Top 10 Best Slicers for Home

  • Which slicer manufacturer can you trust?
  • Rating of mechanical slicers
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  • Rating of the best electric slicers

When decorating a festive table, it is important not only to cook everything deliciously, but also beautifully serve a snack to the guests. You can decorate the original decorations for any dishes, as well as make an appetizing cutting of meat, fish, cheese products, vegetables or fruits with a special kitchen appliance - a slicer. But which is better to choose for the house? Today we will tell you what brand you can trust, what to look for when choosing, and also present the rating of the best models of 2018.

Which slicer manufacturer can you trust?

If you decide to make yourself a gift and buy a slicer, then you should know a little about who produces these devices. The first slicer or slicer was released and patented as early as the 19th century, by a kind of Dutch butcher who wanted to ease the work of his fellow craftsmen. Since then, the production of the best slicers has been held by recognized European brands - Bosch, Ritter, Zelmer, Moulinex, Gorenje, IKEA, etc. And although the assembly of some units is made in China, in the home appliance store you can choose a really successful model of the slicer, which will delight you with its efficiency.

Each of these companies is trying to create a truly practical and functional device that will be easy and pleasant to use. It is good, when the chosen model differs in the compact sizes, safety of operation and necessary power for effective work. In addition, if you buy a slicer, it is not superfluous to ask where the nearest branded service center is located.

Rating of mechanical slicers

Many culinary masters are used to doing all the hard work in the kitchen by hand. For them, we picked up a small rating of the best mechanical slicers. The advantages of this choice are low price, ease of use and compactness of the device.

IKEA Spritta

is a convenient and easy-to-use slicer for apples, pears, tomatoes, onions, and other vegetables and fruits. The manufacturer of this device is a company from the Netherlands, which has firmly taken the leading position in the market of household goods and appliances for the kitchen. Such a manual slicer allows you to significantly save time during the period of harvesting for the winter, and also if you need to serve beautifully decorated vegetable and fruit slices on the table. The spritta slicer can be washed in the dishwasher, and even the most inexperienced housewife will be able to handle such a device.

Slicer "Tartufolo 54000" or compact AS-6 cutter

This device is made in Germany and is of high quality. Externally, the device consists of a durable plastic handle and double-sided blade ideal sharpening. With the help of Tartufolo, you can cut into even slices and soft, and hard foods - cheeses of different varieties, mushrooms, meat delicacies, vegetable and fruit fruits. This slicer can be washed in the dishwasher, it is very easy and pleasant to use. In addition, such a device does not take up much space in your kitchen, and for its work does not require a socket.

Alligator( EPU AG, Sweden) The

is a practical and reliable slicer for all occasions. Owners of the device note its functionality, efficiency and high level of manufacturing. Such a vegetable cutter will serve you more than one season, it can be easily disassembled and washed or transformed into various devices. Also, it is worth noting the extremely sharp blades and a wide variety of work, which allows you to perform this simple and reliable device. Such an assistant will be a real salvation for large families, where an impressive amount of food is regularly prepared - salads, sandwiches, blanks, stews, etc.

Low-Cost Electric Slicer Ratings

An electric slicer can handle any product in just minutes. No more cuts or corns on the hands - only ideally even and smooth slices!

Our review will continue the three best low-cost models of electric slicers for home use. Distinctive features of such devices, in addition to availability, power in the range of 100-130 W, light plastic cases, fairly high-quality and durable knives. But the choice of the thickness of the cut someone may seem small.

Slicer; Smile EFS 980

An economical, but pleasant to use model. Excellent power - 150 W, a knife with a wavy sharpening, three high-speed operating modes. In general, the device is very light, functional and safe( there is a clamp of products to protect the fingers).However, before buying this particular slicer, it is necessary to take into account some noise of the device, and the fact that soft foods do not always have an even cut.

Bosch MAS 4201N( 2400 rub.)

High-quality and fairly budget model from a reliable manufacturer of equipment. Stable, compact device, the power of work is small - only 100 W, however, this is enough for jewelry cutting of any products with different thickness of slices. There is a protective nozzle, a lock button from accidental start, a special niche for a knife, a compartment for a cable. Slayser is easy to use, it works very quietly and does not take up much space on the cutting surface.

CLATRONIC AS 2958( 2700 rub.)

Efficient and reliable home slicer. Power - 130 W, three modes of operation. Self-sharpening knife from high quality stainless steel. In the functional - adjustment of the thickness of the cut. With this slicer, you can easily handle any raw or boiled foods. Do not be afraid of noise or difficulties in the process of using a slicer - it is a durable and convenient kitchen appliance for home use.

Rating of the best electric slicers

For those who appreciate the high functionality of the device, high-quality performance and reliability, we chose the four best models of electric slicers. Their price is much higher, however, such a purchase will justify the cost of stable and durable work.

Slicer GEMLUX GL-MS-190

Elegant, reliable and stable slicer. Has the pallet for the cut products, the wavy sharp knife, the button block. Power of work - 200 watts. In the reviews of the owners indicated that the device has only one speed, but is easy to assemble and clean. This is the most affordable slicer in our ranking of the best models.

Slicer Gorenje R506E

A neat and quiet slicer. High-quality Turkish assembly, perfect cutting of soft and hard products, stable operation without harm to the engine. The device protection is also well implemented - the lock button and the handle-holder for the cut pieces. Power is not large, only 110 watts. But it pleases a large range of slicing thickness, high-quality steel knife and electronic adjustment of the speed of the slicer.

BOMANN MA 451 CB Silber

Efficient and easy to use home slicer. Steel knife with self-sharpening function, finger protection, support tray, anti-slip feet. Power - 150 W, smooth adjustment of the thickness of cutting, protection from accidental start. In general, it is a worthy device for making any cuts.

Ritter E 16

A rigorous, metallic model with a sleek design. Power - 130 W, switching between pulsed and long modes of operation. There is a tray for cutting, a holder for products, a compartment for storing the cord. The cutter is made of metal, with the weight of the device - about 3 kg. Slicer owners Ritter celebrate the quality and impeccable work of the slicer over a long service life.

So, we presented you 10 noteworthy models of household slicers for various culinary works. Well, which slicer is better suited to your preferences - it's up to you. Sure, this review will make it easier for you and choosing a good slicer will no longer be a headache for you.

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