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Country holiday - a favorite time of our compatriots. So why not make this holiday not only pleasant, but also beautiful? This will require one-time efforts, and then simple actions aimed at maintaining the created beauty.

The most pleasant plant for the eye on the site are, of course, flowers. But just planting them in rows is too boring. It is best to create your own landscape design unusual flower beds. For this, university knowledge is not required, only desire is needed.

How to start creating a designer flower bed? Subtleties and tips

To design a flower bed turned out beautiful, you must first make it qualitatively and take into account some features:

  • Make a drawing or at least sketch on paper to understand where the flower garden will be located, what shape and size it will be, whether it will interfere with othersplants
  • The selected area must be flat. Remove stones, weeds from it, dig and mark.
  • When creating a flower bed design in the country, consider its boundaries. Planted flowers can grow greatly.
  • If the flower garden will not be adjacent to the house, make a path to it.
  • Planting flowers should be treated most responsibly. If you have not done this before, choose easy-care plants.

How to create a beautiful color scheme in the design of flower beds?

Being engaged in the design of flower beds in the country, you are unlikely to choose only one type of flowers. Amazing results can be achieved if you know some simple rules for combining them. Then you can easily combine several beautiful plants and get a magnificent flower garden.

  • The maximum number of flowers in one flowerbed is 4-5.
  • If you create an area on the flower garden that will become the main accent, you need to highlight it in a unique color on this piece of land.
  • Do not forget that cold tones are mixed with cold, and warm with warm.
  • Do not be afraid to combine a bright shade and softer colors. So the design of a flower bed, made with your own hands, will be more diverse.

In addition, take care of the practical side of the issue. Consider the period of flowering plants. For all the flowers in one flowerbed, it must match. Make sure that the leaves from one species of plants during flowering will not close the other. Before planting, study the characteristics of each flower. They all require specific care and soil type.

From the point of view of the flower bed design, it can be not only single-level, but make sure that the transitions are smooth. A great option - to design a flower garden so that the flowering plants are replaced by flowering. This method will help most of the year to maintain the beauty of the flower beds. By the way, in order not to suffer with constant transfers, give preference to perennial plants.

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Great ideas for designing a flower bed with your own hands

Live curbs .This is one of the most beautiful and relatively simple ways to improve your site. First you need a path, and you can create amazing beauty on its sides. The design of flower beds in the form of a border can be made with the help of a single plant or a combination of flowers. For such a flower bed is not desirable to plant more than 2-3 plants at the same time.

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Rabatki .This is a kind of flower bed, having a length of about 1 meter( possible and more) and the shape of a narrow rectangle. Rabatki, as a rule, are created near walls, fences, fences, lawns. They can be planted on one side or symmetrically and on the other. In such a designer flowerbed you can perfectly combine low and tall plants of different colors.

Mixborders .If you have the opportunity and desire to do more complex design flower beds in the country, then choose just this option. Your efforts a hundredfold pay off with the beauty that will be created on the garden. In mixborder connect flowers and shrubs that complement each other. They are usually planted so that the period of their flowering falls at different times. From the middle of spring to the first frost, the design of the flower bed with your own hands in the form of a mixborder will please the eyeIf coniferous plants are included in the composition, then the beauty will be preserved year-round.

Alpine Hill .This is perhaps one of the most beloved compositions in the area of ​​each house owners. Of course, it takes more time and effort to create it, but is it really worth it? Just look at the photo of the design of flower beds, where alpine slides are shown? This is always an original, non-banal and aesthetically beautiful version of the dacha. On such a flower bed you can install an artificial reservoir, but even without it, the flower bed will look great, especially if you have picked up beautiful stones for decoration.

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In addition to the proposed options, you can make the design of flower beds in the country on their own imagination. Feel free to choose the original form, do not be afraid to combine plants, and do not forget to add unusual accessories to the flower garden.

No need to think that bedding accessories are just good old tires( although with tires painted in bright colors, you can achieve an interesting landscape design of an unusual flower bed).Turn on the fantasy! We use old furniture. Chairs, bedside tables, tables and even baths will do. Of course, before installing them in a flower garden, they will need to be restored a bit - to have a perfect color, to create an old-fashioned effect with special means.

Also, cuts of trees that will always harmoniously look in the open air of nature are suitable as accessories. The design of flowerbeds, photos of which can be found on the Internet, often includes stumps( not even uprooted from the ground), bricks, various natural stones, old and unnecessary kitchen utensils. Beautiful design of flowerbeds with your own hands can be achieved with the help of paving slabs, lined around the flower bed in rows in height.

Do not forget that in specialized stores you can always find a variety of items and figures that will look great in your flower garden!

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