Sowing lawn without weeds manually is not easy, but possible

Planting a lawn with your own hand is a fairly simple process, but will require considerable patience to achieve an optimal result. Works should be performed in stages.

Planning a lawn

Before proceeding with the work, you should mark the territory for the future lawn. It is important at the initial stage to think about the presence of other plants on the site, since in the future this may lead to difficulties with cutting grass. If there are paths on the territory, then it is worth considering the distance between the grass and the curb. The distance should be up to 1 meter, for comfortable operation of the mower.

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Preparing a plot

Preparation of the base is one of the important steps that will provide a clean and beautiful weed-free grass. Before you start planting a lawn, it is necessary to prepare the soil.

The main stages of land preparation:

  • remove debris from the territory of the future lawn - this applies to stones, remnants of building materials, brushwood and other foreign objects;
  • in the presence of residues of the root system or entire unwanted trees should be uprooted and removed from the site;
  • herbicides - this is one of the options that will be the question of how to sow the lawn correctly without weeds;
  • dig the prepared area, fertilizing the ground;
  • create a drainage layer - crushed stone or broken brick will perfectly cope with this function;
  • form a flat surface, without hillocks and ravines, compact the soil with a roller;
  • needs to enrich the soil with oxygen - loosen the earth with a rake;
  • leave the area for some time under steam.

Perform a cultivation process with herbicides. Do not save on the quality of the drug.

Selection of seeds for lawn

When choosing a mixture for a lawn, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • climatic conditions of the region;
  • soil features;
  • the presence of sunlight;
  • functional area.
  • experts will recommend the optimal composition for your site.
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Sowing the lawn

For high-quality grass surface, you should carefully read the information on the package. The manufacturer indicates the required number of seeds per square meter plot. On average, 1 square.m. will need about 30-40 g.seeds.

Do not save on the amount of grass. Empty places will very quickly be occupied by weeds.

Conditionally distribute material for sowing into equal parts, this will ensure uniform consumption. Moisten the soil lightly by spraying water evenly.

Windless weather is the perfect day to plant a lawn.

For even distribution, sprinkle lawn grass first along, then across. Fill the seeds with gentle, light movements and compact the ground with a roller or walk around the area. Water the area using a small sprayer.

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Lawn care

The area planted with grass must be watered systematically at least once a day, and more. Especially carefully monitor soil moistening in the first month after sowing. Further, the frequency of irrigation should depend on the amount of precipitation.

Mowing grown grass is recommended once a week. Sufficiently sharp knives will provide a juicy green color of grass, and frequent mowing promotes the formation of dense grass.

After the lawn is mowed, experienced gardeners recommend watering the grass.

Thanks to the observance of simple tips, you will become the owner of a rich and dense lawn that will decorate the summer cottage or the territory near the house.

Video about planting a lawn

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