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Growing in the country vegetables, people countingnot just for a pleasant break from the city rush. It receives products that contain the minimum amount of toxins. No wonder there are ecological gardens and methods of growing plants without the use of chemical fertilizers. The harvest removed from these beds becomes healing. One of these vegetables, which are used for various ailments, is beet and its juice. What is useful and what is harmful beet juice, try to figure out with the help of specialists.

Beet Juice useful properties and contraindications

Even Chinese doctors in the old days drew attention to the beneficial effect of the root on the human body. Especially valuable was considered beet juice, not past heat treatment, freshly squeezed. Currently, in traditional medicine all over the world, beet juice is considered to be healing, and it is prescribed for internal and external use.

The beneficial and harmful beet juice is primarily due to the presence of all B vitamins in beets, and this is an aid to the work of all the internal organs of a person and his nervous system. The juice contains folic acid, iron, potassium, magnesium, which help the hematopoietic system in eliminating toxins, increasing hemoglobin. The presence of iodine stimulates the thyroid gland and the withdrawal of radionuclides. Chlorine acts as a cleaner systems for removing slags.

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The juice also contains organic acids that act on the immune system, strengthening it. Amino acid arginine slows the growth of tumors. The study of beet juice confirms its usefulness in the application as an additional product in the traditional treatment of cancer. The beneficial effects of healing juice are confirmed by doctors involved in the therapeutic treatment of patients with problems of the internal organs and skin. Traditional medicine considers beets to be a healer for many diseases.

However, the healing properties of beetroot can be harmful for those who suffer from a number of diseases:

  • if there are problems with loose stools;
  • gastritis with increased acidity of the stomach;
  • stone formation in the urogenital system and biliary tract;
  • diabetes;
  • osteoporosis;
  • individual intolerance.

The reason is that oxalates containing in juice can cause the formation of hardly soluble compounds, stones. A laxative effect is dangerous when diarrhea occurs.

Benefits and Harm to Beet Juice

From time to time, most people experience unpleasant pain in the right hypochondrium. This liver does not cope with the removal of toxins from the body and asks for help itself. There are many ways to help the liver cleanse. One of the cleaning procedures is the use of vegetable juice of a special composition. At the same time, the main ingredient in the composition is beet juice containing betaine. But its quantity is increased gradually, giving the opportunity to carry out the procedure without serious consequences. Usually used composition of carrot juice, radish, beet.

Liver cleaning is a serious interference with the body. The benefits and harms of beetroot juice for the liver depend on proper use. Therefore, the event takes place under the supervision of a naturopath doctor who prescribes the dosage of the composition and the duration of the reception.

The uncontrolled use of pure juice can be harmful to the body, since the substances it contains serve as a medicine. Therefore, even the use for prevention should not exceed two weeks. A mixture of juices can be used much longer and safer.

Often used to clean the biliary tract and liver apply beetle broth, prepared according to a special recipe.

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Beetroot juice benefits and harm in oncology

Oncological diseases of any organs are currently considered intractable. Scientists around the world are looking for a way to stop the avalanche-like growth of cancer cells. Arginine contained in beets slows down cell division, and this is a proven fact. Juice is based on the drug antozyme, in which the action is enhanced. The action of the drug is based on the restoration of cellular respiration. The active substance is betaine. Long-term treatment, other drugs are used, but beet juice removes cells destroyed by chemotherapy, radionuclides, and at all stages of the development of the disease facilitates the patient's condition.

Begin taking the juice in the composition of other liquids, juices, diluted. Gradually increases the dose of juice, food from beets and for many months, taking the juice on an empty stomach before each meal is required. During the day, drink 600 ml of juice, and tumor growth stops. This is confirmed by research in medical institutions.

The use of beet juice, its benefits and harms in oncology is being investigated all over the world. At the same time, an improvement in the blood composition of patients is noted, and the body's immunity increases. With radiation therapy, the condition of the patient taking beet juice improves. However, the juice is not applicable in diseases associated with irritable bowel, as the effect of juice is amenable. It is impossible to apply the juice in diabetes and the body's tendency to the formation of stones in the bile ducts or the urogenital system.

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Beetroot juice for a cold

A cold can be caused by various causes, but colds and infectious diseases are always the basis. Beet juice to cure a cold is used:

  • to alleviate the condition for colds;
  • in the treatment of sinusitis;
  • in chronic rhinitis associated with adenoids.

Fresh juice is mixed with honey and instilled into the nose 4 times a day until the problem is solved. For greater effect, the nasopharynx is washed with saline. Apply and lotion for sinus warmed beet juice. In addition, beet juice is used for angina, anemia, with elevated pressure.

Features of the preparation of beet juice

Freshly prepared juice can not be taken by anyone, it will not benefit. You need to defend the juice in an open dish in the refrigerator for two hours and remove the foam from above. Only after this fresh juice can be consumed at the prescribed dosage, diluted, or mixed with other juices. Sterilized juice can be stored longer, but its effect is weaker.

Beet Juice -

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