Variety features of the blackberry Agavam and rules of care

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Blackberries are not as often found in Russian gardens as its closest relative is raspberry. This is due to the fact that the plant does not tolerate the winter and demanding care. Such flaws are devoid of the Agave blackberry, a description of the variety of which suggests its unpretentiousness and resistance to adverse weather conditions. Therefore, each gardener must remember several features of this plant and the rules of its cultivation.

Varietal features

North America is considered the birthplace of the blackberry variety Agaveam. It is characterized by a large height of the bush and a powerful root system. In length, its shoots reach 3 meters. As it gets older, it grows heavily. This plant will be an excellent option for decorating country arches and pergolas.

Young shoots are colored light green. Gradually, they acquire a reddish-purple hue and slightly pubescent. Blackberries have large spikes. Leaves along the veins are also studded. The distinctive feature of the variety is that all the plates of the leaf go out from one point.

The plant does not reset the leaf until the frost. Often goes under the snow together with the leaves. Flowering begins in May. Flowers are collected in large racemes.

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Studying the description of the blackberry variety Agaveam, it becomes clear that it is abundantly fruiting. In one brush grows up to 20 large juicy berries. The mass of each of them can reach up to 4 grams. They completely matured closer to the middle of August. Characterized by a pleasant sweet taste. The total yield reaches 15 kg of berries from one bush.

One bush can bear fruit annually for 15 years. The plant tolerates frost well -30 degrees. Tolerates drought. With a prolonged lack of moisture, the berries become smaller. Feels good on wet ground. Shade-tolerant

Basic rules for planting

Planting and caring for blackberries Agaves do not require special skills and knowledge. To grow a healthy plant should remember a few basic recommendations for proper planting:

  1. Planting seedlings in the ground is carried out in the spring. Only in this way will the blackberry take root well and adapt to the new conditions of life.
  2. If the soil in the area is too acidic, it will be necessary to chaff.
  3. Based on the description of the blackberry variety Agaves, it follows that it tolerates shading quite well. It is better to give preference to well-lit areas for its landing.
  4. Before planting in a prepared well, it is recommended to add a little mullein, humus and superphosphate.
  5. It is recommended to trim young plants after planting so that no more than 25 cm of shoots remain above the ground. Pristvolnuyu territory mulichiruyut sawdust or pine needles.
  6. Plants can be planted in rows or bushes. For each seedling should be at least 2 square meters.meters of free land.
  7. Blackberry requires a garter to the trellis. For this, between two rigidly fixed pillars, they pull a wire. The first thread is at a height of 0.4 m from the ground, the second is 1.2 m and the third is at a distance of 1.7 m. As the plant grows, its shoots will be attached to such a trellis.
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Given the description of the blackberry variety Agave and the rules of its planting, it will be possible to breed a real bramble in its plot. He will delight in high yields for many years.

Competent care

Care for this type of blackberry is simple, even an inexperienced gardener can easily cope with it. The main thing to follow a few basic rules:

  1. Plants that have reached the age of two years, pruned in the fall. It is necessary to cut off all the shoots without exception. The shoots of young seedlings are tied in a bundle and bend down to the ground and tie a trellis to the bottom wire. This must be done before the onset of cold weather.
  2. Blackberry needs regular watering. This should be done with warm water once a week. Under one bush poured several buckets of water.
  3. Periodically, the soil around the bushes loosened. This will ensure better oxygen penetration to the roots and will avoid the appearance of weeds.
  4. The variety is resistant to diseases and pests. Occasionally it is subject to attacks of the Maybeetle or Medvedka. To avoid this, plant marigolds and calendula around the bushes. The essential oils contained in these plants deter pests.
  5. At the beginning of the vegetative period, fertilizing is carried out with nitrogen fertilizers. In addition, potash fertilizers will be required once a season.
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variety There are many photos and descriptions of blackberry variety to Aghavam on the Internet. Remembering a few recommendations, you can easily grow this berry in your area.

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