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First of all, remember that summer planting of fruit trees is a necessary measure, which is possible only in emergency situations and should not be used once again. If the question is “when to plant an apple tree?”, Then it is best to opt for the autumn planting, or, in extreme cases, the spring one.

From a technical point of view, a summer transfer is not much different from the other two options. Is that required more fertilizer for better survival of the seedling. So, first things first.

Summer planting of an

apple tree Before planting trees in the soil, it must be prepared. To do this, dig the grooves eighty centimeters in diameter and fifty in depth. The distance between the pits nearest to each other must be at least three meters. When planting rows in between, leave at least five meters of empty space.

You think this is a lot? By no means. It is enough to imagine how apple trees will grow in a few years. In the meantime, seedlings are relatively small, empty space can be used as a bed with vegetables, and later - under strawberries, which will have enough sunlight penetrating through the crown of apple trees.

When digging a hole, lay aside the upper( fertile) part of the soil. Deepening should be two-thirds filled with nutrient mixture. For summer transplantation of apple trees, such a fertilizer composition is suitable: add two pounds of phosphate fertilizer and about sixty grams of potash fertilizer to two full buckets of humus.

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After placing a seedling in the soil, fill the hole to the top with a humus and peel it up to the pre-hammered peg.

Planting methods for trees( including apple trees) are divided into two types. The method of planting a tree with an open root system is quite clearly depicted in the figure, but we will discuss the second type of planting in more detail.

Planting an apple tree with a closed root system

Increasingly, nurseries sell various plants( for example, apple trees) in pots - this is more economical. Gardeners also found their advantages in this - when transplanting a tree for permanent residence, the root system is protected by a clod of earth. Due to this, the roots are not damaged, the percentage of survival of seedlings increases significantly, and the plant is developed in a new place much faster than when planted with an open root system.

So, in order to remove the plant from the container it was easier, and who did not crumble at the same time, it is recommended to lightly water the seedling beforehand. Then, holding it firmly with one hand, with the other hand, carefully remove the pot, grasping the holes in its bottom. Now, without violating the integrity of the earthy coma, carefully place it in the prepared well and fill the remaining void with humus.

When planting an apple tree with a closed root system, try to ensure that the level of the ground in the pot coincides with the level of the soil in your garden. In addition, follow the location of the root collar of the seedling and do not allow it to be instilled.

How to care for an apple tree in summer?

No matter how paradoxical it may sound, various evil bugs most often attack the healthiest trees with juicy fruits. So it is the responsibility of the gardener to inspect his wards at any time of the year for the presence( or absence) of the first signs of disease.

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In addition, regardless of the type of apple, trees may need additional fertilizing with fertilizers with a high content of iron, which is involved in the overwhelming majority of oxidative processes inside the tree. This disease is called "iron chlorosis".

Discolored leaf fragments can be considered the first signs of iron deficiency. Depending on the degree of the problem, this can be either small whitish blotches or completely chlorophyll-free leaves.

In this case, you can easily feed the trees with copper sulphate. It must be placed in a spray bottle and sprayed with leaves and branches.

Separately, you need to talk about how to water the apple trees in the summer. Many gardeners water the trees as often as they can, even after heavy rain. This is a big mistake! From the excess moisture, the roots of the apple trees rot, and the harvest stops receiving enough nutrients. The result is the following mistake: the unfortunate gardeners start watering the unfortunate plants even more, thereby aggravating the situation.

Therefore, it is worth highlighting the list of rules for competent watering of apple trees.

  • The amount of water for trees of different ages is very different. Two to three buckets are usually enough for young saplings, and adults that are actively fertile apples can consume up to a dozen buckets at a time.
  • In any case, count the amount of water so that the soil is soaked with it to a depth of about seventy to eighty centimeters. Gardeners of the "old school" often use such a system - as many years as the tree, so many buckets need to be used. However, this is only an approximate data and you need to focus on the composition of the soil on your site.
  • Trees growing on clay or sandy soils, watering is required more often. Usually enough times a week. Chernozem sites - and even less often, up to two times a month.(In case the air temperature rises above thirty degrees, you can water the trees a little more often.)
  • Today it was raining heavily, and you have watering scheduled for tomorrow? Set it aside for a couple of days, let the soil dry a little.
  • A common mistake in watering trees: only young saplings with a small root system are watered “under the root”.Adult trees need to be watered, so to speak, around the perimeter of the crown. Those.water should be distributed to the space where the shadow of the tree falls at noon( preferably at the same time avoid getting a lot of water directly under the trunk).
  • It is advisable to fence this area with an earthen "threshold".So watering the apple trees will become more efficient - water will not flow to where it is not needed.
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As you can see, it is not difficult to take care of apple trees in the summer. The main thing is to love your pets, then they will thank you with a bountiful harvest.

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