on how long it takes to heat up the nichrome spiral inside the toaster and, accordingly, to prepare the toasts themselves;
  • The number of toasts that you can cook at the same time - if you are not often going to fry toasts or live together, then there is enough equipment for a loaf. If every morning you feed a family of 3-4 people with toasted bread - it is worth investing in a more capacious and powerful model;
  • Adjusting the roast of bread - you can adjust the intensity of the bread roasting yourself - in some models there are several levels of heating elements;
  • Automatic shutdown - when the bread is ready, the device will turn off, and you will not have to stand over it, making sure that the toast is not burnt;
  • Automatic raising of slices - with such a function, it is much more convenient to get bread on a plate;
  • Presence of the crumb tray - you do not have to turn the toaster over and empty it, risking a drop. Also, you will not have the opportunity to regale yourself with coals - overcooked crumbs, which are still formed;
  • Case insulation - the device heats up during operation and some models are so strong that they can burn the wearer when touched. We do not think that you will like this, especially if small children live in the house.

So, you can safely proceed to the analysis of the best and high-quality toasters in 2018, which you should pay attention to when buying.

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Top-6 models of toasters in 2018

We compiled a rating based on expert data, customer opinion, characteristics and price-performance ratio. Let's look at the best toasters with the most affordable price tag.

Bosch TAT 3A011 /3A012/3A014/ 3A016

Its cost - from 1860 rubles. Model average power - only 980 watts. At the same time can fry two toasts from 2 sides. It has a mechanical type of control and a smooth adjustment of the degree of roasting bread. Also, there is a "stop" button, the bundle includes: a grill for buns and a crumb tray. Owners of the model note the simplicity and reliability of this device. According to customer feedback, one can single out the advantages of a plastic case, which for a longer time keeps a neat and attractive appearance, a long enough cord, toasts are toasted evenly and very quickly.

Polaris PET 0804A

Cost - from 1400 rubles. The model is more powerful, compared with the previous toaster, consumption - 800 watts. Also on the mechanical control, with a cancel button and a smooth adjustment of the intensity of cooking. However, the functionality is more expanded: there is a function of defrosting and heating the bread. The body is made of durable metal, has a fairly weighty and impressive dimensions. Among the shortcomings - there is no automatic raising of toast. Among buyers divided opinions about the degree of heating of the case. Some say that the metal is very thin, resembles a foil and is very hot, while others say that it is impossible to burn the device. Overall - a stylish, durable and efficient toaster.

ProfiCook PC-TA 1073

More expensive toaster, it can be attributed to the family - you can cook 4 slices of bread at the same time. Cost - from 6000 rubles. Power device 1500 watts. At the same time can fry 4 toasts, but true from two sides, there is a smooth adjustment of the intensity of roasting. There is a cancel button, centering the slice and “extra-rise” of toasted toasts. Comes with a grill for buns and a crumb tray - you can warm up cheesecakes, croissants and other baking. There is an option of defrosting and heating the bread. ProfiCook PC-TA 1073 is made of metal, is durable and durable. It bakes bread well, it helps to cook delicious hot toasts quickly and conveniently, it serves for a long time and without fail. The best toaster for the price in this category.

Caso T4

This is also a family toaster. Cost - from 9500 rubles. The model has a capacity of 1600 watts. Immediately attracts the attention of a stylish metal case, 2 compartments for 4 toasts, as well as - precise electronic control, the presence of a display, a cancel button and a smooth adjustment of the bread. Ready toasts rise smoothly, but not very high above the body. There is a function of defrosting and heating, as well as a lattice for baking and tray for crumbs. The user can use one of the holes separately. This model of the toaster is praised for 9 levels of operation, automatic shutdown, countdown timer. It is safe to say that this toaster turned out in full accordance with the German tradition of quality and reasonableness to the smallest detail. Good appliance among family breakfast toasters.

Smeg TSF01

According to customer reviews, this is the most popular model in our ranking. Consumption - 900 watts. It is designed for toasting 2 toasts, maybe even from frozen bread. Also, the device will heat the finished loaves, lift them, warm up the buns and automatically turn off when the pieces get stuck. Metal durable case, durable, convenient mechanical control, nice appearance - nothing superfluous. One of the most effective toasters for a quick snack in its price segment.

Bugatti Volo

The cost of about 14 thousand rubles.930 W - power. Fast quality accommodation 2 toasts with intensity adjustment. Also, you can warm the buns, and all the crumbs are easily removed using a special pan. You can stop the device at any time. Such a device will decorate your kitchen, thanks to its non-standard appearance. The Italians took care of the safety and quality of the assembly of their unit.

So our rating for the best toasters of 2018 according to customer reviews has come to an end, continue to follow our publications and buy deliberately!

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