How to choose a bulb for ceilings? Nuances connectivity and location

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Stretch ceilings are mounted in the residential, office and commercial premises. You can use them for reasonable money to create unbanal and practical interior. The only problem that may arise, - the organization of lighting.

We will talk about how to choose wisely lamps for suspended ceilings. In the present article we describe types of devices used for ceiling constructions equipment dismantled popular scheme of their location. These are the requirements and rules of the assembly of ceiling lighting.

The content of the article:

  • The best option for suspended ceilings
  • Basic rules of selection
  • Pros and cons of different types of light bulbs
    • Option # 1 - LED bulbs
    • Option # 2 - Halogen lamps
    • Option # 3 - fluorescent lamps
  • Terms of connecting tubes
  • Requirements for placement of lamps on the ceiling
  • arrangements of light sources
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The best option for suspended ceilings

The main reasons for the tension set design - aesthetics and practicality. They are made of PVC or fabric panels attached to the profiles.

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The choice of lighting devices is largely dependent on this type of ceiling material. Polyvinyl chloride film, and some kinds of fabrics do not tolerate an increase in temperature. They can be deformed. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention not only to technical parameters, but also on other features of the luminaires.

Thus, when heated above 50 degrees panels material may change color, become dry and cracked. The ceiling will be yellowish, ugly. Operation and maintenance is very difficult. After a few months will have a new repair. This is a good reason to devote time to the selection of the right lamp for suspended ceilings.

The type and location of light bulbs depend lighting effects. They can highlight the benefits of the ceiling, it is advantageous to zone the space, improve the interior, or, conversely, hopelessly spoil the impression of the room.

Hanging lamps for ceilings

From the choice of fixtures depends on the life of PVC ceilings. Incandescent too heated surface, therefore not suitable for tension structures

When purchasing power and guided by the heating temperature. Incandescent lamps are not suitable, so it is usually choose Halogen devices capacity of 35-40 W, or LED low-voltage versions.

In some cases - energy-saving fluorescent 50 watts. Also, there are certain requirements for the safe location of lighting fixtures.

Basic rules of selection

The value has everything - the type, shape, power, placement of fixtures on the ceiling.

The main rule that should guide the choice of:

  1. The type and power of the lamps. The best option - lights on 35-50 watts.
  2. The distance to the ceiling. The critical minimum - 15-20 cm. Placing lamps closer to the surface of the material, this will lead to its deformation. For light bulbs the distance should be even more - by 40 cm.
  3. form fixtures. From a favorite of many "plates" have to give. Rules of installation provide a snug fit to the surface of the ceiling. In the case of tensile structures, it is unacceptable, because cooling needed full air circulation.
  4. Design. It all depends on personal preference landlord. It is important that the appliance is installed on all the rules and provides full coverage.

Variety is huge lamps, so it makes sense to sort out the basic classifications and find the option that is best suited for each case.

Unbanal tsvetosvetovoe clearance

If properly design the lighting, you can achieve amazing effects tsvetosvetovyh. They enliven the interior, will help highlight accent areas to create the right mood

When you purchase is necessary to consider the purpose and features of facilities management, pay attention to installation rules, degree of protection electrical appliances, color temperatureInherent energy saving light bulbs.

Complex assembly increases the cost of coverage, often unnecessarily. The problem can be solved by selecting a different type of lamp.

Pros and cons of different types of light bulbs

Usually used for ceilings, fixtures of one of three types:

  • LED ceiling types;
  • Halogen miniature devices;
  • fluorescent lamps.

Each of them has its own advantages, disadvantages, limitations of use. To make an informed choice, better to find out their features.

Option # 1 - LED bulbs

This semiconductor devices. They give a white or slightly yellow light, do not overheat air, the surrounding objects. One of the major advantages - Radiant. This means that the brightness of the light is adjusted immediately: it is not necessary to wait until the instrument "flare" at full capacity. Is not affected by power surges in the network.

Moreover, commercially available model, the brightness of which can be adjusted by the user - dimmable svetodiodki. This option allows you to develop and use some of the original lighting options in a single design.

All LED device belongs to energy-saving lighting devicesBecause they spend 5-8 times less electricity than incandescent bulbs. This is an obvious plus, but the price is still more than high.

LED lamps for suspended ceilings

LED devices are safe for the environment. These flasks no harmful substances, unlike fluorescent lamps containing mercury

Noting the high cost of light bulbs diode should be at the stage of planning the lighting to determine the type of lamp. If it is a model which is integrated matrix / board with LEDs, then at its exit from the system may need repair or replacement of the item.

Not every ordinary user attend to purchase new boards and independent of its replacement. A cause for this electrician will be expensive - it is easier to buy a new light fixture.

A more interesting alternative - the acquisition of the lamp, which can change the light bulb. On sale there are a variety of models, which are placed in a lamp with base GU5,3. With fixtures selection rules for ceiling structures acquaint next article, To read that we strongly recommend.

If this LED light bulb fails, then simply remove the old and put a new one, which costs about 60 rubles. And not have to buy the entire lamp completely. Due to the high cost of the lamps from well-known brands, many potential buyers of a desire to save money by choosing cheaper products unnamed Chinese firms.

This benefit is very questionable due to a number of features:

  • price - a good light on the diode can not be cheap, and cheap most often without the manufacturer's warranty;
  • life is not always consistent with the declared - only brand lamps are able to work, according to the manufacturer, hours of work;
  • brightness decrease - crystals LEDs gradually lose brightness, and then completely faded out.

Also, before you buy should pay attention to the color spectrum emitted by the selected LED lamp. In this issue should be cautious and determine in advance whether such a pleasant light to the eye.

Good selection of lighting colors

When designing lighting should pay attention to the color, position, orientation lamps. Errors can result in discomfort in the future

In developing the design of the ceiling should be sure to carefully select the right color of light, to calculate the power required and the cost of devices. The only way to make the interior a truly comfortable and enjoyable. If necessary, consult a professional designers and electricians.

Option # 2 - Halogen lamps

The principle of operation is similar to the operation of conventional incandescent bulbs, only for the manufacture of wire strands used special grade tungsten. The essential difference is only in the filling bulb, where there is oxygen, inert gas, halogen-containing additives.

When heated, tungsten evaporates from the thin wire, and then returns it. Thanks to this flask does not appear darkening patina. It regenerates itself thread, which has a positive effect on the life of the lamp.

Tungsten wire is warmed to a high temperature, but this is compensated by the use of a special quartz glass which retains heat and improves the device efficiency.

Lamps with galogenki are of high quality color reproduction, brightness, directional light. Another plus - small sizes. This allows the design aesthetic spotlights.

Suspended ceiling with halogen lamps

Halogen lamps give comfort to the eyes light. He is in many ways, including the composition of the spectrum close to natural. Therefore, in the room with the lighting is nice to be

With regard to energy saving, halogen bulbs are losing LED and fluorescent. life is also poor. This should be considered when purchasing.

Option # 3 - fluorescent lamps

They are deservedly called energy efficient. Whatever the lamp may have been installed, it is with such devices will automatically become economical. This is caused by design features, whereby can be obtained an excellent luminous flux ratio and power.

Economical power consumption, good performance and specifications - is the dignity of fluorescent lamps. They do not flicker, if we are talking about compact models with an integrated electronic ballast, long and uninterrupted work. You can choose a suitable color shade.

Another plus - the absence of ambient overheating and objects close to the light fixtures. Maximum temperature - 60 degrees.

Fluorescent color backlight

Fluorescent tubes used in a variety of interiors. With their help you can organize basic lighting and create an original colored lights

Disadvantages also have:

  1. Potential health hazards. To people with certain illnesses be harmful to smokers with fluorescent lighting. If you have a serious diagnosis, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.
  2. High price. Compared to incandescent lamps, fluorescent 10 times more expensive.
  3. Sensitivity to the on-off switch. The more often the instruments are lit and quenched, the less they serve.
  4. Harm to the environment. Unsafe lamps contain mercury vapor, so the devices need to be collected separately. If the bulb is broken, you need to thoroughly ventilate the room to collect the remnants of glass and process space.

Always be sure that your town has collection points of end of life products before purchasing fluorescent lamps. They can not be disposed of with ordinary trash.

The size of fluorescent lamps

Compared with LED fluorescent lamps little ones are great. Because of the relatively large size, they are not suitable for certain types of lamps

If it is broken at the same time several fluorescent lamps have to call MChSniki for preventive treatment facilities. It is worth considering, especially if a family has young children, active bouncy animals, etc.

Terms of connecting tubes

Of fundamental importance is the type of lighting fixtures, in which it is planned to install the lamp. By design, there are a variety of attachment type.

False. In everyday life they are called chandeliers. A win-win for almost any interior.

You can mount the lamps of all types, as distance to ceiling enough to avoid excessive heating of materials. Installation - simple. Prices may vary depending on the model, manufacturer's design.

overhead. For such designs should be fitted with a mortgage database with wiring to stretch ceiling mounting. Then put a special ring, which reinforce lamps. For them, the LED lamps work best - with a minimum heating temperature. An advantage is the low cost of construction.

recessed. Unlike overhead lamps only in the method of installation and the availability of the decorative panel, through which the device design is almost indistinguishable from the surface of a stretch ceiling.

Advantage - low cost designs. Ideal for office space, minimalist interiors. Depending on the number of light sources distinguish between point and cascading lights. In devices of the first type is mounted only one lamp, and the second - somewhat.

Dot design have to install rows of modest coverage area. Cascading differ extensive design capabilities. Thanks to them, you can create beautiful effects.

Distinguish between static and rotating lights. The name reflects the design features: the first fixed, and the second allows you to adjust the direction of radiation.

Installation spotlight

take into account the purpose of the lighting when mounting devices. If it is common, the optimal radiation angle should be 60-90 degrees. If the local (zoned) - 40 degrees

What matters is the type of material from which made the ceiling panel. If this is the fabric, the choice of lamps is almost unlimited, but on the PVC film is better to install LED devices.

Requirements for placement of lamps on the ceiling

When designing lighting adhere to a few simple rules:

  1. The first row of lamps plan so that it was at least 20 cm from the wall.
  2. If a single hanging lamp, it is set in the center of the ceiling.
  3. Seams - the weaknesses of PVC structures. At a distance of at least 15-20 cm from them should not be any light sources.
  4. When calculating the lamps can focus on averages: 1 unit 1.5-2 sq.m. area. If you want to provide powerful illumination, then the outcome of the first digit. If a special brightness do not need - in the second.
  5. With a symmetrical arrangement of the lamps allow for the distance between them, they departed from the wall.

Windows - sources of natural sunlight. When calculating their lamps layouts necessarily take into account, but no special requirements is not here. The main thing - keep a distance from the walls.

arrangements of light sources

There are a few design ideas, which allow the most profitable place devices. Before independently invent new ways fixtures location, it is worth to get acquainted with the existing ones.

lamps layout

The diagrams are proven. They allow you to get full coverage of the entire room or separate area. BEST MODE is selected depending on the interior features

The most popular bulbs arrangement schemes on Stretch ceilings are as follows:

  1. Oval. Lighting devices are placed in the form of an oval, a rectangle inscribed in the ceiling. Center or chandeliers or leave a little darkened.
  2. A circle. Lamps look like a big circle on the ceiling. The advantage of such a scheme - even lighting throughout the area.
  3. Rectangle. Devices installed on the perimeter, which creates an optical effect expansion space.
  4. Arc. A great option to highlight accent the room area.
  5. Wave. Location of the bulbs in the form of waves suitable for rooms of nonstandard configuration. This scheme allows you to visually adjust the shape of the room.

In rooms with niches, ledges or the original furnishings may look good random drawings. Often lamps at the same time look randomly arranged, but create desired effects.

If you decide to arrange the ceiling so, you need to carefully calculate the required number of light sources. Selecting the scheme may depend on the purpose of the premises and the personal preference of the owner.

image gallery

Photo of

Lighting corridor with tension ceilings

The optimum layout of fixtures in the hall - in a row in the middle or "Rectangle". The choice depends on the width of the room configuration, features of operation. If placed in the hallway closets, need more light. If there is a window - less

Lighting spacious kitchen

Some kitchen areas are in need of better coverage. Lamps better to concentrate on working and dining areas. And for lighting the entire room enough chandelier in the center of the ceiling

Location lamps in the nursery

Location of the bulbs in the nursery should consider carefully. Most often it is a small room that you want to issue the subject of recreation areas, training, entertainment. Of fundamental importance is light shade

Lamps for suspended ceilings in the bedroom

With proper selection and a good lamp arrangement can be made of the king's bedroom a place of rest and relaxation. Here, not necessarily suit a bright illumination. Suffice pair of series spotlights and chandeliers

Lighting corridor with tension ceilings

Lighting corridor with tension ceilings

Lighting spacious kitchen

Lighting spacious kitchen

Location lamps in the nursery

Location lamps in the nursery

Lamps for suspended ceilings in the bedroom

Lamps for suspended ceilings in the bedroom

There is no ideal lamps layouts that equally would suit everyone. For lighting design of each room should be approached individually.

But there are general guidelines that can help you make the right choice.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Selection and arrangement of fixtures - a difficult task, but you can deal with it, if you follow the advice of experienced designers. We offer a selection of themed videos that will help in this.

Video # 1. Non-obvious pros and cons of different types of lamps:

Video # 2. Calculating the number of lamps:

Video # 3. Detailed description of the circuits of lamps location:

Video # 4. Options for selecting fixtures for suspended ceilings:

Successful lighting effects can transform even the most banal interior and incorrectly selected - will bring to naught all the efforts to design registration.

Stretch ceilings - a good solution if take the time to search for suitable lamps and the calculation of the optimal scheme of their deployment. If you can not do it yourself, do not hesitate to get advice from electricians.

Please write comments in a downstream block form, publish photos and ask questions on the topic of the article. Talk about how to choose light bulbs for their own false ceiling. Share useful information and arguments that were decisive for making your purchase.

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