You will be able to harvest a good crop of peas if you know when to plant it in the open ground.

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Peas - unpretentious plant of the kind of legumes, after ripening gives delicious sweet fruit. To grow it on your plot, you do not need to be a professional gardener - it’s enough to know when to plant peas in open ground and how to care for it. If everything is done correctly, closer to the fall you will be able to feast on useful grains containing protein, fiber and a lot of vitamins.

When can I plant peas in the ground?

In order for plants not to die from too low temperatures in the Moscow region, it is important to know the dates of planting peas in open ground. As soon as the entire snow cover melts and the weather becomes softer( in the second half of April), early varieties of peas can be planted in the garden. Light frosts, sometimes lasting until May, are not a hindrance to peas.

If early ripening species were chosen, you can postpone planting until July - by the fall it will be possible to harvest. Some gardeners prefer to sow peas several times from April to July, but it should take at least 10 days between plantings of different varieties.

When planting peas in open ground for conservation? If the harvest is needed in order to roll the peas into banks, sowing can be done in mid-May.

To prevent the peas from being damaged by pests, it is heated before sowing in a solution of boric acid heated to 40 degrees.

Choosing a site for planting

Planting peas and caring for them in the open field begins with the preparation of a site for growing this crop. The bed should not be located where strong winds blow - peas cannot stand drafts. Therefore, it is best to land it in a well-lit sun and a warm place, even a small elevation will do.

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Try not to overdo it with fertilizers. If the location of the beds is planned in advance, for the next year, the dressing can be made in the autumn. However, if you find out where the peas will be planted only in spring - it doesn't matter, you can fertilize the soil with mineral or organic mixtures a week before sowing.

In order for peas to grow better on loamy or sandy soils, before loosening the beds, add humus at the rate of 5 kg per 1 square meter. For the same purpose, pre-harvested compost can be used.

How to select and plant peas in the Leningrad region?

In a temperate climate, almost any pea variety can be grown, but it is best to choose one or more of the following: Henry

  • ;
  • Sugar Brainstorming;
  • May 13.

They are the most unpretentious and give a tasty harvest.

When to sow peas in the Leningrad region? In order to harvest faster, you can use pea seedlings - in mid-April, distribute the seeds in peat cups and land in the ground in a month.

There should be at least 10 cm between neighboring plants, and at least 25 cm between rows. This is necessary not only for the pea seedlings to have enough space, but also to simplify harvesting, otherwise many pods under a layer of greenery may go unnoticed.

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Secrets of planting

How to plant peas in open ground? Follow these guidelines to get as much yield as possible:

  1. The beds should be broken on the dais.
  2. It is better not to sow peas in separate pits, but in deep( up to 9 cm) grooves. They are pre-filled with compost and ash, leaving a depth of 3 cm for the seeds themselves.
  3. There should be about 10 cm of free space between individual plants.
  4. In order for the birds not to peck out the sown grains, it is necessary to compact the grooves and water them abundantly.
  5. Before the seeds come up, it is advisable to cover the bed with a wrap.

In the temperate continental climate of Ukraine, peas are growing rapidly, so you can choose any day from the end of spring to mid-summer for planting.

To save space on the plot, large gaps between rows of peas can be sown with radishes or lettuce.

Care of peas

Planting peas seeds in open ground is not difficult, it is much more important to keep the bed before the harvest. However, peas do not belong to “capricious” crops, therefore, even if you just sow it in spring and water it in hot weather, the harvest will not take long. However, if you want to preserve with peas enough for the whole winter, it is better to treat the care more responsibly.

As soon as the first shoots peep out of the ground, the birds will not mind eating them. Therefore, the bed must necessarily be covered with something. If there is no transparent film, a simple fishing net will do.

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Although the peas are considered light-loving plants, it tolerates heat very badly. Therefore, on hot days it is necessary to provide him with abundant watering - at least 8 liters of water per square meter. So that the water does not go away immediately and soak the roots, immediately after watering, make a garden bed. It will not be superfluous to slightly uplift the grown-up plants and make sure that the earth is loose even between the rows.

To prevent adult peas from spreading on the ground, you can build props for it: at a distance of 1 m from each other, pegs with a metal grid attached to them are driven into the ground. The grid cells should be large enough, about 10 by 10 cm - so the plant will grow more freely. The support should be placed immediately after the shoots appeared.

Green peas can be harvested as soon as the pods begin to swell, or you can wait for full aging to get seeds for the next year or two.

To sum up:

  1. Peas can be planted as seeds and seedlings. When to plant peas in open ground? You can stretch the landing for a rather long period: from mid-April to early July.
  2. Landing is well suited for protection from the wind, but accessible to the sun elevation.
  3. Bed before planting fertilized with compost and ash or a mixture of mineral fertilizers.
  4. After sowing, the area with peas is covered with a foil or net to protect it from birds.
  5. Grown plants will need support in the form of pegs with a metal grid.

A simple and reliable way to plant peas - video

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