Useful properties and contraindications of nutmeg

Portuguese and Dutch mariners brought exotic fruits to Europe from the Molluksky islands in the Indian Ocean.

According to legend, it was the spices( nutmeg and cloves) that Magellan paid to the lenders for the financing of the voyage around the world.

In the XVIII century, the British managed to plant on the island of Grenada so many nutmeg trees that this state still ranks second in the production of nutmeg in the world.

Until the 19th century, Holland and Portugal were monopolists in the spice market.

Since then, the cost has plummeted, especially when the plantations of this crop began to bear fruit in Brazil, India, on the islands of Indonesia, in Africa, where the nut is also growing.

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  • Where it grows and how nutmeg
  • looks

Where it grows and how the nutmeg

looks like The nutmeg tree itself is 10-12 meters high, low by tropical standards.

The fruits of this nutmeg are large peach-like fruits. Fully matured, they burst in half, the bone is exposed.

How does it look? Nutmeg itself is nothing more than its core( like apricot kernels).On one tree ripen dr 2000 such fruits.

Nutmeg bears fruit for about 100 years, but produces only the first 40 .

Nutmeg is the heart of the nutmeg fruit, something like apricot kernel

The technology for processing them is quite complicated:

  • nuts are dried;
  • peel;
  • kernels are soaked in a mixture of seawater and coral( coral-derived) lime with mixing;
  • dried again.

In time, all these processes stretch for 3-4 months. At the exit - an oval nut in length slightly more than 2 centimeters( the larger - the more valued, they have a more intense flavor).

Calories and vitamin composition

100 grams of nutmeg have a calorific value of about 550 kcal. , but nobody eats it in such quantities, it is inappropriate to talk about the benefits of spiciness in terms of calories.

100 g of nut Proteins Fat Carbohydrates
Percentage% 20 50 7
Calories, kcal 80 450 26

The value of a nut is not determined by percent and calories. The rich composition of is seven whole vitamins from group B, vitamins A, PP, E, H, U, K), rich mineral complexes( magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, silicon, copper, iodine, molybdenum, cobalt andothers in available chemical composition), essential and fatty oils, eugenols, saponins, pectic substances - this is what determines the true value of the spice.

Benefits for the body, beneficial properties for men and women.

Such a unique combination of vitamins, essential oils and minerals makes a spiced nut almost a panacea, given its real effectiveness.

In Israel, as well as in Germany, there are specialized clinics that, in addition to the achievements of pharmacology, use the healing potential of plants, including nutmeg, in treatment and rehabilitation.

Israeli doctors believe that the nut( especially in combination with garlic) can even prevent oncology.

According to this method, the initial stages of varicose veins and tuberculosis, inflammatory processes of the liver and spleen, colds and viral diseases, enuresis are treated.

With nutmeg, varicose veins and tuberculosis, inflammation of the liver and spleen, colds and viral diseases, enuresis
are treated

Essential volatile oils of nutmeg produce a warming effect, which with the success of is used in massage compositions for the treatment of neuralgia, sciatica , myositis and various rheumatic lesions.

The use of the healing power of the nut is justified for both women and men. Even the simple regular use of this spice does not simply enhance the immune system, prevents the development of cancer of the female genitalia twice ( according to the Israeli clinic "Sharite").

Mastopathy and other benign tumors are successfully cured by the doctors of this clinic with complexes based on essential oils of nutmeg.

Walnut helps fight baldness. But its consumption also increases the amount of testosterone in the blood of men, which contributes to the restoration of male sexual health: impotence, premature ejaculation and other disorders.

Essential oils are used in perfumery and aromatherapy, prevent the penetration of viruses into the cells of the human body, which allows the use of spice during flu outbreaks.

By the way, this was known in the Middle Ages and was used during the plague of plague and smallpox.

A lot of interesting things about nutmeg will be told by the “Live Healthy!” Program:

Harm and contraindications, side effects

With all these remarkable properties, it is unacceptable to abuse nutmeg.

Without harm to health, daily intake should not exceed about 1 nut per 10 kilograms of human body weight.

Otherwise, intoxication is possible:

  • incoordination;
  • severe drowsiness;
  • euphoria( hallucinogenic);
  • subsequent withdrawal syndrome( hangover).

A special intolerance to the body serves as a contraindication - even fatal.

One should be careful of abuse of nutmeg for pregnant and lactating women, children of preschool age.

Application in folk medicine

The unique composition of this oriental spice not only contributes to the development of immunity.

Extracts of nutmeg often serve as components of various natural medicines: decoctions, ointments, compresses, tinctures. In most of them there is bee honey and milk.

Conveniently, these proven products can be independently manufactured at home and used for treatment.

Here are some of them, developed by centuries of Ayurvedic medicine in India and proven by modern practice.

Nutmeg extracts are components of various natural medicines: decoctions, ointments, compresses, tinctures
  • quarter teaspoon grated walnut;
  • 1 teaspoon of natural honey( add directly to the drink when the boiling water has cooled slightly).
  • For diarrhea and other stomach disorders, prepare the mixture and take it before meals for 20-30 minutes. Mix half a glass of yogurt( yogurt, kefir), half a cup of boiled water, half a teaspoon of powdered ginger, a third of a teaspoon of ground nut.

    Warming paste for pain in muscles and joints ( rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia):

    • 1/2 cup of nut powder;
    • 1 cup of pure olive oil;
    • 1/2 cup natural aniseed oil.

    As a sedative and for insomnia, it is recommended to prepare for the night: half a teaspoon of ground nut and 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 cup of slightly warm milk.

    Twenty-four grams( pinch) of ground nut, with the addition of milk and bee honey, can be given twice a day to restless children and babies who have teething. The child will not be naughty while eating and will be calmer.

    A warm compress from milk and grated walnut relieves headaches and helps to cope with a cold.

    Gruel of grated walnut, diluted in half with water, boil for 7-10 minutes - this mixture helps to strengthen the hair roots .Gruel is applied to wet hair and incubated for 30-40 minutes.

    Recipe for nutmeg-based masks:

    Expensive Flongenzim for the treatment of multiple sclerosis can be replaced by , constantly taking 3 times a day 2-3 hours before meals, 1 tablespoon of infusion:

    • 1/2 cup grated nutmeg;
    • 200 ml of medical 96% alcohol;
    • 200 ml of natural flaxseed oil.

    Mixture insist in a dark warm place for two weeks. This remedy is completely harmless and, unlike Flongenzime, there is no need to take breaks in the administration cycles.

    When varicose and thrombophlebitis effectively helps tincture of 200 grams of ground nuts, 1000 ml of vodka. After 10 days, it is already possible to take 20 drops in a dose three times a day( with water).

    Tincture to increase male sexual activity:

    • 1 cup of ground nutmeg;
    • 1 cup ginger powder;
    • 1/2 cup anise seed;
    • 1 liter of medical alcohol.

    Insist in dark glassware for at least a week, shaking daily. Take 2 tbsp daily, three times a day.

    How to use in cooking?

    For a long time, a spicy wonder has been used as a universal medicine, but around the 6th century, the nut got accustomed to European cuisine, but already as a flavoring for dishes and spirits.

    Even then it became clear that spices not only improve the taste of food and beverages, but also make them healthier .

    The use of spicy additives increased the shelf life of products, because it suppressed the development of pathological microflora( they were not aware of this).

    Nutmeg is used in the preparation of desserts, sauces, sausages and fish dishes.

    Nutmeg is added not only to alcohol, but also to many sweet dishes, most often to various pastries. The original taste gives a pinch of walnut blanks - jam and homemade jam. Often add it to fish and meat dishes.

    Cooking sausages, smoked meat, various sauces is now simply unthinkable without the use of nutmeg. It is often used for mushrooms and vegetables.

    Italian "bolognese pasta" and bechamel sauce, candied fruit in Central Asia - they also have grated walnut.

    As well as baked fruits, pumpkin dishes, seafood, typical of the whole Mediterranean cuisine. Italians add it to the ravioli and tortellini fillings.

    The nut flavor forms a harmonious composition with other oriental spices of - cardamom, ginger, allspice and turmeric.

    In all the recipes, nutmeg participates in very small quantities, but this pinch of powder can change the taste of the products beyond recognition.

    For meat dishes, pasta, you can make bechamel sauce. For 4 servings you will need:

    • 100 grams of butter;
    • 3 tablespoons flour;
    • 2 glasses of milk;
    • salt;
    • ground white pepper;
    • Pinch of Nutmeg.

    Melt butter in thick-walled dishes. Fry the flour, stirring well until it begins to change color( this is literally 2 minutes).

    Pour milk in a thin stream, breaking up lumps and continuously stirring the sauce. Boil until thick, stirring continuously. Add nutmeg, pepper to taste and salt.

    About 1000 Nutmeg and One Spice of Scheherazade Tell About Nutmeg:

    The spicy-burning flavor of nutmeg is not only a pleasant addition to your favorite dish. This pinch of powder contains a whole complex of useful substances that not only decorate the taste, but also are able to cure many diseases.

    Walnut has an interesting property - its flavor depends on the size and shape, the more and rounder the more refined and stronger the flavor.

    It makes no sense to buy ground nuts - the smell goes too fast , no matter how you store. The best option is to buy a special set: in a jar a few nuts and a special terochka.

    Then a portion of freshly grated nutmeg will always be at hand.

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