Simply simple: Chinese compote for the winter

A full set of vitamins can be found by preserving the Chinese compote for the winter. Processing small apples, the drink acquires a unique aroma and sour taste. From a grade of "Kitayk" also do jam and jam. Often, this type of fruit canned whole with preserved tails.

Mini apples are quite useful. In addition to 80% of the water composition, they contain vitamins A, B1, C, PP and others. Apple, citric and tartaric acids allow you to store fruit in a tightly canned container for a long time. Also, these natural acids prevent fermentation processes in the intestines, relieve bloating and flatulence of the stomach. By introducing Chinese apples into your diet, you are guaranteed to avoid colds and the flu, and to prevent thyroid and urinary system diseases. Apple fruits are recommended for patients with diabetes because they regulate the sugar content in the blood. Chinese dishes stimulate the brain and memory, purify the blood and stabilize pressure, strengthen tooth enamel and much more. Be sure to try to preserve Chinese apples at least once.

Compote from the Chinese without additives

A half-pound of apples will go to the Chinese compote for the winter without sterilization. It will be stored in 2.5 liters of water, boiled with 1.5 cups of sugar.

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  1. Wash apples. It is not necessary to cut off the stem “under the root”.
  2. Place the fruit in a sterilized jar for 1/3 of its volume.
  3. Boil water in the kettle and pour it into the jar. Loosely cover a simple compote of china apples with a lid and wait 10 minutes.
  4. Pour sugar into the pan and pour the fragrant water there from the cans.
  5. Boil the syrup and pour it back into the jar. This time tightly close the lid. It is not necessary to turn and wrap.

When you first pour boiling water over cans, you need to pour in water slowly, in a thin stream so that it does not fall on the cold walls of the container, in order to avoid glass cracks.

Compote from the Chinese and the Black-Fleet

A simple Chinese compote for the winter with berries of Aroniaceae shows how easy it is to make such a drink. On a jar of 3 liters you need to prepare 400-500 grams of mini-apples, and black fruits will go a handful. Sweets will give 3 cups of sugar per jar. Due to the introduction of this berry, compote acquires a rich dark red hue.


  1. With clean, washed apples to pluck the stem. Those who wish to preserve the original appearance of the whales, tails can be left, their presence will not be affected by storage.
  2. Black Rump also wash under running water and get rid of greens and stalks.
  3. Place the clean ingredients in a sterile jar.
  4. Fill with boiling water and leave for the next compote of Chinese apples for 15 minutes, covered with a lid.
  5. Drain saturated bright water in a saucepan, through a capron lid with holes.
  6. Pour sugar into the drained water and boil. Then pour a jar of ingredients with boiling syrup and tighten the lid tightly. Do not wrap in a thick cloth and do not turn upside down. Just let it cool and put it in the pantry.

Before taking diluted with boiled water, due to too concentrated taste.

A few tips on cooking Chinese compote:

  1. Mini-fruit should be chosen with elastic pulp, without dents, cracks and rotted areas. If there are any, they must be cut out, otherwise the provisions will fall.
  2. The apples have a tendency to darken quickly if unnecessary areas are cut from them. For color retention, they can be held in slightly acidic water. An acidic mixture is obtained by dissolving 3 grams of citric acid in a liter of water. The same effect is achieved by applying brackish water, which is obtained by dissolving the floor of a large spoon of salt in a liter of water. Only after the salty liquid, the apples will need to be rinsed with running water before sending them to the jar.
  3. Fruits of the “Kitayka” variety should preferably be blanched( scalded with boiling water) so that they do not float up the containers during storage and do not lose their aesthetic appearance. Water after blanching can not be poured, but on its basis to prepare a syrup.
  4. Color saturation and concentration of taste depends on the number of components placed in a jar. Chinese compote for the winter with a strong taste usually happens if the fullness of the container with ingredients from half or more.
  5. If you are going to make an assortment of fruit with Chinese apples, you need to remember that the fruit you chose with a large stone cannot be stored for more than a year. For the planned long-term storage even from apples it is better to remove the bones.
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Canning Chinese compote for the winter is better to follow all the tips and cooking steps to avoid disrupting food and poisoning.

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